Jade and Hayley were walking to Hayley's house to watch a movie. As they were walking, Hayley said "Wow Jade,
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Hayley walking up to Derrick Knight

i'm shocked that you agreed to come to my house". Jade responded "There's nothing gooo on tv". Then a boy kept staring at Hayley. He was a tall, bony boy with semi-long black hair and brown eyes. He wore a black t-shirt and blue jeans. He also had a skateboard in his hand. Jade whispered to Hayley "Hey, that boy keeps staring at you". Hayley quickly turned her head to the boy. As she did, the boy turned his head. Then Hayley whispered "You're right, i'll handle this". Hayley walked towards the boy to talk to him. The boy was very nervous as she walked towards him. When she approached him, she said "Hey". The boy said "Hey". Hayley said "What's your name?". Then the boy replied nervously "Derrick Knight". Then Hayley said "Hey Derrick, my name is Hayley Steele, i see that you a skateboarder". Derrick said more confidently "Yeah, i've been skateboarding since i was eight". Then Hayley said "Cool, well it was very nice to meet you". Then Derrick said "It was nice to meet you too". Then Hayley walked away and as she did, Derrick kept staring at her. When she got to Jade, Jade said "That's was nice of you to talk to that guy, it was weird to watch". Then Hayley said "I'm used to it, let's go". The two girls continued to walk to Hayley's house.

When they got too Hayley's house, Jade asked "Why did you ask me if there was a full moon tonight?". Then Hayley said nervously "No reason". Then the two girls went to Hayley's room. They were watching a movie called "New York Heights". As they were watching the movie, Hayley was acting weird". She kept looking out the window and into the sky. Jade asked "Why do you keep looking at the sky?". Hayley said nervously "I like the nighttime, it's beautiful". Suddenly, a full moon appeared through the clouds. Hayley's eyes widened. Jade noticed her worrying and asked "Is everything ok?". Hayley replied "Oh yeah, i just remembered that i need to check on something, i'll be back". Hayley left the room as fast as she could. Jade knew that something was wrong, so she followed her. Hayley ran out of the house and went into the forest behind the house.

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Hayley Steele's Transformation

Hayley ran pasted trees and logs with Jade running secretly behind her. Hayley stopped in the middle of the forest and started screaming in pain. Sweat dripped from Hayley's face. Jade didn't know what to do so she hide behind a giant tree. Hayley's eyes turned a goldish yellow. Her teeth grew fangs. Her clothes got tighter and tighter. Her fingernails grew longer and sharper. She fell to her knees in agony. Her ears became more and more canine like. Then she started growing a tail and howling. At that moment, Jade realized that Hayley was a werewolf. She ran out of the forest as fast as she could. She to her house with all of her might to escape the Hayley werewolf.  

The next day, Hayley confronted Jade about her leaving her house without any explanation. Hayley said "Why did
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Steele threatening Jade

you leave last night, we were having so much fun". Then Jade said "Yeah, i'm sorry". Then Hayley said "I know something's bothering you, what is it?". The Jade said "I know your secret". Hayley looked nervous and frightened. Hayley asked nervously "What's that?". Jade said "That you're a werewolf". Hayley said "You can't tell anyone, i can control it". Then Jade said "Maybe i will, maybe i won't, what's in it for me?". Then Hayley smirked and said "It isn't smart to threaten a werewolf". Then she grabbed Jade by her shirt and lifted her up in the air. Jade was frightened about what might happen next. Hayley said angrily "If you tell anyone about me being a werewolf, our friendship is over and i'll tear you apart. Then she let Jade go. Jade fell to the ground. Then Hayley smirked, said "See ya Jade" and walked away. Jade was so frightened that she started crying. Later that day, Jade saw Hayley in the hallway surrounded by lots of boys, complimenting and flirting with her. Andre and Beck walked up to Jade and said hey. Then Jade replied hey, but they could tell that something was wrong. Beck asked "Jade, what's wrong?". Then Jade said "Nothing, but i can only say this: DON'T trust Hayley Steele".

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Hayley about to transform and attack Derrick

That night, she was on a date with Derrick Tyler. Everything was going fine until the a full moon. Then she started to chuckle. Derrick looked at her with nervousness and a little bit of fear. He asked nervously "Why are you chuckling?". Then she looked at him, smirked, and said "Because i'm a werewolf and the only reason i'm on this date with you is because i want to get rid of you once and for all". Then Derrick said nervously "You're not a werewolf, they don't exist". Then Hayley laughed and said "Wait fot it". Then her eyes started to glow. Her fangs started to grow. Her body expanded and her clothes started getting tighter and tighter. Her arms got bigger and hairy. Her fingernails grew longer and sharper. Then she grew a tail and started howling. As Derrick witnessed the transformation of Hayley Steele, he was frozen with fear. He saw a giant werewolf with blonde hair. The werewolf walked closer and closer towards to Derrick. Derrick ran as fast as he could, but it was futile. Steele caught up to him, cornered him, and savagely attacked him. When the full moon disappeared, she transformed back to her human form. She saw what she done and started laughing sinisterly.
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