This blog is about the adventures of Jade West. It was a Friday morning and Jade was reluctant to go to class and deal with her classmates like Sinjin. Jade was on her way to Hollywood Arts. She had long brown hair with red, blue, and purple highlights and blue-green eyes. She also had a tan. She wore a red tank top with a black leather jacket over it and tight, black jeans. She also wore black leather boots. As she was walking, she saw Andre. She walked towards him and said "Hey Andre". The he said panicky "Hi Jade, i need your help". Jade said "What". Andre said "My cellphone is under this
Andre and Jade

Jade walking to her friend, Andre Harris

car and i can't get to it". Then Jade asked "How did your cellphone..". Then Andre said hysterically "That's not important". Then Jade asked "What do you want me to do?". Then Andre replied "Lift the car". Jade said "No". Andre said "Please". Jade said "No". Andre said "Please". This continued until Jade gave in and shouted "ALL RIGHT". She walked to the car and grabbed the bumper. Then , with all her might, she lifted the car from the ground. Her tight, black jeans got tighter and tighter as she lifted the car. A red vein on her neck pumped vigorously. Jade yelled "Now Andre!". Andre reached under the car to grab his phone. After he got his pone, Jade put the car down. Andre said with astonishment "Thanks Jade, that was amazing". Jade replied "No biggie, now let's get to school". Then the two of them walked to school. 
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