Heyy guys!!! 

So I saw that Jess did yes. I am copying her ;)

Anywayyyyys, what's up? This Wiki is sooo dead. It's been a month since I made a blog >.<

Currently what's happening for me online is loads of things: Dramaaa. On Twitter. Like omg. This big account that I've kissed up to for a while started indirecting me, then I indirected her, then she tagged me in a Tweet saying mean, mean, things. Hashtag she started it. I deactivated my Twitter.

But you don't care about thattttt, do you? :/ Anyways, my real life actually has stuff going on...yay! :D Well, I'm going to meet Ariana Grande (last time I tried, I broke my foot because fans trampled me and no one even helped me, they were all too focused on her T.T), I have a bat mitzvah to go to. Which reminds me!!! I have two options for dresses. Here they are:

Image (1) Image're kinda like sideways...and fat xD that's the camera, thoughhhh!(;

The girl's bat mitzvah I'm going to is named Talia. She's really popular. Like, she's friends with all the popular girls and boys at my school and they're all going. I'm really scared! I have two friends going, but that's it.

Aside from that, I have a little crushhhh. Which I need to tell you a storyyy:

So I was walking home from school with my friends, and my crush and his friends. Then we walk past the pet store and we see a goldfish for like $10.00 and I had money so I really wanted to get it. So I go inside and I ask the guy at the desk for one and he says you have to be 18 or older or have a parent with you. So my friend, Taylor, calls me on the phone and pretends to be my mom and she's outside the store with everyone else and he still said no, so my friend says "tell him I'm a lawyer and that I'm gonna sue him" and I just sat there laughing like an idiot and I screamed "THANK YOU" and I left money on the counter and ran out and we all ran away and now the town police are looking for me o.o ^^ I did that all for a fish.

I'm kinda in a fight with my crush, though. Like, he's dating this girl and he's only dating her 'cause he thinks she's "hot". She's not even that pretty. He's being a jerk, he talks complete trash about her, and then texts her like "I love you!!!!". I just want him to break up with her and ask out the girl he actually likes. Ughhhhh.

So like none of you even care about what I just wrote but like I needed a place to vent. Okay.

Goodbye my lovely peasants.