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  • Babycakey

    Hi everyone.

    As many of you are aware, Sam and Cat premieres on Saturday, June 8th. The series title says it all; one of Victorious's main characters will be going on new adventures and meeting new people in this new show. With that in mind, however, I ask that you keep the content of all articles in this wiki limited to events that occurred on Victorious only (so as to keeping them strictly cannon with regard to Victorious). 

    While a small mention on a character or ship page stating that the character appeared or was mention on Sam and Cat is acceptable, any details and/or specific 'moments' regarding such appearance or mention belong on the character/ship page on the Sam and Cat Wiki. Same rule applies to photos in photo galleries.

    For the mo…

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  • Babycakey

    Recent Vandals

    March 14, 2013 by Babycakey

    Hi everyone :)

    So, as some of you may have noticed, there have been constant (almost daily) vandals on this wiki as of late. In some cases they act like “generic” trolls, in other words they vandalize pages, insert inappropriate images, etc. In other cases they specifically target certain user profiles (mostly mine, but Cc has been targeted as well).

    Many, but not all, of these acts of vandalism are done by “Kayla”, we know which ones are hers. Others, mostly the one editing my profile page, may or may not be somebody else (we don’t know who it could be, but if it continues we can ask staff about it and hopefully they’ll cooperate).

    But the reason I’m writing this blog is not to complain about vandals, but rather to address a few issues.

    1. Do not…
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  • Babycakey

    Hello everyone.

    Some of you know me as Allison. Some of you also know that I'm perhaps way too old to be watching shows like iCarly or Victorious, but I watch them anyway. I've been here since April and I never imagined that being part of this community would change me, but it a way.

    I'm 25, quite sarcastic in nature, and have no problem discussing mature subject matters. But last night I found out that when it comes to reading stuff on the Internet I'm no longer the same person. Here's how I found out: I have an old online friend who is a regular member on a very popular figure skating forum, she's 24 (I believe) and yet she's considered "one of the kids" by the other board members. Therefore we can assume that most of the active m…

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  • Babycakey

    Hello people,

    I have nothing to do and don't want to do my taxes yet, so I thought I'd write a bit about myself and why I'm here.

    Up until December of last year I had no idea what iCarly or Victorious was. The girls I coach told me about it all excited, so in late December I decided to watch iCarly. I thought it was entertaining, Spencer made me laugh a lot. Then, after watching the iParty with Victorious crossover re-run I decided to check out Victorious. I watched the Pilot in late January, followed by the next episode and then next episode and so on. I have watched every single episode and now I can't stop watching, haha. I never thought I'd be watching Nickelodeon at age 24, but I am. Well, at least whenever a new episode comes out.

    My us…

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