Jimmy was playing video games while making lemonade. Then Jade ran down the stairs and told Jimmy to go to
Hayley lifting Jimmy

Hayley carrying Jimmy

his room. Then Jimmy asked "Why do i've to leave". Then Jade said "Because i've a friend coming over, now go". Then Jimmy said "Fine". He shut off his video game and took his lemonade. He was heading upstairs as Jade was opening the door. When the door opened, Jimmy saw Hayley Steele. The second he saw her, his heart started racing and his plams became sweaty. He also started having fantasties about her. One of his fantasties was her carrying him with her hair blowing in the wind. He thought of her as a beautiful, blonde goddess. Hayley said "Hey, what's your name". Then Jimmy said nervously "JJimmy WWest". Then Jade knew that Jimmy was nervous to see her and said "Yep, my brother was just leaving". Then Hayley said "Oh, bye Jimmy". Jimmy said "BBye". Jimmy ran upstairs as fast as he could. Then Hayley said "I think your brother likes me". Then Jade said "No, he's just shy". Later, when Jade wasn;t in the room, Jimmy went downstairs to talk to Hayley. He said "Hey". She said "Hey". Then Jimmy started sniffing her hair. Jimmy said "Your hair smells like strawberries". Then Hayley said nervously "Thanks". Then she said "I need to talk to your sister, so i'll just go into the kitchen". Then she got up and went to the kitchen. When she got there, Hayley said "I know for a fact that your brother likes me". Then Jade said "Calm down, if you want him to leave you alone then just be mean to him". Then Hayley said "I'm not going to be mean to him, he's a nice, sweet little guy". Then Jade said "You don't have to be vicious to him, just make him get the message". Then Hayley said "Fine". When Hayley returned, Jimmy said "Hey". Then
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Hayley talking to Jimmy

Hayley said "Hey, listen i know you like me but i can't return your feelings". Then Jiimy asked "Why not?". Then Hayley said "Well, there's the age difference, alot of boys like me, and..uh.. and.." Jimmy said "And what". Then Hayley said "And i'm dating Beck". Jimmy's face was stunned by this news. Then the doorbell rang. Jimmy said "i'll get it" When Jimmy opened the door, he saw Beck. Jimmy said angrily "What are you doing here". Then Beck said "I'm here to return a book to Jade, what's wrong?". Then Jimmy yelled "YOU STOLE MY ALMOST GIRLFRIEND". Then Beck said "Calm down, i didn't..". But before her could finish, Jimmy attacked Beck. He pulled him into the house, slapped him, kicked him, punched him, and pulled his hair". Beck screamed with terror "HELP". Jade and Hayley pulled Jimmy off of him. Then Jade yelled "WHAT'S GOING ON". Then Jimmy shouted "Prettyboy here stole my girl". Then Beck said "I didn't steal anybody". Then Hayley said "He's telling the truth, i'm so sorry
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Steele noticing that Jimmy likes her

Jimmy, but i don't like you in that way, i only said that i was dating Beck because i wanted you to stop liking me in that way". Then Jimmy said "It's fine, i understand, can we still be friends?". Then Hayley said "Of course". Then jimmy said that's great. Then he turned to Beck and said "And Beck, i'm sorry i beat you up". Then Beck said "It's ok, but you didn't beat me up". Then Jade said "Yes he did".
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