Jade was in Sikowitz's class with Andre, Cat, Robbie, Tori, and Beck. She was helping Cat with her acting assignment. Suddenly, a boy kicked open the door. The boy was tall and skinny. He had long, flozy(messy) black hair and green eyes. He had a somewhat pointy nose. He also had a scar over his left eye. His name was Danny Cavendish. Everyone stared at him with terror. Danny yelled "WHAT ARE YOU STARING AT". As soon as he said that, everyone stopped staring. Jade said to Cat "And people think i'm scary". Cat said "Let's be friends with him". Then Andre said "Are you crazy, that guy is psycho". Cavendish saw Jade and Beck sitting together. He walked
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Jade nervous about sitting next to Cavendish

towards Beck and said "You're in my seat". Beck said "No, this is my seat". Then Andre said "Beck, just give him the seat". Beck said "No, i was here first". Then Cavendish said "I don't think you heard me". Then he grabbed Beck by his shirt and pulled out a switch blade. Then he said "Give me your seat". Then Sikowitz came into the room and shouted "Get your hands off of Mr. CoolHair". Cavendish said "He took my seat". Then Beck said "He started attacking me". Then Sikowitz said "I can solve this, Beck, switch seats and Danny, sit next to Jade". Danny sat next to Jade as Beck moved to a different seat. For the first time in Jade's life she was scared. She was thinking "Why is he sitting next to me?". During class, Danny kept looking at Jade, which made her uncomfortable.
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Tori and Jade talking about Cavendish

At lunch,  Jade ran into Cavendish. Cavendish asked Jade "Are you friends with Tori Vega?". Jade said relunctantly "Sorta, Yeah". Cavendish asked "Does she have a boyfriend?". Jade said "No". Then Cavendish said "That's good, thank you". Then Cavendish walked away. Then Tori ran towards Jade yelling "WHAT, WHY WOULD TALK TO HIM ABOUT ME, I DON'T WANNA DATE HIM, HE'S SCARY, HE ALWAYS AROUND ME". Jade replied "I thought it would be funny". Then Tori said "You're sick". Then Beck came and said "I overheard you saying that Cavendish's bothering you, Tori". Tori said "Yeah". Beck said "I'll talk to him". Beck walked over to Cavendish. As he was leaving, Tori said to Jade "I hope it goes well". When Beck returned "Tori asked if everything was ok. Beck said "No, in fact he wants to fight me tonight, in the alley behind the school". Tori asked "You're not going, are you?". Beck replied "I am, don't worry, i'll take care of this". That night, Beck met up with Cavendish to fight him. Cavendish said "I'm amazed that you showed up". Then Bec
Beck Fighting Cavendish

Beck fighting Cavendish

k said "Let's just do this". When the fight started, Beck began to lose. Cavendish's fist were too quick for him. As Cavendish was punching and kicking Beck, he said things like "Take that, prettyboy" and "I'm gonna beat the snot out of you". Cavendish was kicking Beck's butt, until Jade, Andre, Cat, and Robbie came. Jade said "Leave him alone". Cat said "Yeah, violence isn't the key to solve disputes". Then Cavendish said "I'll if you get Tori to go on a date with me". Then Jade said "Fine". The next day Tori and Jade talked about last night. Tori asked "What did you do to get Danny to stop beating up Beck". Then Jade smirked and said "I promisde him a date with you". Tori shrieked "WHAT".  
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