Jade is forced to stay home because she's babysitting her twelve year old brother, Jimmy. Jade loves Jimmy with
Jade West Tan 24

Jade West Big Sister

all her heart, but most of the time, she's irked by him. Jimmy West had shaggy brown hair and green eyes. He often wore a white collar shirt with a dark green sweater over it. He also wore khaki pants and black sneakers. He likes science and doing experiments on his family, especially Jade. He's often bullied because of his interest in science, but Jade always defends him and gets the bullies to stop picking on him One time, Jade gave one of Jimmy's bullies a wedgie for picking on him. When Jade was laying down on the couch, reading a magazine, Jimmy walked up to her and said "Jade, i need your help". Jade said "If i help you, you won't learn anything". Jimmy said "Jade". Then Jade shouted "NOOO". Then Jimmy went to his room. Later that day, Jade went into the kitchen to get a drink of water. When she walked to the sink, a giant tentacle popped up. Jade ran, but the tentacle grabbed her ankle and dragged her. Then Jimmy came and cut the giant tentacle with a knife. He grabbed Jade and ran out of the kitchen. Jade shouted "What did you do". Then Jimmy said "I'm sorry, it was an accident". Then Jade shouted "Tell me what happened".
James Jimmy West

James "Jimmy" West

The Jimmy said "I was doing a experiment on an octopus in my lab, i wanted to change its molecular structure, but i accidently increased it too much". The he said "Apparently, the serum i gave him has a delayed reaction, but after i gave it to him, he stayed the same size, so i flushed him down the toilet". Then Jade asked 'What can we do about it?". Then Jimmy said "We have to give him this serum". Then he took out a test tube with blue serum inside of it. Then Jade said "I'll do". Then Jimmy protested and said "No, it's too dangerous". Then Jade said "That's right, it is too dangerous, which is why i'm going it". Then Jade said "I'm your big sister, i've to protect you". Then the mutanted octopus bursted through the sink and started to destroy the kitchen. Jade ran into the kitchen, grabbed a knife, and yelled "HEY CALAMARI FACE, OVER HERE". The two of them fight and it seem that Jade was winning, until one of the octopus' tentacles grabbed Jade's arm. Jade break free and stabbed the octopus. Then the octupus got mad and grabbed both of her forearms. Jade flexed her muscles to free herself, but it didn't work. She flexed so hard that her shirt bursted open. Then a tentacle grabbed Jade leg. Jade was struggling but it didn't help. Jade dropped the serum as the tentacles squeezed Jade's body and started suffocating her. Jimmy ran into the kitchen, grabbed the serum, and throw the serum into the octopus' mouth. Seconds later, the octopus let Jade go and the octopus was returning to its original form. When the octopus returned to normal, Jade stomped it many times. Then Jimmy and Jade hugged. Then she took him to clean the kitchen. The two of them started arguing and chasing each other around the house. When she caught him, Jade picked him up with one arm and said "Clean up the kitchen or i'll tell dad what you did". Jimmy said reluctantly "Fine". Then she put him down. Then Jade smiled and said "By the way, thanks for saving me, you're a cool little man" and walked away. Then Jimmy smiled and went to the kitchen to clean.
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