Jade, Robbie, Beck, Andre, Rex, and Tori went to Cat's house to help her greet her brother who was on vacation.
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Jade at Cat's brother's party

Andre asked "When is your brother coming Cat, i need to go home and help my grandmother shave the cat". Then Jade asked "Why do you and your grandmother have to shave the cat?". Then Andre said "I don't know either, my grandmother's crazy". Then Cat said "He'll be here soon". Then Rex said "When is your nutjob brother coming, i need a nap". Robbie shouted "REX, i'm sorry sorry, Cat". Cat said "It's fine". Then someone knocked on the door. Cat cheered and said "Yay, he's here". She opened the door and saw her brother. Her brother was a tall, big guy with brown hair and brown eyes. Everyone greeted him with pride and excitement. During the party, Cat's brother was talking to Jade. As he was talking to her, he kept smelling her hair and staring at her. Later that day, Robbie and Rex walked up to Cat's brother and asked "Do you like guitars?". Cat's brother said "Yeah, i like smashing them". Then Rex said "What's wrong with you, crazynut". Cat's brother became enraged. Cat's shrieked "I told you not to call him crazy". Then Cat's brother grabbed Rex and threw him out the window. Robbie screamed in horror "Rex". Then Cat's brother dropkicked Robbie out of another window. Then he picked up Tori and spung her around. Tori was screaming "HELP". Then Beck yelled "Put her down". Then Cat's brother threw Tori at Beck. They both landed on the floor. Then he ran up to Jade and hugging her. Jade was both angry and scared at the same time. Then he ran out of the house. Then Cat said softly "I told you not to call him crazy". 

Jade wrestling Cat's brother 2

Jade wrestling Cat's brother

The gang ran after Cat's brother down the street.  They caught to him when they saw him looking through a trash can. Cat shouted "Get back ther right now". Then Cat's brother yelled "No". Then Jade ran towards Cat's brother, pinned him to a wall, and yelled "Calm down". Cat's brother said "You're very strong ....and pretty". Jade said "Uhhh". Then Jade released  him. Then he said "If Jade beats me in a wrestling match, i'll go back to the house". they all agreed. The two of them agreed to fight in the alley nearby. Robbie was the referee. Jade and Cat's brother prepared to fight. Robbie said "On your mark, get set, go!". The two of them started wrestling. Cat's brother was shocked that Jade was so strong. He was so frightened that her muscles were slightly bigger than his. Jade put Cat's brother in a lot of headlocks and other wrestling moves. Jade eventually slammed him to the ground and pinned him. Jade won the wrestling match. The gang cheered . Jade helped Cat's brother up nd he said "Nice job". Then Jade said "Thanks, you too". 

When they got back to Cat's home, Beck said "It's going late, we should go". Andre concurred  and said "Yeah,
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Jade kissing Cat's brother on the cheek

night". Jade was the last one to leave. As she was leaving, Cat's brother kissed her on the cheek. Then Jade turned to him, kissed him on the cheek, and kneed him in the gut and walked out the door.
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