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"Come here!"
Jade to The Mouse Children (The very last line of the series.)

Season 4, Episode 13
First Aired February 2, 2013
Production Code 323
Writer(s) Dan Schneider
Christopher J. Nowak
Director(s) David Kendall
Viewed By: 2.886 million [1]
Episode Guide
"Star Spangled Tori"
"Sam & Cat"

Victori-Yes[2] is the 13th episode of Season 4 of Victorious and the 60th episode overall. It is the last episode of the season and Victorious.


Sikowitz walks into class and suggests they either perform a play on a city bus or perform "Annie" underwater, but both ideas are rejected. This makes Sikowitz think that the students have become too negative. He challenges them to only say "Yes" for the rest of the day (of course, not including doing anything illegal or dangerous), to which they agree.

Out in the hallway, Trina is bragging about being on the new hit Mexican TV Show 'Divertisimo', repeatedly saying it's a high-quality TV show with top-notch acting. Tori asks for a copy of the show, but Trina responds telling Tori to get her own life.

Later on, Jade is at Tori's house, where they are eating pizza after Tori's failed attempt at making homemade pizza. They look at the guide and see Divertisimo, which Trina was saying is only shown in Mexico. They turn it on and see that it's actually not very sophisticated, featuring kids in mice suits chasing a piece of cheese played by Trina. Jade suggests they go and visit Trina on set.

On set, Trina is not happy to see them when the director approaches them. He asks Tori if she wants to be in the next scene, and Tori says yes. Tori asks if Jade can be in it too.

The final scene of Victorious shows Tori, Jade, and Trina being chased by the mice. After being poked by a fork from one of the mice, Jade takes it and chases him off screen.


1st subplot

Cat walks into Sikowitz's class wearing a pajelehoocho, showing it off. She says she got free shipping because she bought a gross. Beck and Robbie point out that means she bought 144 of them. After Sikowitz makes his bet, the students walk out of his classroom. Before they leave, Cat asks Robbie if he'll wear a pajelehoocho, to which he has to say yes.

Later on, Cat and Robbie are walking down the street at night wearing their pajelehoochos, when they face some thugs. They ask if they're wearing pajelehoochos, to which Cat says she has 142 more at home. They then ask if they can have the ones they're wearing, since Cat has so many. Robbie is about to say no, when Cat reminds him of the bet with Sikowitz. They say yes and give their pajelehoochos to the thugs. After that, Robbie and Cat are left hiding behind some trash cans in their underwear. They then figure out they can ride home in one of the trash cans. To make it seem faster, and possibly less embarrassing, they yell with excitement, "Weeeeee!!!."

Posey, André, and Sikowitz: André complaining because of the yes bet

2nd subplot

In the hall, Posey comes up to André and asks him to help her write a song for her creative songwriting class at six o' clock. Though André very clearly doesn't want to, Sikowitz appears and forces him to agree. At six o'clock, Posey and André arrive and Posey performs her song, which André immediately dislikes. He also has to accept a drink from her glass of warm tomato juice and smell her gross feet, as Sikowitz's bet forces him to. When she finishes, she says she'll now perform the other seven, "unless you're ready to go home." André ignores her and tells her to play the songs, but then it hits him. He asks Posey to repeat herself, and he says yes and runs out gleefully.

3rd subplot

In the hall, Beck comes up to Tori, telling her that he's going to use Sikowitz's bet against Jade, by asking her to come to a race with him because she never goes. Jade overhears this, and then similarly, uses the bet against Beck by "confirming" that she is going to Tori's house to make pizza. Beck complains that he now has to go by himself. Sinjin walks up to him and asks if he can come, to which Beck says yes.

At the race, Beck and Sinjin start to bond over the fact that they both built racecars when they were twelve. Beck soon finds a friend in Sinjin.


  • Dan tweeted that a series finale was not in production, making Victori-Yes the finale.
  • Victori-Yes, #VictoriousEndsTonight and Thank You Victorious all trended on Twitter.
  • The unpopular kid in the Pajelehoocho commercial is Jack Salvatore, Jr., who had a recurring role as Mark Del Figgalo on Zoey 101, which was another Dan Schneider show that starred Victoria Justice.
  • When Cat is showing her Pajelehoocho, you see the words "SAM & CAT COMING SOON" on the whiteboard.
  • This episode marks the last appearances of all the characters in Victorious, but for some it is not their final appearance in any show whatsoever.
  • The first cut scene of this episode (where Cat posts 'Who wants to buy a Pajelehoocho?!? Free SHIPPING!' on her TheSlap page) features Dan Schneider's head graffitied on the wall above the word 'DanWarp'.
  • This episode was not promoted as a series finale which is unusual since some people probably didn't know that the show was cancelled. (It's possible that Nickelodeon's US marketing team was not informed that Victori-Yes would be the series finale.) Strangely, last episodes of cancelled Nick shows are usually not promoted as finales, but as regular episodes. This also happened with Fred: The Show, Bucket & Skinner's Epic Adventures, How to Rock and would eventually happen to Sam & Cat (whose second episode ironically parodied Victorious falling victim to this), and Game Shakers.
  • During the drag race, when the cars are seen racing, one car has 'Hungry Girl' written on it and another (28) has the Sam & Cat logo on it.
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  • This is the eighth time that some (or all) members of the gang have been broadcasted on TV (or on the internet). First was the The Wood in The Wood, then the web show iCarly in iParty with Victorious (technically an iCarly episode), Queries for Couples was seen in The Worst Couple, the TV show Match Play featured in April Fools Blank, Brain Squeezers featured in Brain Squeezers (though it is unknown if it was a web or TV show) and lastly Tori sang on national TV twice in Star Spangled Tori.
  • Cat mentions an old man called Parnell, this is one of the elderly people in Cat's TheSlap segments.
  • The plot line of the episode could be a reference to the movie 'Yes Man.' starring Jim Carrey who is challenged to say "yes" to everything.
  • This is the sixth time that the episode title is a pun. The first was Robarazzi, then Blooptorious, A Christmas Tori, April Fools Blank, and finally, Star Spangled Tori.
  • The last updates to were put up online during this episode. The last update seen on the show was posted by Beck.
  • Tori, Jade and Trina wear cheese dresses in this episode, which were previously seen on Victoria's Twitter.
  • This is the third time and final time that Sikowitz challenges the gang. The first two occurrences of this were in Sleepover at Sikowitz's and Cell Block.
  • This is the last episode written by Christopher J. Nowak.

    The TV Guide for Schneider Cable.

  • This is the first time that one of Sikowitz's challenges has no loser.
  • Sikowitz's habit of challenging his students with the intention of helping them overcome something seems to have finally paid off, as they say 'yes' to all questions they are asked without the need of any supervision like the challenges in previous episodes.
  • When Jade tells Tori to go to the guide, if you look closely, you can see Zoey 101 & All That as two of the shows listed. You can also see The Dingo Channel, which was mentioned in the iCarly episode "iTake On Dingo." There is also "That's A Drag" which is the favorite show of Cat Valentine, as shown in Sam & Cat. It's also Sam's favorite.
    • On Tori's TV guide, there's a show on the Dingo Channel called Taffi & Toasty, which could be a parody of the Disney Channel series Austin & Ally.
  • This is the most interaction that Beck had with Sinjin throughout the entire series.
  • This is the first, and only, time that André has no interaction with any of the main characters throughout the entire episode, except when everyone was in the classroom.
  • Sikowitz's TheSlap status breaks the fourth wall, saying, "This week I challenge you to say YES to

    Victori-Yes Trending

    everything!!! May you all have adventures worthy of a hit sitcom's series finale!" His mood is also "victorious."
  • In the bus that Sikowitz has drawn on his board, the three girls on the bus are supposed to be Cat, Tori, and Jade, as one has pink hair, one has brown, and another has black. There is no way to tell who the boy is supposed to be.
  • Dan said this episode is "gonna be a good one."
  • Tori's cable is called Schneider Cable and one channel is called The DanWarp Channel, which both are references to the show's creator and writer, Dan Schneider.
  • Pajelhoocho's commercial and clothing was a reference of The Sack, as seen in iCarly.

    Cat in front of the whiteboard saying "Sam & Cat Coming soon!"

  • The last scene of this episode was filmed on May 31, 2012.
  • Last Ending tagline: "Yeah, I'll smell your foot." - André.
  • The night this the episode aired, Victoria Justice wrote a letter saying goodbye to the fans, along with her ideas of where the characters would end up had the show continued.[3]
  • The last person to speak in the show is Jade, as she yells "Come here!" at a mouse boy on the set of Divertisimo.
  • American Voice, the show Tori watches, is a spoof of popular shows American Idol and The Voice.
  • Beck used the word Lumpatious in his TheSlap update. The word would later on be said in the Sam & Cat episode of the same name.
  • used to redirect fans to TheSlap, but since The Slap is currently defunct due to creator, Dan Schneider, getting fired from Nickelodeon in 2018, it now redirects others to the Nickelodeon website for Victorious.
  • While popping Trina's pimple, Jade visibly flinches, which is when the goo gets in her eye.
  • Though this episode was not intended to be a series finale, it, rather fittingly, ends in the same manner as the Pilot. With Tori turning Jade's tricks back on her and beating Jade at her own game.
  • In English, the word divertisimo means "hilarious" and No me comas means "Don't eat me".


  • Beck claimed he wanted to take Jade to a drag race. But the race he ended up going to with Sinjin instead turned out to be a NASCAR race.
  • When Trina asked Tori if she was jealous, Tori had said no, despite the dare Sikowitz had issued them only moments ago. However, this may be forgivable as Trina did not request anything of Tori.
  • It would have been very dangerous, possibly illegal, for Cat and Robbie to drive downhill in a garbage bin because they would have been likely to get hit by a car or cause a traffic obstruction.
  • Sikowitz's rule said that they don't need to say yes to anything dangerous or illegal, but Robbie and Cat said yes to the muggers they encountered, which can be considered a dangerous situation. Also, it's possible that public nudity is also illegal.
  • Tori and Jade would not have been shown on TV due to them being under 18. They would have need their parents or legal guardian to sign the paper stating they could. But it is possible that Trina stated that she is their guardian and signed the papers for them.
  • Tori's feeling on her TheSlap update do not make sense in accordance to the actual update; Tori's update says that she's ablutophobic, which is fear of cleaning or washing.
  • Tori and Jade wouldn't be allowed to even enter, let alone get onto, the set unless they had some sort of pass.
  • Both muggers are significantly larger than Cat and Robbie yet manage to fit perfectly in their pajelehoochos.
  • The gang could have said "No" and not tell Sikowitz, because unlike in Cell Block, there aren't any people watching over them.
  • When Tori scrolled down the TV programs, Jade repeatedly said no, and Sikowitz said to say yes anything that is legal.
    • However, it's possible that the students only had to say yes to any question they were directly asked.
  • When Tori and Jade are looking through the TV guide, one of the programs listed is Zoey 101, another show made by Dan Schneider. However, it has been established (via characters from Zoey 101, Victorious, iCarly, and Sam & Cat crossing over) that both shows take place in the same universe.
  • The guide description said the gang has to say yes to everything for a week, when it was really the whole day.
  • When Cat is showing off her “pajalheeocho”, on the whiteboard, it says, “Sam & Cat - coming soon!”
    • However, this simply could have been written to promote the then-upcoming Dan Schneider show "Sam & Cat".
  • When the pizza is delivered to Tori's house, the delivery man says that it's $16.50. Jade then hands him a $20 dollar bill, however she never receives the $3.50 change. However, it is likely that she shut the door before he could give her the change. It was likely intended as a tip.
  • When Tori and Jade showed up at the set, Trina was still acting in the same skit as when Tori and Jade watched the show. However, this can be easily explained as either the skit being a recurring one, or the show being live.

Running Gags

  • Cat talking about pajelehoochos.
  • People saying 'yes' to different kinds of requests.
  • Trina bragging about how Divertisimo is a high-quality TV show with top-notch acting.
  • Jade still denying her friendship with Tori.


Tori: Jade, will you please pop Trina's shoulder pimple?
Jade: No! Absolutely not!
Tori: Abubububa! Is someone being a negative Nancy or a whiney Willie?
Jade: You can not make me pop her...
Tori: We made a deal with Sikowitz! Or can I tell our whole class you couldn't handle it?
Trina: Will someone just pop my pimple?!
Tori: Will you Jade?
Jade: (Reluctantly) Yes.
Trina: Augh! That's good stuff! K later!
Tori: [Looks at Jade] What's wrong?
Jade: Some goo got in my eye!!!

Cat: They're pajamas, they're jeans, they're leggings, it's a hoodie, it's a poncho, the pajelehoocho!


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As a standalone, this episode received a positive reception, with large praise being given to the humor, but most found it lacking to serve as a proper series finale.


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