When Jade got to Hollywood Arts, everybody was talking about Derrick Knight's attack. One guy said "Hw was attacked by a giant dog". One girl said "He was attacked by a lion". Jade knew exactly how attacked him: Hayley. Then Cat, Andre, Tori, Robbie, Rex, and Beck walked up to Jade. They started to get really worried about her. Andre asked "What's going on with you?, you've been acting differently since we saw you yesterday". Jade said "Nothing". Then Tori said "Come on, we know something's wrong". Then Jade said "You promise that you won't tell anyone". They all agreed to not say anything to anyone. Then Jade said "I know who attacked Derrick Knight, it was Hayley, she's a werewolf". Then Beck laughed and said "You're joking, right". Then Jade took out her cellphone and showed them a recording of Hayley turning into a werewolf. They were all shocked. Robbie asked "How did you get that?". Jade said "I recorded it when i first saw her transform". Then Tori asked neurotically "If you knew this then why didn't you tell anyone?". Then Jade said angrily "Because she threatened to destroy me, that's why". Then Beck said firmly "If she's the one who attacked that Knight guy, then we've to take that monster down". Cat said "How?, she's big, furry and monster-like". Then Jade said "My brother has laser blasters in his room". Then Andre asked with curiousity "How does your borther have lase blaster?". Jade said "He invents alot of stuff in his room, don't ask".

Tumblr m7zx4mIpGv1qec3ilo6 250

Steele and her gang walking into Hollywood Arts.

At lunch, the gang saw Hayley, surrounded by her gang of friends and picking on an innocent guy. Jade got so mad that she walked up to her and got Hayley to stop picking on the boy. When the boy left, one of Hayley's male friends started staring aat her with disgust. Jade said "What are you looking at". Then Hayley's friend said "I can look at anything i want". Then Jade turned away from the boy and said "You and your friends got to stop picking on people". Then Hayley said "If don't got to do anything, i can do anything i want, and there's nothing you can do about it". Then she said "And if you get in my way in any way, you're gonna wish you have met me or my friends". It was that that moment that she realized that her friends were werewolves too. Then Hayley whispered "We're gonna rule this town and get rid of anyone that stands in our way". Then Hayley and her gang of friends walked in Hollywood Arts. As they did, everyone kept staring at them.

After school, they went to Jade's house. Jade told her friends about Hayley's gang being werewolves. Andre said "They're trying to take over L.A., we gotta stop them". Then Cat said "Yeah, taking over L.A. isn't very nice". The gang had sneak into Jimmy's room, but were caught by his security system.When he got there Jimmy asked "What are you guys doing in my room?". Then Jade said "We need your laser blasters, we're trying to stop an evil werewolf". Then Jimmy said "Fine, you can have them, on one condition, i get to go with you". Then Jade shouted "NO, IT'S TOOK DANGEROUS". Then Jimmy said "If i don't go, you don't get my lasers". Then Jade sighed and said "Fine, but i'm not letting you out of my sight". Jimmy cheered and said "YYEESS".


Hayley threatened by Sterling.

That night, Hayley's gang were talking in their hideout, which was in an abandoned mansion, about taking over L.A. and getting rid of the gang. The leader, Sterling Fangston, planned to take over L.A. by destroying the city, along with Jade and her friends. He had blonde hair and blue eyes. He was tall and good-looking. Sterling said "Our final stage of our plan will start tonight, this city will bow before us". The other werewolves howled. Then Sterling turned to hayley and whispered "If anything goes wrong because of your failure of not silencing that West girl, i'm gonna take it out on me". Then Hayley said "Yes Master". Then he walked away from her as she looked worried.

Tumblr m8ckcda1hs1qg076no4 r3 250

Hayley Steele's Final Transformation

Meanwhile, the gang were waiting for Hayley's gang by the old Hendrickson Warehouse. Beck asked Andre "How are we gonna lure them here anyhow?". Andre replied "We used Rex and Robbie as bait". Suddenly, Rex and Robbie ran towards them screaming "THEY'RE COMING". The gang saw an army of werewolves in their human form coming towards them. When the gang reunited and the army confronted the gang, Hayley shouted "YOU'RE ALL GONNA BE SORRY FOR MESSING WITH ME". Then Andre asked Robbie "What did you do?". Robbie said "I turned them in to a research facility". Then Hayley said "I told you not to tell anyone about my secret Jade, now you all gonna pay". Then the full moon came and she started to transform. Her eyes started to glow. Her ears became wolf-like. Her clothes got tighter and tighter to the point they started ripping. She got hairy and grew a tail. Her army also started transforming into werewolves. Before they knew it, the gang were confronted by an army of transformed werewolves. They were all frightened. Then Tori shrieked "Everyone one into the warehouse". The gang ran into the warehouse, with the werewolf army right behind them. Andre, Jade, Jimmy, and Cat hide in closets. Beck, Robbie, Rex, and Tori ran up the stairs. The army of werewolves caught them. Jade knew that she had to help, so she came out of the closet. Andre had to restrain Jimmy from going after her. Jade ran past the werewolves shouting "Leave them alone, i the one you want". Then all the werewolves chased her to the roof of the warehouse. Jimmy and Andre knew that they had to help her so before the werewolves started chasing her, they teamed up with Jade and started shooting at the werewolves with their laser blasters. Jimmy shouted "LEAVE MY SISTER ALONE". Then the werewolves threw Jimmy and Andre to the side and continued chasing Jade. When jade got to the roof, the werewolves had her cornered. Jade was standing on the edge of the roof as Hayley growled "You just couldn't keep you mouth shut, could ya". Then Jade said "I've one last request". Then Hayley growled "What is it". Jade shouted "This". Then she shot at the rooftop, where the werewolves were standing. All the werewolves crashed through every floor of the warehouse. They landed in the basement, turned back into their human forms.

Andre Harris and Jade West Duet

Jade and Andre singing their duet together

The police and the the research facility came and took all the werewolves away so that they couldn't hurt anyone else. hayley cried "I HATE YOU JADE WEST". Sterling shouted as he was in the police car "YOU'LL ALL PAY FOR THIS". Then Andre said "Yes, we took down those monsters". Then Jade said "Yeah baby". Then they hugged. Then Andre said "We should celebrate, i  was invite to a party and we can sing a duet togehter if you want". Jade said happily "I would love too". At the party, Andre and Jade sang a duet and they rocked the house. Everyone loved them.  


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