Jade started to cry. "Now now." said Cat in her grandma voice "Calm down baby". .Jade frowned "Cat were not doing this anymore" Said Jade. "Why not" asked Cat. "I'm done i'm just not in the mood" she ran away crying Cat chased after her and screamed "WAIIIITTT!". Jade cryed louder "NO I CAN'T!". Cat started to pity her. "Jade stop your gonna make me cry" said Cat. "I can't the only boy who ever loved me is cheating on me with th-th-th-at LOOOOOSERRRR" Jade said. "I know Tori is my friend but I feel bad for you cause I love you!" Said Cat. Jade wiped her tears "T-thanks".  


Beck and Tori wondered why the boy cried like a girl and why the grandma sounded familiar but they didn't care. 

 The Next Day

Beck and Tori were sleeping in bed together (Don't comment with your dirty mind and please delete this or edit out the sexual   momment cause it's not sexual they did nothing they just slept) Tori's alarm went off and woke them both up. They started to kissed very romanticly. Then Jade brook open the door. Beck and Tori stopped "JADE!" they shouted Cat walked in with a frown and sad "Sorry". Tori screamed at Cat "CAT!!!". Jade walked up to Beck and started to kiss him he didn't kiss back. "If you don't kiss back I'll get you with this 1000 Degree Knife!"  screamed Jade. Tori glared at her "I'm calling 911"

    *Tori: Hello

   *Lady: Hi 911 here, whats your emergency?

   *Tori: My shorta friend used to date this boy and now I date him and she found out and she is forcing him to kiss her back or she'll kill him with an 1000 Degree Knife! 

  • Lady: What's your name mam'
  • Tori: Tori Vega
  • Lady: Were are you
  • Tori: I am at *********** (Cencored her adress)
  • Lady: Okay the poice are one the way!
  • Tori: Okay
  • Lady: You can hangup!

   Beck started to panic then all of the sudden 

"The Police are here stay in the surrounded area crime investigation" 

Jade gasped "The popo?" she said. The poice looked very serious "Yes, now put the knife down your under arest" said the officer. "No!" said Jade "I have a reason".  The poice officer raised an eyebrow "A reason?" he laughed "Yeah right". He then handcuffed Jade and took her to Jail. She then said "Ви будете платити за це ВАС ВИЛЬЕ! Ви побажаєте, щоб ти ніколи не народився Торі і Бек!" Tori was confused "Don't worry i'll look it up on Zaplook. He then gasped. "What?" asked Tori. "Were doomed!" he said. Tori looked worried "is Ви будете платити за це ВАС ВИЛЬЕ! Ви побажаєте, щоб ти ніколи не народився Торі і Бек! that bad?" she said. "Yes it means You will pay for it YOU WILL! You will wish that you never born Tori and Beck!". "Will she kill us?" asked Tori. "I don't know we should move" replied Beck.

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