aka Retro

  • I live in US
  • I was born on February 17
  • My occupation is Student, Beyblader, Martial Artist, Part-Time YouTuber
  • I am Female

Hi, I'm Retro SQUIRREL! I'm a huge Victorious fan and especially love that this is how Ariana Grande, my 2nd favorite singer, rose to fame. All for now! ~~Retro SQUIRREL

My Favorite Characters

  • Cat- 1st
  • Tori- 2nd
  • Andre- 3rd

My Favorite Pairings

  • Tandre- 1st
  • Bade- 2nd
  • Jori/Cori - 3rd Tie

My Favorite Episodes

  • Basically any episode where there's a song.

Userboxes That I Like

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