Victorious (Taking The Lead) also known as VTTL is an adventure and exploration 3D computer-animated video game where the fans can be Tori Vega and star in a Hollywood Arts production.



Tori, who wants to be the star in the next Hollywood Arts production, needs to explore all Hollywood Arts favorite locations to complete several objectives and play dozens of rhythm and dance mini-games featuring hit Victorious songs along the other cast members of the show to get the part. However, Jade will try to sabotage Tori to get the part herself.


Season 4 is perfect for late 2012.


  • This is the third and final game of Victorious, the first being, Hollywood Arts Debut and Victorious: Time to Shine for Kinect.
  • It was confirmed, Jade would have been the main aspect of the game, but it was decided that Tori will be the main character to the game.
  • There are some differences between the Wii and the DS release:
    • Instead of the 3D characters, the DS make use of digitised photo sprites.
    • The player has now the choice to play as Tori or Jade.
    • Unlike the Wii, the DS release has a much shorter, different story and only the competition parts.
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