The 2nd sign of 'What I Hate'


Jade presents the title card in the first 'What I Hate'(a gif)

What I Hate is a series of video segments created by Jade on TheSlap. She originally stated that the videos are monthly, but this soon changed. Each episode, Jade starts saying what she hates (or loves). Sometimes, to avoid being predictable (which she hates), Jade makes a segment called 'What I Love' instead.


What I Hate #1:

Jade West What I hate (TheSlap

Jade West What I hate (

What I Hate #1

Jade hates:

  • Making video captions.
  • When people say "supposably" rather than "supposedly" and "fustrated" rather than "frustrated" (while saying this, she is cutting a flower head off the stem).
  • When dogs jump up on her and the owner says "Oh, it's okay! He's friendly!" She reples with the comments "Guess what? I'm not! Get your dog off me!!"
  • Girls who wear skirts over their jeans.
  • People who put ketchup on hot dogs.
  • When the waiter at a restaurant brings dessert without first clearing the dirty dinner dishes.
  • When people complain about her chewing ice loudly. She says if it bothers you, then good.

What I Hate #2:

Jade West What I hate 2 (TheSlap

Jade West What I hate 2 (

What I Hate #2

Jade hates:

  • When people say "Have a nice day!"
  • Cilantro.
  • What fish smell like on a hot summer day.
  • Making this video.
  • When boys ask her "Can I kiss you?"
  • The word "moist."
  • The word "tissue."
  • When someone says "moist tissue" together.
  • The number 9; she thinks it sounds whiny.
  • The noise made when the tongue smacks the roof of the mouth.
  • Movies where a bunch of cute kids work together to overcome evil and save the world. She finds it cliché.
  • Bras that hook in the front; because people shouldn't be so lazy that they can't reach behind to their back to unhook it.

What I Hate #3 - BLAH:

Jade hates:

  • When she is at a restaurant and the shrimp have tails,
    Jade West What I hate 3 (TheSlap

    Jade West What I hate 3 (

    What I Hate #3

    because the chef says when you cook it with the tails on it has more flavor.
  • She hates picking off shrimp tails.
  • In the video description, it claims that Jade hates video captions that ruin what the video is all about.

What I Hate #4 - Jade Hates More Stuff:

Jade hates:

  • Birthday parties or birthdays (except her own).
  • That Santa won't go to a gym to lose weight.
  • That she was just so mean to Santa Claus.
    Jade West What I hate 4 (TheSlap

    Jade West What I hate 4 ( HD

    What I Hate #4

  • People who blow their nose then look in the tissue.
  • A random guy (Paul) and his feelings.
  • When she goes to a restaurant and orders lobster and the server tries to get her to wear a bib.
  • The Lobster Council.
  • Bibs.

What I Hate #5 - Jade Hates Even More Stuff:

Jade hates:

  • Twins, and people that copy other people.
  • Aloe vera, because it's useless.
    Jade West What I hate 5 (TheSlap

    Jade West What I hate 5 (

    What I Hate #5

  • Guys who bite their lower lip while they dance (the guy she hates from a previous video demonstrates this).
  • Green soup.
  • Sinus infections - except for when Tori had one.
  • Girls who laugh weird (she demonstrates the laugh).
  • When you fall off a ladder then land on a small dog, and the dog pukes on you.
  • Milk.

What I Hate #6 - What I Love:

Jade loves:

  • Scissors, and the sound they make.
  • Something that she "can't tell you about".
  • Locking herself in the bathroom, turning off the lights,
    Jade West's (Me) What I Love 1

    Jade West's (Me) What I Love 1

    What I Hate #6 (What I Love #1)

    and just sitting there for hours, in order to scare and confuse her little brother.
  • Coffee, which she says she loves more than most people, and wants to marry a man like coffee.
  • When a "feel-good movie" is released, and then it "bombs."
  • When a person gets sad about the video ending.

What I Hate #7 - Jade Hates Parades:

Jade Hates Parades

Jade Hates Parades

What I Hate #7

Jade hates:

  • Signs.
  • Everyone who jumped on the vampire bandwagon.
  • Parades.
  • Rainbows.
  • People at the coffee shop who hog the fixing bar.
  • People at award shows who act all surprised when they win.

What I Hate #8 - What Jade Loves!

What Jade Loves!

What Jade Loves!

What I Hate #8 (What I Love #2)

Jade loves:

  • Not having to make her own sign for the video because she can just scare someone into making her one.
  • Being mad, especially when she makes lame guys who try to talk to her cry.
  • The color black.
  • Bunnies.
  • Scaring a guy just by staring at him.

What I Hate #9 - Cat Attack

Jade hates:

  • When people say "everything happens for a reason".
    Jade Hates Cat Attack

    Jade Hates Cat Attack

    What I Hate #9: Cat Attack

  • When people take over other people's videos

Cat hates:

  • Girls who wear really big sunglasses.
  • Holes in bagels
  • People who drink coffee in a weird way. This is a bit of a problem as Jade drinks her coffee "Weirdly"
  • People who say that they "Can't help the way they drink". She says after Jade Responds that she can not help how she drinks coffee!


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