When they got to Hollywood Arts, Jade and Andre saw Robbie trying to get in the science room. They walked
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Jade talking to Robbie

towards him and Andre asked "What's going on?". Robbie said "The door's locked and i need to get my science project for the science fair." Then Jade walked up to Robbie, slapped him, and said "Calm down, i'll open it". Then Jade kicked the door open. Robbie said "Thanks Jade". Then she got into the room, she saw a blue Venus Fly Trap plant with Robbie's name on it. She picked it up, walked out of the room, and gave it to Robbie. Robbie said "Thanks again Jade". Then Andre asked "What's your science project?". Robbie replied "I did scientific experiments on this plant to make it grow without the need for soil or water". Then Jade said "That's pretty cool". Then the plant bite Jade on the wrist. Her wrist had three red bite marks . Jade screamed in pain. Robbie said "Bad plant, bad plant, Jade i'm sorry". Then Jade said "It's fine".

Amazon Jade

Jade as an amazon

For the next few days, Jade started to have side effects to the plant bite. She grew five to seven inches, her got tighter and tighter on her(tighter than usual), and she got much stronger(stronger than usual). Andre, Tori, Cat, and Robbie started to notice the change in Jade and confronted her about it. Robbie said "I think you got a few side effects from my science project". Then Jade said "I feel fine". Then Andre said "Yeah, but you're taller, stronger, and scarier now". Then Jade said angrily "I'm fine". Then she started grwoing again. Then Robbie said "That's it, i'm giving you the antidote i made for this situation". Then he took out a needle and injected Jade with the serum. A few moments later, Jade returned to normal. Then Andre said "It's great to see you back to normal". Then Jade replied "Thanks Andre". Then Cat said "Yeah, Jade's not an amazon anymore". Then Andre asked "Who wants to get something to eat?". Then all agreed to get something to eat.
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