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Tori sighed and grabbed her phone and stuffed in her pocket and moitioned twords the door Trina walked down stairs and seen her younger sister starting to leave and asked in utter shock "Were are you going baby sister?" she scratched her head "You said you'd Massage my feet!". Tori sighed and said in an anoyyed voice  "I said MAYBE I'd massage your feet cause that's just..... Well...... Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww". Trina made a face "Well you didn't mind massaging Robbie's-" Tori cut her off and yelled "BYE!" and shut the door. "I'LL GET YOU" Yelled Trina then all the sudden she got a text from Tori that said "You piss me off!". Trina then punch the wall and yelled "ERRRRRRRR". 

Tori came back wearing a sexy dress and sat on the couch as since as she came in Trina walked upstairs and said "Oh I better go". Then all the sudden *RING* "The door bell!" she walked twords the door and opened it Beck came in with a smile "Hey!". Tori had blushed but Beck didn't see. She greeted him. Beck blushed at bit and asked "Tori?". Tori blushed hard and asked "Beck?". "C-can we..." Beck started to say as his blushes cut him off. "Can we what?" Asked Tori in a sexy voice. "C-Can W-we g-get s-some fro yo? asked Beck nervously. "Yes!!!" shouted Tori. The two went.


They went to the the Yotally Yoghurt place and get some fro yo. 

Beck and Tori sat next to eachother. Got thing Jade wasn't here she'd get pissed off! The waiter came and asked them to place an order.


1 XL Sized Froyo


1 M Sized froyo

Beck gasped "dawn girl you can finish that?" he asked 

"Yep" said Tori

Then all the sudden the two lovebirds seen a shadow that looked Jade-Shaped we screamed in terror then all the sudden they heard "it" talk. "It" said "Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!". The two were utterly shocked "Catt?" they both said at once. "Yeah!" she replied. Beck wiped the sweat off his head "Phewwww" he said in relief. "Why so worried?" she asked then she suddenly gasped "Unless...". Beck and Tori looked worried then they both shouted "WHAT!!!". Cat smiled real big "Unless yourrrrr ♪Love Birrrrrdddddsssss♪ she said happily. "NO!" Shouted Tori in complete terror. "Please don't tell Jade she'll get so pissed she'll kill me and Tori and I'm too young to die and I don't want Tori dead" said Beck. Then Beck suddenly blushed at finally he asked "Tori?" he blushed hard. "What, Beck" she said . "I think we should date" he said blushing. "Me too" said Tori. And they kissed. "Ohhhhh" said cat. "DON'T TELL JADE!!!" They Yelled. "I won't i'll keep your dirty little secret" she smiled. She left singing happily "♪Tori N' Beck sittin' in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G♪

"That isss uhhh..." Tori started to say.

"Cat-ish" said Beck 

"Yes" said Tori

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