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Vic and Avan

Shipped Cast:

Victoria Justice and Avan Jogia


Best Friends

Movies/TV Shows Together:

Spectacular! and Victorious and The Outcasts

"Avan is a very funny, down-to-earth person. I love him and we are best friends."
Victoria Justice in an interview with Celebuzz! Magazine

Vavan is the real-life pairing of Victoria Justice and Avan Jogia (V/ictoria + Avan). They have been shown to be best friends in real life, and they hang out all the time. In many interviews, Avan and Victoria have been asked if they were dating; they have both responded, "We are just friends!". Avan and Victoria are very good friends.

This page is for the real life pairing of the actors and is not to be confused with Bori.

Victoria Justice & Avan Jogia at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards 2011

Victoria Justice & Avan Jogia at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards 2011


@ATJogia 'I'am killing this photo

Vavan Moments





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Aww she said &#039;Oh i LOVE YOU!!&#039;
Aww adorablexxx
  • In the Danwarp video "Which Cast Member Would You Eat", Dan Schneider asks Victoria which person she would eat, to which she responds, "Avan." She says this is because she has known him the longest and learned the most from him. During the video, Avan also says that his and Victoria's relationship had run its course and that it was over, possibly saying that they had one previously.
  • In this video, Victoria says Avan lives right across the street from her in L.A., and Avan adds that he is at her house every single day.
  • In the video, "Marco Polo With Avan!", Victoria catches Avan. While raising her arms to take off the blindfold Avan hugs her around the stomach.
  • In 2008, when the rumors that Victoria and Avan were dating spread (because of videos of them together posted to YouTube) Avan was asked if he had a crush on any of his co-stars and he replied with, “Maybe?" In that year, they had been filming Spectacular.
    Vavan BrainSurge Redone
  • Avan and Victoria both went on a trip to London together and Victoria tweeted "Best friend travels are fun!". They also went to a concert there together.
  • They met on the Spectacular! movie set and have been friends ever since then.
  • Avan's icon on Twitter was a picture of both him and Victoria.
  • They both had a stare off, seen in the video Victoria Justice vs Avan Jogia Stare Off.
  • They both went to In N' Out burger together and were shown sitting on the In N' Out sign.
  • In this video, Avan says that Victoria is great, a sweetheart and that he loves her. He also jokes about her nickname, Vic and says he wouldn't have been hanging out with her for the past two years (as of 2010) if she wasn't a good person.
  • It is shown that they hang out on set all the time.
  • In a GoomRadio interview, Avan said that Victoria was pretty.
  • On this interview with Piper's Picks, Victoria and Avan are interviewed together. Victoria says Avan is her best friend and that it feels like she has known him her whole life. When Avan leaves, he rubs Victoria's arm and says he'll see her at home.
  • Avan says that something only a best friend would know about Victoria Justice is that she loves strawberry Jello cups, and Victoria says that something only a best friend would know about Avan is that he's super talented at writing songs and playing the guitar. She also says she always bothers him and makes him perform them for her.
  • In a J-14 interview, Victoria says that she tells Avan everything and he is one of the few people she trusts with secrets. She says it is good for them to be best friends because she can get a guys opinion and he can get a girls opinion and there is no drama like there would be when you hang out with girls.
  • In an interview with Twist Magazine, Victoria says she grappled with the decision of whether or not to date Avan, but decided not to because she wouldn't want to date him for only a certain amount of time and not see each other anymore rather than be friends for life. She also said that they tell each other everything and that she is one of the guys when she is with him, and that whatever happens, they'll always help each other.
  • They also took a trip to New York City together and Victoria tweeted about having a lot of fun with Avan.
  • Victoria has tweeted many pics of her and Avan together like on the Freak The Freak Out set.
  • At the Kid's Choice Awards 2010, Victoria interrupts Avan's interview with ClevverTV to say "Hi, I love you!" to Avan.
  • For Avan's 19th birthday, Victoria tweeted, "On this fine day, Avan Jogia was born. Go show him some birthday love, Happy B-Day my dear friend." Avan replied back saying "Thank you my sweet.:)."
  • Victoria's Twitter background was her and Avan partying at her 18th birthday party.
  • In this video, Victoria and Avan play a game of 'Marco Polo'.
  • Victoria and Avan actually knew each other long before Victorious even started; a 17-year-old Jogia can be seen in a few YouTube videos Victoria posted in 2008.
  • On Twitter, Victoria said that she sometimes borrows Avan's clothes. She borrowed one of his cardigans and decided to never give it back.
  • In one of the videos Victoria posted in her YouTube account, she said that Avan's gift for her in her 18th birthday is a harmonica necklace, and she is seen wearing it in the video.
  • On Twitter, Avan tweeted, "Check it out @VictoriaJustice new song Best Friend's Brother and no @KetanJogia its not about you :)," showing that Avan knows Victoria considers him her best friend.
  • On "7 Secrets With Victoria Justice", in which she shares seven secrets about herself, secret # 7 is that her and Avan are best friends. She talks about how much fun she has with him, how weird they are together, and that he's just really sweet and laid-back.
  • Cute Vavan Moment At the end of this video when they finished singing "I Want You Back," you can see Victoria ran straight over to Avan, jumped on him, then hugged him.
  • In the behind the scenes of the "Beggin' on Your Knees" video when it starts raining, Victoria has her arms wrapped on Avan's arm.
  • In the "7 Secrets With Victoria Justice," she said that he felt special they passed the scene of Beck and Tori kissing, maybe implying that he had a small crush on her when they met.
  • Victoria has a video on YouTube where she sings, "Oh Darling" and Avan is in the video with her. At the end of the video, he says "Why am I in this scene, Victoria?" she says "Because, Avan, you make everything better." He gets up and playfully said "No I don't, you're a liar." and pokes her in the face. Then she says "You're like a rainbow."
  • In the Behind the Scenes - Freak the Freak Out , Avan and Victoria was interviewed together and Avan said Victoria Justice's performance was amazing!
  • There is a video in youtube of PopcandiesTV about Avan and Vic on a party and in the description says "How awesome, aren't these two cute together!".
  • In another interview, Avan and Victoria were smiling in a flirty way while joking about the kiss on Victorious (Tori and Beck's kiss).
  • In a video where Victoria describes her cast, she says "Avan is a weirdo, but I love him more." She says they have the same humor, they make up these weird dances and songs and have so much fun together.
  • On the "7 Secrets With Victoria Justice," she says he is the best person she knows. At one part, Victoria asks Avan, "What kind of jokes have I played on you?" and he responds, "Other than toying with my emotions?" (Hinting that he had/has a crush on her.)
  • Victoria says in 7 Secrets With Victoria Justice that she can be bored at her house and Avan will come over and hang out with her at any time.
  • On 7 Secrets With Victoria Justice, Avan and Victoria agreed that when they met each other, it was a one of a kind moment and they would never experience another one like it.
  • It is rumored they dated in the summer of 2010.[citation needed]
  • In an interview where the Victorious cast was asked to share what they were thankful for regarding their cast mates, Avan said this about Victoria: "Victoria has been a fantastic friend to me. And really sweet and nice and she's amazing."
  • In &feature=relmfu this video Victoria and Avan are doing a photo shoot together, and Victoria says that guys and girls can be just friends and that her and Avan are always comfortable with each other. at 1:05, Victoria goes "Awww, that's why we're best friends!" and hugs Avan.
  • In the Victorious, Souncheck for Walmart (Backstage with the Band) Avan said Victoria killed the performance.
  • In celebration of Victoria getting 80,000 subscribers on YouTube, she told everyone she was going to post a video with someone special. That someone was Avan. The video is called Victoria Justice & Avan Jogia Laugh... A lot.
  • In the "Which Cast Member Would You Eat" video, you can hear Avan saying that their relationship is very strong and important when she says his name.
  • Avan tweeted about the video "Victoria Justice & Avan Jogia Laugh... A lot." saying "Its true, Vic and I laugh... a lot," showing he always has a lot of fun with her.
  • In this video, Avan, Victoria, and other members of the "Spectacular!" cast goof around and sing Love Song by Sara Bareilles together.
  • There is a video of Victoria, Avan and 2 other guys making faces and joking.
  • In a Bop & Tiger Beat interview, Avan tells a moment when Victoria pranked him.
  • In the music video for "I Want You Back' you can see Victoria and Avan together very often.
  • Victoria Justice said on Twitter responding to "Locked Up!." "Well... you can't blame those prison dudes. Avan... @ATJogia... there's no denying it. You do have rather fluffy hair my friend ;{). Haha
C&#039;mon, just kiss her, Avan!!!

How cute!!!

  • In a Nickelodeon Blog it say in a funny fact that Vic and Avan used to like each other when they met.
  • In a video on the after party of the KCA's he said he was time to call Victoria.
  • Victoria tweeted "I'm bummed! My good friend Avan @ATJogia is back in LA for only a few days after being in Europe & I'm in NYC:{/.I miss him, it's been 2 long." Avan responded with "@VictoriaJustice I know! Silliness. Ah well we will connect soon enough. :)" and she replied with "We better ;{). Give your mom a big hug & kiss from me."
  • Victoria tweeted, "Avan AKA @ATJogia & I hanging out in my dressing room. We're loving this D&G ad. Very 80's. :{)
  • Vic and Avan did a photoshoot together.
  • Vic and Avan did their own Improv Session.
  • In this video, Avan describes 3 reasons to watch Victorious... Reason #1 is Victoria.
  • They went together to the Emmy Awards, and had an interview with ClevverTV there together. In it, the interviewer says they are BFFs in real life; Victoria and Avan confirm it and Victoria lays her head on Avan's shoulder.
  • The video Victoria Justice & Avan Jogia Laugh... A lot. is one of the favorites videos of Victoria being on her fave uploaded videos.
  • Victoria said in an interview that sometimes she hides in Avan's dressing room to prank him.
  • Victoria uploaded a youtube video of different videos of them dancing throughout the years of their friendship.
  • Avan appeared on Victoria's live Ustream as one of her special guests.


  • Dan Schneider posted this video Victoria and Avan were dancing together and always near together.
  • In this video , at around 0:41, Avan tries to fix Victoria's mic.
  • In this video, when Victoria was introduced at 2:50, Avan and Victoria held hands.
  • In this video, the Spectacular cast are previewing the soundtrack and Avan sits close with Victoria. At  2:15, the song says "you wanna be a player" and Victoria and Avan both point at each other and laugh.
  • At 4:55, Victoria said "You're really close right now." Avan responded. "I actually can't be any farther away from you." Victoria told him, "I love you Avan."
  • When Victoria was asked where she wanted to go outside the US, she said Canada because thats where she met Avan. She said he has great style for a guy and is fun to shop with.
  • When Avan was tweeting "Life Lessons" Vic tweeted "@ATJogia #TwitterLifeLessons. Brought to you by Sir Avan Jogia. You're always invited 4 rice & beans & chicken @ my house my friend ;{).
    • Avan: @VictoriaJustice I basically go over to your place to steal your family and feel all at home. :).
    • Vic: @ATJogia always welcome 2 do so. I steal your family when I go 2 Canada, so we're even. P.S. Are you working today? We miss you ;{)
    • Avan: @Victoria Justice Yeah I'll be on set later today, see you there my dear
  • Victoria tweeted: Just finished a rap free styling/bonding session with Avan, @ATJogia in his dressing room. #friendsaregood :{)
  • In the Danwarp video Vic and Avan where holding hands and dancing.
  • Victoria's prize for her "You're The Reason" Contest is a signed Tori doll by Avan and her.
  • Avan congratulated Victoria on 1 million folowers "Well @VictoriaJustice 1million followers ...I remember when I was the only person who followed you ;) Congratulations Vic !"
  • When Victoria had her live chat party for a million followers, she thought Avan was in San Francisco and didn't know he would be coming. She was thrilled when he did and hugged him three times during the party.
  • When Victoria and Avan had a Ustream, Victoria hugged Avan; he kissed her cheek and said he loves her. When she held up a poster of herself, he said she was "all cute and stuff." He said she looked really pretty when she guest starred on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. He also said she was a good friend.They both wished
  • In the photo of Dan Schneider's twitter (@DanWarp), Victoria and Avan sit near each other, the reading table in the series.

    <3 vavan 4 eva!!


    Vic & Avan= <3

  • Victoria tweeted "At lunch with Avan, @ATJogia ! I shall dub this day #polaroidmonday ;{). Look! Xo[1]
  • On Twitter, Victoria mentioned that she was having lunch in Avan's room.
  • Almost all of Avan Jogia's bloopers involved scenes only with him and Victoria.
  • In this video, the Victorious cast is being interviewed, and in the beginning Victoria puts her hands on Avan's shoulder and stands next to him. Later, when Victoria leans against the wall, Avan comes and sits close with her. Victoria says she thinks Avan is the "class clown" of the cast, as well as troublemaker and best dressed.
  • Victoria was laughing at Avan when he fell off his seat on the Behind the scenes of Jade Dumps Beck.
  • Victoria and Avan where laughing together when he was messing up his line "She got me a can of lemonade."
  • Victoria tweeted, "#famouscanadians is trending! I know 1 ;{). Fun pic with Avan and I on his 18th b day... #memories #pie @ATJogia." Avan replied, ""@VictoriaJustice #chocolatepie :)"
  • Victoria posted a picture on her facebook of her and Avan together, and the caption was "Getting frisky with Avan Jogia."
  • Victoria just tweeted: How weird is this? ATjogia named my split screened face Gilda. What would u name it? #strangetimes and uploaded a pic.
  • Their dressing rooms are next to each other.
  • Victoria and Avan dressed up like students and pretended to attend Burbank High School in California. Avan tweeted, "This seems vaguely familiar, things you find while buying affordable swedish designed furniture," along with a picture of Burbank High. Victoria replied, "HAHA. Omg, that’s brilliant." Avan answered with, "@VictoriaJustice maybe we should visit?" Victoria then said, " @ATJogia I think we should show up on a school day with full on backpacks & school supplies & pretend like we're @ Hollywood Arts. Down? ;{)" Avan answered, " @VictoriaJustice Down. ."
  • Victoria tweeted about Avan's birthday (2012) : Ahh! Guess what?! It's my lovely friend @ATJogia's birthday 2day! Please send him some b day love :{). Love u my friend, time flies! Xo. Avan replied "Thanks @VictoriaJustice 15 to 20... thats a long time.... it sounds like a jail sentence for a federal offense... its not ;)
  • Avan tweeted a Happy Birthday wish to Victoria: "Happy Birthday @VictoriaJustice ...(Large sweeping hand gesture) ... The Ting Tings Have fun in Europe." Victoria replied to Avan with this: "@ATJogia I didn't see this 'til now! Thanks @ATJogia, u know how to make this b-day girl smile :{). Xo"
  • 162px-Botihig
    In this video, Victoria says Avan is her best friend in the entire world, the funniest/sweetest guy she ever met, and that he totally gets her and accepts her for who she is. She also says he's adorable and she loves him to death. At the time he was in Vancouver and she told him to call her because she missed him and they needed to video chat.
  • On twitter, Avan put this photo with Vic, with the caption "Killing this photo."
  • On twitter, Vic put this photo with Avan, with the caption "Basically Avan & I wore the same hat today accidentally. PS We're pointing @ nothing.
  • In April Fools Blank Victoria grabbed Avan's chin when she was talking. He blew her a kiss. Victoria jumped into his arms and gave him a big hug at the end.
  • On an interview at the Hunger Games premiere, Avan jokes that Victoria would make a good tribute because she is resourceful and fast.
  • When Victoria talks about Avan in interviews she smiles all the time.
  • Victoria posted on her Twitter and Facebook:
    Check out my interview with We talk about bullying, my new song (that I can't wait for you to hear) & Avan Jogia :{)
  • Avan replied, @VictoriaJustice @clevvertv haha Avanisms ...But it does sounds like something I would say. Victoria answered, @ATJogia Haha. Right? Miss u, see u Sat. if not sooner :{D x
  • At the 2012 Kids Choice Awards when the Victorious Cast was accepting their award for Favorite TV Show, Victoria wraps her arm around Avan's neck and he kisses her hair.
  • On an interview with the Victorious cast after the KCA's, Victoria and Avan are seen standing close together and talking. (Avan rubs her arm and Victoria smiles at him.)
  • Victoria tweeted "Pic with @ATJogia :{).Gimme your best caption ;{) RT! x"
  • Victoria tweeted "Just another day on the set of Victorious! Filming a scene 1st with my good friend @ATJogia today. #FunTimes . What're u guys up 2? X
  • Victoria tweeted Hi :{)! @ATJogia & I just finished filming a scene w/ our new best friend... Fritz. #CartoonStyle
  • Victoria tweeted this: "There's no 1 who quite understands & reciprocates my weirdness quite as well as Sir @ATJogia . It's nice having friends that make u laugh:{)." Avan replied saying "Likewise."
  • In this video from Popcandies TV, Victoria and Avan are out together in Hollywood at night and are standing close together and laughing.
  • In Tori's Total Tranformation video, Victoria said, "Arg!" to Avan.
  • Avan tweeted, "Did you see @VictoriaJustice perform on @TheEllenShow today? Congrats Vic #MakeItInAmerica"
  • In Make It In America Music Video,when Avan was driving Victoria was by his side.
  • In Make It In America Music Video, Avan picks Victoria up, hugs her and kisses her cheek. They also hug at the end of the video.
  • In the gallery for Tori Goes Platinum, Vic and Avan are seen in a lot of pictures together and seem to be having a good time.
  • Victoria tweeted, Why do I feel bad 4 Avan @ATJogia & what's my favorite ride? U guys have 2 see this interview w/ @youngHollywood... RT! In the interview, she said she felt bad when she had to spit the sandwich into Avan's hands when filming Tori Goes Platinum.
  • In this video from Popstar! Magazine, Avan says Victoria has a weird laugh and that her actual, genuine laugh sounds fake. He also says that qualities of a good girlfriend are humor and acceptance of who you are. (Qualities Avan has used to describe Victoria in the past.)
  • Victoria tweeted about this girl from Australia (tweet )"She also had me sign this! Lol, so cute. @ATjogia 's face=priceless ;{)"
  • Victoria [[1]] a picture of Avan (and Daniella) for Day 29 of her Make it in America Contest.
  • Victoria tweeted Stopping Time w/ @ATjogia ! Check it out, pretty crazy stuff. :{): RT!
  • Avan said "Nice job on this:) Always amazed at the editing skills," about a video a fan made about him and Victoria: (@ATJogia wish you'd watch this vid I made about you & Vic :{) Hope you will like it!
  • Victoria tweeted this photo [2] of her and Avan (and Daniella.)
  • Victoria tweeted this-Roller coaster time w/ @ATjogia & the crew! Way 2 much fun:{D#TheBiggerTheBetter!!
  • At the cast meet-and-greet in Orlando, Avan and Victoria sat next to each other.
  • Victoria tweeted, "Filming web-isodes 2day 4 The Slap & spotted @ATjogia in this... #MadeMyDay lol,"
  • J-14 Magazine tweeted, "#20ThingsAboutMe When @J14Magazine ran into @VictoriaJustice @ATJogia at dinner, we ended up chatting for hours over molten chocolate cake!"
  • Avan tweeted, "Check out @VictoriaJustice &@Maxgschneider Bruno Mars medley #talentedfriends."
  • Victoria tweeted, "That's just how we do. @atjogia haha"
  • Victoria tweeted, "Awkward prom style photo w/ none other then @ATjogia :{) ."
  • Victoria tweeted "Guess who's an excited girl 2day!? MEEE :{D. Only 8 more hours til I kick off my
  • A26Z6Y-CUAAHIr7

    Vavan at Emmys

    #MakeItInAmericaTour right here in Costa Mesa!Who's coming?" Then Avan tweeted "Hey @VictoriaJustice break a leg kicking off that tour ;)."
  • Victoria says that she can't make it to the red carpet at the Emmy Awards 2012 and Avan tweeted her ".@VictoriaJustice hurry up. :)"
  • Victoria tweeted: "Oh @atjogia, u look so dapper tonight! #Emmys "
  • Avan tweeted, "Ps... I'm not tweeting and driving @VictoriaJustice taught me better then that," when he tweeted about driving behind a truck to stay in its shade.
  • In this video, Victoria is asked if she is still best friends with Avan. She says they are still very good friends and that they spent a lot of time together on set. She said it's hard to see each other as much because they are both so busy, but no matter what she will always love Avan.
  • Victoria tweeted, "Congrats 2 my lovely friend @atjogia on booking the lead in a new abc family pilot! That's huge news. So happy 4 him & can't wait 2 watch:{D." Avan replied, "@VictoriaJustice thanks dear. I'm very excited."
  • Victoria tweeted "New Keek!Just saw my dear friend @atjogia in NYC! Missed him.Love the kid. #MakinMemories :{) #FollowSubscribe4More!nTu8aab RT!"
  • Avan tweeted: I think I have some time off this weekend, gonna go see Fun Sized with my friends @VictoriaJustice& Thomas Mann. Go see it.
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  • Avan kisses Victoria on the cheek after Victorious wins the Kid Choice awards.
  • Victoria tweeted:"Remember this?! #ToriTheZombie" and Avan replied:" ...I do."
  • Victoria tweeted:"Happy birthday to @ATJogia !! Can't believe we were only 15 & 16 when we met #TimeFlies. P.S. Congrats on ur new show Twisted! #SoHappy4U :)." And Avan replied:"@VictoriaJustice Thank Vic, time has really has flown by...You'r next."
  • Avan tweeted:"Proud of Victoria. Great trend. Me too".
  • Victoria tweeted:"Game night w/ @atjogia !! Love this crazy kid 😜. P.S. I stole his hat. Playing 1 of the best games ever!" and Avan retweeted.
  • Victoria tweeted:"Keekin it up with my friend @atjogia last night ;) #GameNight!DfmCdab"
  • Victoria tweeted:"#ThrowbackThursday We look like babies! Lol. jogia jhutch1992 #GoodTimes #Venice"
  • Victoria tweeted:"I want to wish my dear friend of 6 years... mr. @atjogia jogia a very happy 22nd birthday! I love you…"
  • Avan tweeted:"Big congrats to my friend @VictoriaJustice on @MTV picking up her pilot Eye Candy. Cant wait to see."
  • Avan tweeted:"Hey @VictoriaJustice it's your 21st birthday day. Best of birthday celebrations to you, sorry I'm missing it." and Victoria replied:"@ATJogia Thanks Av :) It's all good. We're gonna celebrate both our b days when you get back! xo"

Vavan Hints from Music Videos

  • In the All I Want Is Everything music video, Avan is the first to respond to Victoria's chat.
  • In Freak the Freak Out music video, Victoria is shown sitting next to Avan.
  • In the Freak the Freak Out official music video, Avan smiled at Victoria and she smiled back at him.
  • In the Make It In America official music video , when Victoria pulls up and gets out of her car she jumps into Avan's arms and hugs him.
  • In the Make It In America official music video, Avan drives Victoria's car to the party.
  • In the Make it in America official music video, Avan and Victoria sit in the front seat of her car.
  • In Beggin' on Your Knees official music video, Avan and Victoria are standing next to each other.
    Victoria justice ad avan jogia with elvis jumpsuits

Vavan Facts/Trivia

  • They like to take pictures together.
  • They went to Memphis together in 2011 along with the rest of the Victorious and iCarly cast members.
  • They went to Orlando in 2012 along with the rest of the cast.
  • In 2010, they visited London and New York together.
  • They were on the movie Spectacular! together, which is also how they met.
  • They are both part of the main cast of Victorious.
  • Their birthdays are both in February and they are 10 days apart (Avan is February 9th and Victoria is February 19th) but Avan was born in 1992 and Vic was born in 1993.
  • They used to like each other as more than friends when they first met but decided they would be better off as best friends.
  • Vic calls Avan "Sir Avan Jogia," and nicknamed him "Sweet Eyes."
  • They act very weird and goofy together on and off the set.
  • Victoria said when she and Avan were practicing Beck and Tori's kiss in the Pilot, they pretended they were hardcore making out.
  • They attended the 2011 Creative Arts Emmy's together.
  • Avan used to live right across the street from Vic.
  • Vic says that if she's bored at home she calls Avan to come over so they can hang out.
  • It is possible Avan likes to look at Fan-Made Videos made by fans about him and Victoria.
  • They are best friends and have been since Victoria was 15 and Avan was 16.
  • Their on-set dressing rooms are next to each other.
  • Victoria says no one understands and reciprocates her weirdness as well as Avan.
  • Victoria says she has been seeing Avan pretty much every day of her life.
  • Avan has been on two of Victoria's live chats and many of her videos.
  • They both dance a lot and made a video called "Vic and Avan Dance Through the Years."
  • In 2012, Victoria was very busy with her Make It In America tour, but in a interview she said that still loves Avan, no matter what.

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