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"Hi, can I get a five o'clock appointment for a foot bleaching?"

Who Did It to Trina?
Season 2, Episode 9
First Aired September 17th, 2011
Production Code 208
Writer(s) Dan Schneider
Director(s) Adam Weissman
Viewed By: 4.67 Million
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"Tori Tortures Teacher"

Who Did It to Trina? is the ninth episode in Season 2 of Victorious and the 29th overall. It aired on September 17, 2011 to 4.7 million viewers.


Jade in Tori's flashback.

Tori directs a play and is forced to cast Trina as the major lead, as Trina took Tori's Cuddle Me Cathy doll and told her she would only give it back if she could be the lead. On opening night, Trina's harness breaks, and she falls, with the set crashing down on her. Questions then arise about whether the mishap was truly an accident — or intentional.

Lane finds out that the harness that helped Trina go in the air has been cut and calls Jade, André, Tori, Cat, Robbie, and Rex into his office to try to figure out what really happened. Lane says that it was a terrible accident, and Jade adds on to say that it was a hilarious accident because she posted the video online. Everyone is declared a suspect until the real person behind this is identified. Jade blames Tori for this mishap, saying she got into an argument with Trina before the play and threatened to kill her. Tori says that Jade's story is not true and explains that she and Trina were only lightly arguing, and she never really threatened her. Robbie says that Cat could have done it because she was mad at Trina for flirting with him. Cat didn't really know what happened to Tori and Trina, but she talked about the "I Love Sushi" episode of Drake & Josh. Eventually, because everyone has a different story, they begin to argue. Tori stopped them saying that even though Trina can be really annoying, nobody would want to hurt her, not even Jade. They decide Tori is right and decide to let it go, thinking that the harness was just old.

In the end, Robbie and Rex are shown talking in their bedroom, and it is revealed that the actual person who cut the wire is Rex (with Robbie having to cover it up). Rex cut the wires to get back at Trina for punching him in the face before the play started.


André is very worried about missing his date with a new "exotic", Polynesian girl, Keeko, who he recently met at B.F. Wangs. He constantly checks his phone and tries to leave the office so that he will be able to see her, but Lane will not let him. In the end, he runs out of the counselor's office to find Keeko when they are all let go.


Did Jade do it?

Or was it Cat? The one you least expect?

  • Absent: Avan Jogia as Beck Oliver.
  • When André questions why he has to stay, it references "Whyyyy?" from Kenan & Kel.
  • Nathan Kress guest stars as someone who attends Tori's play. If so, this would be the second time an iCarly cast member has appeared on Victorious, excluding the crossover iParty with Victorious, with the first being Jerry Trainor's appearance as an audience member in Trina's one-woman show, Trina!, in Jade Dumps Beck.
  • On, Lane said that he was with Freddie at Tori's play.
  • This is the second time that Trina is a central character, and she is in the rare situation as the one everyone else takes pity on.
  • After the first half of the episode and her accident, Trina is absent for the rest of the episode except in the characters' flashbacks, as she is in the hospital. Trina is not seen in the hospital after the accident even though Lane says she is okay.
  • Ending tagline: "I am gonna kill you so hard!" - Tori
  • This is the second time that Beck is absent in an episode where Trina is the central character. The first was The Birthweek Song.
  • This episode had both the same director (Adam Weissman) and one of the same writers (Dan Schneider) as "iCan't Take It", the iCarly episode that it aired after.
  • This is the first time the word "skunkbag" is used on the show.
  • This is the second episode of Season 2 to not feature any singing (Beck Falls for Tori being the first).
  • A Drake & Josh clip from the episode "I Love Sushi" is shown in this episode. It is mentioned as a TV show in Cat's mind.
  • This was the fourth time something has gone wrong for the opening night of a play (the first being Tori the Zombie, second being Rex Dies, and the third being Tori Gets Stuck).
  • This is the first episode since Locked Up! where Jade mocks Tori’s voice.
  • This is the first season 2 episode that has not featured a scene from the episode in the Opening Credits.
  • Tori has a doll named Cuddle Me Cathy, which resembles a Lalaloopsy doll.
  • This is the second episode to have flashbacks (the first being The Great Ping Pong Scam).
  • This is the show's highest audience to not be directed by Steve Hoefer.
  • It is now known that Trina and Sinjin both get their feet bleached by the same person.
  • This episode establishes Drake & Josh as a show that exists in both iCarly & Victorious universes (Drake & Josh was shown in iCarly in "iGet Pranky"). However, this reckons the fact that Drake & Josh characters have appeared in both iCarly and Victorious, and still portray the same character that they portrayed in the show.
  • In Robbie's flashback, Ariana Grande uses her normal voice.
  • When Tori says, "I am gonna kill you so hard!", it could be a reference to an iCarly episode, "iPsycho", where Spencer says that same line to a fly.
  • André's line "Just start with Adam and Eve and go from there!" is a reference to the Bible.
  • André is the only character to not share his side of the story and have a flashback.
  • This is the first episode with Trina's name in the title.
  • Keeko does not appear in future episodes so it is likely that she dumped André for being late for their date.
  • During the episode, Jade puts Trina getting hurt on video, posts it online, and laughs during the meeting in the counselor's office. She claims that the video had already caught 1,700 views. Later on, the video got 26,000 views.
  • B.F. Wang's is a spoof of the restaurant chain P.F. Chang's.
  • B.F. Wang's was also mentioned in iCarly episode, "iStage an Intervention", when Carly offered two free coupons to go there during an iCarly web show.
  • Rex is ultimately controlled by Robbie, making Robbie being the one who cut the cable.
  • The word "puppet" is said in this episode, but Robbie doesn't freak out.
  • This is the first episode that includes mysteries.
  • It is stated that when Rex uses the word "puppet" he doesn't get offended.

    A monster Jade, as Tori depicts her.

  • It's possible that Rex watches horror movies, as his quote: "Nobody ever suspects the puppet!" is a reference to the horror movie Child's Play, where the main antagonist is a puppet.
  • It's the last time in season 2 that Jade impersonates Tori as a 1940s movie star, she did it earlier in the episodes Wok Star, Beck Falls for Tori, Ice Cream for Ke$ha, Tori Gets Stuck. Prom Wrecker and Locked Up!
  • Almost all (except André, who only wanted to go out with Keeko) believed in Jade's story about Tori threatening Trina and intentionally punching Sinjin. In both Tori's and Jade's recount, Tori appeared to punch Sinjin in the head, but when Sinjin arrived at Lane's office, he was holding his right jaw, implying that it was his right jaw which was punched by Tori.
    • According to Jade, Tori punched Sinjin 20 minutes before the play started. However, after she punched him he was working the sounds for the play and seemed fine, and he didn't come in asking for the nurse until long after Trina fell and the play ended.
    • Sinjin may have been talking about what happened in the commotion after Trina's harness malfunction; while Tori was worried about Trina's condition.


Reactions to the episode have mostly been positive. The flashback scenes were lauded as notably funny, and that the episode builds up and keeps the viewer guessing much better than others. The flashback from Drake & Josh was also highly noted too. However, there were also some people who didn't particularly like how the rest of the gang never finds out who wrecked Trina's performance. The episode premiered after the iCarly episode "iCan't Take It" to 4.673 million viewers (80,000 less than said lead-in), also the second most-watched scripted telecast of the night, and the third biggest audience of the season.

Running Gags

  • André wanting to leave the room so he can see Keeko.
  • Flashbacks of the suspects who Lane believed cut the harness.
  • Jade watching the video of Trina’s accident.
  • Jade saying that Trina's accident was terrible and hilarious, while simultaneously mentioning the view count of the video.
  • Jade mocking Tori as an actress from the 40s.


  • Tori said that the Drake & Josh sushi scene was a TV show. However, in Helen Back Again, Helen, who was also a character in Drake & Josh, actually exists in the Victorious and iCarly universe. This means that inside the Victorious/iCarly universe, the series Drake & Josh exists, and there is another Helen Dubois (possibly the real Helen Dubois being an actor for Drake & Josh). Because iCarly and Victorious are known to more or less take place in the same universe, this also causes some continuity errors with the iCarly episode "iStart A Fanwar", where Drake & Josh characters Gavin Mitchell, Eric Blonowitz, and Craig Ramirez appeared as the same characters from Drake & Josh.
    • Drake & Josh could be a reality show in the Dan Schneider universe.
  • In the first promo, if you pause around 0:18, you can still see the green screen for Jade's phone, and in the actual episode, you can see they edited the screen on.
  • After the mishap occurred, the gang went to Lane's office, and you can clearly see that it is daytime at Hollywood Arts, but the play was opening night, so it's not possible for the gang to stay overtime at school.
  • The group went to Lane's office the next day. Although this might not also be likely because they were wearing the same clothes that they wore while watching the play.
  • Sinjin claims that Tori broke his jaw in this episode. When you break your jaw, you can normally not talk, yet he talks, so he seems to have been exaggerating about his injury or that his jaw injury was minor.
  • Though Tori claims Trina spilled coffee on Jade, something that is not disputed, there is no stain on Jade's shirt.
  • All of the students' memories contain exaggerations and unrealistic behavior, so if there was a coffee spill it could have been minor on the floor or maybe it never happened at all.
  • After the wall prop fell, you could see that Tori was still holding the wall before she rushed over to Trina.
  • Trina seemed unharmed when the wall prop fell on her. In reality, she would be killed.
  • How did Freddie know about Tori's play? It's not like he has a Slap account. It's most likely he went on the Hollywood Arts website and looked up events to go to while visiting LA.
    • It is also possible that Dan Schneider, the creator of iCarly and Victorious, asked Nathan Kress to appear as an audience member for Tori's play in this episode, or he was taking a break from filming iCarly.
  • Before Robbie said that the rigging equipment was kinda old, he had his arm up, but from a closer angle, he is seen putting his arm up again.
  • During the play, Trina was wearing lipstick. But in one scene, before she grabs Robbie against her head, she wasn't wearing lipstick.
  • When the accident to Trina occurred, Jade said that Cat brought her to the play. But in her flashback, Jade came to get money from Robbie because he owed her money. In Jade's version, she came to get money from Robbie before the play, but she may have intended to not stay to watch the play.
  • When Cat is being depicted in Robbie's flashback, her voice is noticeably lower in pitch.
    • This is most likely because Ariana Grande, the actress portraying Cat, has to raise the pitch of her voice while playing Cat, and it could either be a slip-up on her part or she was instructed to do it for the sake of the flashback. It is likely that her voice was lower pitched because it was all imagined by Robbie. Nothing that was said was in any way realistic.


Trina: You look bloated have you been eating a lot of salt?

André: Don't take this the wrong way but uh...
Tori: Oh my god, I do look bloated?
André: No, well…nah.

Jade: Well, I guess someone should get this on video.
(starts recording Trina swinging uncontrollably with her PearPhone)

Jade: Thank you for making me come to this play.
Cat: The poor ranch house!

Cat: Please tell me it's over!
(wall prop falls on Trina)
Jade: (Reluctantly) It's over...

Tori: I just don't understand what went wrong.
Cat: Don't worry! One time my brother was in Vegas and he fell out of a fourth story hotel window and landed on the roof of a shuttlebus.
Tori: And he was okay?
Cat: No.
Tori: Well, but he's okay now?
Cat: No.
Tori: Well, he's okay now?
Cat: No. He's seriously messed up.

Tori: How is she?
Lane: Trina's going to be fine.
Cat: How's the ranch house?

Tori: Suspects?
André: For what happened to Trina?

Cat: But that was an accident...
Jade: Yup. A terrible, hilarious, accident. That already has seventeen hundred views!
Lane: Posting videos of people's tragedies is just mean and wrong.
Jade: Yeah, no, thanks; I really appreciate your input on that.

Tori: Oh come on. Nobody here would do that to Trina.
Jade: Except you...
Tori: What, me?
Jade: (Imitating Tori like a 1940s movie star)Who me? Well I would never hurt my dear sister Trina, not me, Sweet Sally Peaches!!
Tori: I don't talk like that!
Jade: Whatever. I saw what happened.

André: Hey, I'd love to hang, but I met this girl at B. F. Wangs and I--(completely show his nerves)
Lane: Hey! (points at André to sit down)

Jade: Before the play, she and Trina were fighting.
Tori: We were arguing...
Jade: Yeah, and do all your arguments end in "I'm gonna kill you?"

Lane: Okay, why don't you tell us exactly what you saw and heard.
Jade: Sure. Uh…Let's see. It was about 20 minutes before the play started. (In flashback form) I walked into the Blackbox 'cause Robbie owed me 10 bucks and I wanted it back.

(Jade's flashback)

Jade: Robbie!
Tori: Trina! TRINA!
Trina: What?
Tori: I gave you the lead in my play, now give me my stinking "Cuddle-Me-Cathy" doll BACK!!!
Trina: Okay, Okay, just a sec, relax!! Here…(Holding the doll)
Tori: Where is her BONNET!!?
Trina: (giving the bonnet) This thing?
Tori: What did you do to it!?!?
Trina: I ahh.. I might have blown my nose into it.

Tori: (To Jade) Why can't I be pretty like you?

André: Oh come on, I know Tori and there's no way she'd ever- (phone rings) Ohh…It's Keiko! Tori's guilty, I gotta go!!

(Cat's flashback)

Cat: Tori and Trina realized that they have been tricked, so they needed to replace their furniture, and they got jobs packaging sushi. (Flashback begins to the Drake & Josh episode, I Love Sushi, where the sushi moves fast, and Drake and Josh tries to catch them) And the sushi was moving way too fast…(starts laughing) so, Tori and Trina gotta keep up…(laughing) and things got so crazy! (laughs until the flashback of the episode ends)
Jade: Cat. (Cat still laughing) Cat!
Cat: (stops laughing) Whaty?
André: That didn't happen to Tori and Trina.
Cat: No?
Robbie: It happened on a TV show!
Tori: Drake & Josh.
Rex: Hehe. That show was classic.
Cat: Oh, then I don't know what happened with Tori and Trina. Can I have some oatmeal?
Jade: No!

(In Robbie's flashback)
Robbie: There is one of me, two of you and seven swinging days of the week!

Cat: He even makes math hot!

Jade: (chuckling, with screaming in the background)
Cat: What's so funny?
Tori: Are you laughing at Trina getting hurt?
Jade: No…I'm laughing at the comments.
Tori: You posted it online?
Jade: A little bit.

Sinjin: I think Tori broke my jaw!!
(Tori feels guilty)
Cat: (singing) La la la la la...

Rex: (To himself) Nobody ever suspects the puppet!
Robbie: I thought you hated that word.
Rex: It's okay when I say it.

Lane: Tell us...
André: Oh, no, no, now we gotta hear another version of the story from a unique point of view?! (crying on sofa)

André: Just start with Adam and Eve and go from there!


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