Well Wishes is the play featured in the episode Wok Star. It is written and directed by Jade West. The play is about a little girl stuck in a well who drowns in her own tears but is revived when her father kisses her forehead. The original production starred Cat Valentine and other people whose names are unknown.

Though Jade had wanted it to be performed at Hollywood Arts, the staff denied her the right to do so because it was considered "too weird and disturbing." When Jade told the gang that the play would require a $3000 budget, she guilt tripped Tori into finding the money, as the Latina had said it shouldn't be that hard to find the required funds. While at Wok Star, the owner, Mrs. Lee, offered to fund the play, though she made a myriad of changes to it such as turning it into a musical, and having her daughter Daisy, play an angel, who encouraged the girl to "Fly up out of the well." At Cat's suggestion, the group came up with a plan to perform the original script on its opening night so that Mr. West could see it as Jade intended. Though the play appeared to draw a lukewarm reception from the general audience, Mr. West admitted to liking the story but promptly left the building when Jade refused to take out her piercings.

Given the ending, and Mr. West being the guest of honor, the play is likely a rather unsubtle metaphor for Jade's desire to have a closer relationship with her father and his respect.


It is unknown if anyone played the grandmother in the performance although she was mentioned by Cat's character in the play. Daisy was supposed to play Ariel but her role was not featured on opening night.

Production Crew

Known Audience

This list only applies to opening night

Mrs. Lee, the producer of the play, was supposed to be going to opening night but was not able to due to a 'celebrity' sighting: Jackie Bonet (played by Trina).


  • This is the only play that was performed in the series that was not performed at Hollywood Arts.


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