Jade and Robbie were waiting in the hallway for Jade to meet Robbie's girlfriend. Jade asked "What's her name?". Robbie said "Hayley Steele". Then Jade said "Oh man, i HATE her, she's acts like Miss Perfect". Then Robbie said "She's not that bad, she's
Hayley and Robbie 2

Hayley and Robbie

the Captain of the Cheerleading Squad, she's known for winning beauty peagants and is currently named Miss California, she's very strong, mainly because she works out and lifts weights, and she's extremely hot and smart". Then Jade said "She's not that hot". Then Robbie said "Are you kidding, she's like a blonde goddess". Then Jade said "Are you sure she's not using you". Then the offended Robbie said "Yes, i'm sure". Then he said "Oh yay, she's coming". A tall, very hot girl was walking towards them. She had long, blonde hair and brown eyes. She wore a red tank top with a green jacket ovet it. She also wore tight, leather pants. Her name was Hayley Steele. Every boy was staring at her as she walked towards Robbie. Boys are often nervous when they meet or even see Hayley Steele. Hayley said "Hey sweetie". Then Robbie said "Hey sugar pie". Then Robbie said "Hayley, this is Jade West and Jade, this is Hayley Steele". Then Hayley said "It's very nice to meet up". Jade said "It's nice to meet you too".
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Hayley Steele

Jade had a  feeling told her that Hayley was using Robbie for something. All week lone, Jade spied on Hayley. She spied on her at cheerleading practices, Hayley's work outs at the gym, etc.. She didn't gather any information on her. Hayley had a feeling that Jade was spying on her, so she confronted her about it. Hayley asked "Why have you been spying on me?", Then Jade said "I'm sorry, i thought you were using Robbie". Then Hayley said "That's not it, you're jealous that i'm dating Robbie". Then Jade started laughing and said " I would never that Robbie". Then Hayley got mad and said "What's wrong with him". jade didn't like her tone and started getting mad. Then Jade said "Honestly, i think there's something wrong with you if you want to date Robbie". Then Hayley pushed Jade. Then Jade got mad and pushed her back. Hayley got enraged. Her muscle were pumping and her body was shaking. Every muscle in her legs showed through her leather pants. Her muscles grew so much that her shirt was tightening. Jade's body was shaking  with rage too. The two of them
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Hayley enraged by Jade

started fighting. They crashed into everything that came in their path. They also insulted each other as they were fighting. Hayley called jade a "freak" and jade called Hayley "miss perfect". They were punching and kicking each other. Jade punched Hayley in the stomach ten times and then kicked her in the stomach ten times. Jade was winning the fight, which was shocking because Hayley was somwhat buff and knew karate. Then Robbie came and yelled "STOP IT, STOP FIGHTING". Then they stopped. Then Robbie said "There's no need to fight". The two of them thought about it and decided that violence was the answer. Then Robbie said "There' enough of me to go around". The two girls were shocked by Robbie's statement. They both looked at each other. Then they looked at Robbie and said "What". Robbie said "I know you two were fighting over me, i's alright, i can date both of you". Then the two girls realized that they should work together to get Robbie. THen Hayley said "That's interesting because we're broken up". Then Jade said "You said run". Then the frightened Robbie ran as fast as he could, with Jade and Hayley chasing after him.
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