Well Wishes is the play featured in the episode Wok Star. It is written and directed by Jade West. The play is about a little girl stuck in a well who drowns in her own tears. The original production starred Cat Valentine and other people whose names are unknown.

It was not performed at Hollywood Arts because it was "too weird and disturbing" according to teachers and was thus disallowed. However, a woman named Mrs. Lee, the owner of a Chinese restaurant called Wok Star, overheard that Tori wanted to help Jade produce the play by paying to run it at a nice theater. In Mrs. Lee's version, the play is a musical, and her daughter Daisy, playing an angel, tries to encourage the girl to "Fly up out of the well." Everyone devises a plan to for the play to perform how it was originally made. The play ends (In Jade's version) with the girl dying, then regaining consciousness, saying, "Dad...?" after her father kisses her forehead.

It is possible that Jade wrote this play to express father-daughter love since the girl in the well regained consciousness when her father kissed her forehead. Additionally, Jade could have wrote it to say to her dad that she wanted their relationship to be better, this could be a potential reason due to Jade's father coming to the play and Jade being so frantic about it.


It is unknown if anyone played the grandmother in the performance although she was mentioned by Cat's character in the play.

Production Crew

Known Audience

This list only applies to opening night

On opening night, Daisy's role was not featured.

Mrs. Lee, the producer of the play, was supposed to be going to opening night but was not able to due to a 'celebrity' sighting: Jackie Bonet (played by Trina).


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