Hey whatever is left of this Wiki. I'm I decided to make a vent blog sort of thing, but more of venting about stuff you miss. Kay. I'm gonna start my list:

I miss...


-The Vent Blogs

-The Wiki Activity being updated every two minutes rather than every 4 hours

-Chat being crouded

-New episodes and freaking out over promos or sneak peeks

-The drama-free summer of 2012 with all my friends

-The summers of 2010 and 2011 on Twitter before Ariana changed so much 



-My old house

-Last year

-Tori Vega

-Andre Harris

-Robbie Shapiro

-Jade West

-Cat Valentine

-Beck Oliver

-Sinjin Van Cleef

-Trina Vega


-Fanfiction being alive

-Fan videos

-Having hope for ships

-All my friends that I've lost 

-Staying up until 3 Tinychatting with Rina, Ari, Ana, Jules, Crystal, and Z. 




-My old school

-Being happy

-Being a kid

-Not caring

-The cast hanging out together on set

-Elavan being handsy together


Kay, now you do your's. Bye. 

So here I am in my new apartment in a big city they just dropped me off.

I'm so much colder then I thought I would be so tuck myself in and turn my nightlight on.


Wish I'd never grown up.