At Hollywood Arts, Jade was next to her locker when six boys came up to her. One of the boys started sweating
Jade West The Hottest Girl At Hollywood Arts

Jade West: The Hottest Girl at Hollywood Arts.

and said "You're the best singer in the world". Jade said "Thanks". Jade noticed that these boys were obsessed with her and would do anything for her. Throughout the day, she made the boys buy her lunch, do her homework, and carry her around Hollywood Arts. Jade was curious, however, why she was getting all this attention. She asked Andre "Why are these guys paying attention to me, they use to be frightened of me". Then Andre said "Well, Trina made a poll about who's the hottest and most talented girl at Hollywood Arts and you won by a landslide". Jade said "I I even beat Tori, well at least there's a bright side to this". For the rest of the week, Jade got more and more admirers. Random boys kept complimenting her on her looks and her singing. Her admirers sent her flowers, cards, cholocates, etc...  Many of her admirers asked if she could be their girlfriend. They described her as Jade Best. By Friday, every boy in Hollywood Arts were adoring her. Jade didn't like the attention anymore and was freaked out by it. She went to see Trina for help. Trina said "Fine Miss Best, i'll help you, but i'm gonna rig the poll contest so i win". Jade said "Fine". Then she whispered under her breath "That's not surprising". On Monday, everyone adored Trina instead of Jade. Andre and Jade were by their lockers talking. Andre said "At least your admirers left you alone". Then
Trina 44


Jade said "Most of them left me alone". Then Sinjin came up to Jade and said "Hey Jade, i wrote a poem about you, it's called "Jade the Warrior". Andre asked "Does it rhymn?". Sinjin replied "No". Then Sinjin started reading. He said "Your beautiful brown hair is like a brown river with mult-colored fish, your tan makes you look like you were kissed by the sun". As Sinjin read his poem, Jade was shaking with rage. She felt like if she didn't do something she would explode. Finally, she screamed "Get out of here". Sinjin ran as fast as he could away from Jade. Jade said "That felt good".
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