Hayley, Cat, and Jade were talking by their lockers when Robbie and Rex came and said 'Guys, Guys". The girls said "What". Then Robbie said "The principal got rid of the Drama Club and fired Sikowitz". Then Jade sid "Why would they do that, what's the point of a performing arts school without a drama club". Then Rex said "Yeah, i understand that they fired Sikowitz, he's a whackanut, but the drama club, that's messed up". Then Cat said "We should go to the principal about this". Then Hayley said "You're right, let's go". So the three girls, Rex, and Robbie went to see the principal. When they got to the principal's office, Cat shouted "Why did you get rid of Sikowitz and the Drama Club". Then the principal looked at Cat firmly. Then Cat said softly "Ma'am". Then the principal said "I didn't, the school board did, the drama club was losing money for the school". Then Jade said "What if we've a fundraiser". Then the principal said "I'm sorry, there's nothing either of us can do". Later that day, Jae, Tori, and
Chicago police car

Police Car

Hayley discussed the Drama Club dilemma. Jade said "We should protest for the Drama Club to came back". Then Tori said That's a great idea". Then Jade snapped "I know it's a great idea". Then Hayley said "Calm down Jade, i'll spread the word about our protest". By the end of the day, every student knew about the protest. Even Jimmy's school knew about it. Every student was planning on going to the school On Friday night, every Hollywood Arts student was at the protest. The protest was held infornt of Hollywood Arts. Beck said with excitement "This is great, everyone from Hollywood Arts is here".
Theshadling do-not-cross

The Police at Hollywood Arts

Then Andre said "Yeah, this is what i'm talking about". Then Jade said "This is a great idea i had". Then Hayley said "Yeah, even Sikowitz's here". Sikowitz was stage driving. Trina was dancing and screaming like a banshee. Even Jimmy and his friends were dancing. Jade was thinking that everything was gonna be fine. Unfortunately, shw was wrong. Cat ran up to Jade and said "The police are coming, someone called the police". Jade grabbed a microphone and yelled "The police are coming, get out of here". It was too late, the police already showed up and started arresting, beating, tazing, and releasing dogs on people. Three policemen tried to arrest Hayley. She took evasive action to avoid the cops but it didn't work. When they
Hayley getting arrested

Hayley getting arrested

caught her, she strugggled as much as she could. She stomped on one of the officers' toes. Then they slammed her on the hood of the police car. They tazered Sikowitz multiple times. They also tazered and arrested Trina. The dogs attacked Rex and Beck. The dogs were tearing Rex apart. Robbie yelled "STOP IT, LEAVE HIM ALONE". He ran towards the dogs to stop them, but the dogs turned on Robbie. Tori got pepper sprayed in the face. Most of the protesters got away. The next day, Jimmy and Jade watching their protest on the news. Jimmy said "Last night was a disaster". Then Jade said "This stinks, it was going so well". The reporters said "It was chaos last night at Hollywood Arts, several protesters were attacked, lots of destruction, etc.." Then the reporter said "The Hollywood Arts School Board has decided to reinstate Sikowitz and bring back the drama club". Then Jade and Jimmy cheered and yelled "Yes". Then Jade said "I gotta go, i've to visit Robbie, Beck, and Sikowitz in the hospital".      
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