That night, Jade went to a sushi restaurant called "Nozu". She was meeting Andre and Cat at the restaurant so they
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Jade in Nozu

could hang out. As she was sitting at her table waiting for her friends, three guys sat at the table next to her and constantly flirted with and harassed her. The boys whistled and said crude comments at her. They said stuff like "You're smoking hot", "Yeah cupcake", and "Yeah hot babe". Jade was getting more and more enraged every second the boys continued harassing her. She was getting so enraged that her pulse was pumping with rage. Jade had enough of their harassment and walked up to them. Jade said "Knock it off". Then one of the guys walked up to Jade and said  "Sorry, it just that you look good with tanned skin and you're very attractive". Jade replied "Thanks, but you need to
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Jade singing

stop making those comments". The boy said "We'll stop for a kiss". Then the boy touched Jade's waist. Jade said "No". The boy said "Come on, one kiss". Then the boy touched Jade's thigh. Then Jade said "Stop it", The boy said "Take it easy". Suddenly, the boy squeezed Jade's butt. Jade was enaged then she thought of a plan. Jade said "Ok", but as they were about to kiss, she elbowed him in the gut. The other guys ran out of Nozu as fast as they could. Then the
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Jade singing "Give It Up"

people near her clapped and cheered because she stuck up for herself. Andre and Cat came. Cat said "Sorry we're late Jade, we were stopped by hobos. Then Jade said "It's fine". Then she said "I'm gonna sing before we eat". Then she afforded to go on stage and sing. She sang "Give It Up". Everyone loved her singing and cheered.
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