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Wok Star was a Chinese restaurant seen in the episode with the same name. Mrs. Lee is the owner of the restaurant. It is known to be visited by various celebrities. There is a wall in the restaurant decorated with pictures of celebrities who have visited the restaurant standing with the owner. One of the pictures has been said to be of Dan Schneider. Tori mentions that they make really good egg rolls.

In André's Horrible Girl, Mrs. Lee says that the restaurant burned down in a "mysterious fire." The way that she says it implies that she burned it down herself as an insurance fraud. She now owns a restuarunt called "Nozu."


In the episode "Wok Star", Tori finds Jade a theater to host her play, and a woman to put up the money for it. The woman is Mrs. Lee, owner of Wok Star. Mrs. Lee wants to make a lot of changes to the play, as well as putting her daughter in the play to sing. Jade dislikes this, so she and Tori hatch a plan to have Trina and Andre come and pretend to be celebrities, to hold Mrs. Lee up so she can't attend the play, because she wants a phto for her Wall of Celebrities. Therefore,  Jade could scrap the changes. 

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