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About Myself In General

  • Female
  • Is Constantly Online
  • Ships Bade But Also Likes Bori
  • Is A Former Admin

Victorious Related Information About Me

Back When Victorious First Aired In 2010 I Hated It With A Passion,Until One Day In February 2011 I Was So Bored I Decided To Watch The Show And I Loved it,Around That Time I Found Out About The Wiki But I Didn't Join Since I Was Underage At the Time (I Didn't Join Until 8 Days After My 13th Birthday),Since I Joined The Wiki,I've Fallen In Love With The Show Even More (I've Also Developed Crushes On Liz Gilles,Victoria Justice And Matt Bennett),I Used To Be Obsessed With Bade,But Nowadays I'm A Neutral Shipper (But My Favorite Pairings Are Still Bade And Jori),I Like All The Characters But My Favorite Character Is Jade,(And Now I'm Done With Telling Victorious Related Things About Myself).

Userboxes I Like

JoriCerealTumblr luh6fjtlj61qd8z57o10 250 Oh, Victorious. You taught this user how to eat cereal. And now our moms hate the show because we're eating like pigs.
Jw s3 This user likes Jade!!!
Jadety This user wants to thank you for taking them to this play.
20110312024921!0 This user LOVED Jade from the moment she came on screen
Dogjade This User LOVES Jade no matter what she does!!!
Tumblr lzqyo0lZ1N1qhl2axo3 250 <insert name here>,why did you just throw away your drink?
Jadeagain This user is a HUGE Jade Fan, they're even in the CLUB!!! ♥ScissorLuv♥
141974674 Bade is this user's OTP!
BCT This user loves and ships Tandré, Cabbie, and Bade!
The Nugies This user:
  • Supports Bade no matter what
  • Supports Bade 100%
  • And most essentially, will support Bade continually

Badehold This user will eternally hold onto Bade and will not abandon it under any condition.
Tumblr lpxoschlm01ql249qo1 500 This user just got a funny text message and will respond.
IMG 0242 This user loves little Bade moments like this
Ade This user is a dedicated Bade shipper
Jade and beck kiss Jade:"You love me again"

Beck:"Who said I stopped?"

Badeshocked ♥This user is totally BADE SHOCKED♥
CNB KISS This user doesn't care what others say, Bade will always be a beautiful and perfect match
Tumblr lyx8z8ZcBi1r7cyulo3 250 This user wants you to off your speaker phone.
Bade Yes, they have a lot of fights but it's natural for them.

Their happy the way they are, why change it?

BadeSecret This user will keep all of Beck and Jade's secrets
Joriprom This user doesn't hate Jade or Tori!!
IMG 0142 This user LOVES Jori!
185px-Jori6.png This user wants just ONE Jori kiss!!
Large967 This User thinks that Jade and Tori would make great parents together!
Tumblr m1fw3dhfnV1r7cyulo5 250 Well then I guess this users gonna have to get tickled.
Http media 5-16-2011 WNcB Y This user ships Bade!
Tumblr lrno4s5oza1qd439io1 250 This user's bored now.
Tumblr lz0ae4YVj41qkoed4o3 250 It's Hammer Time!
Tumblr lt617rMSke1qci7q4o1 250 This user wonders what happened to their house key.
Gigl OMG!

This user has made 100 edits!!!

Tumblr lvn2h1v4li1qf7phso1 250 This user thinks proms are stupid.
Larged OMG This user has made 1000 EDITS!!!!!
Picture 44 OMG!

This user is a Top Editor!!!!

Emo But the most surprising part of the play happened at the end when the monster gauged out Priscilla's eyes which for whatever reason this user found really funny.
36363481 This user thinks Robbie is hot!!!!
Victorious117 001032 1 ibj This user ships Jori!!!
Fu13pf This user Loves TRINA!!!
Rexdies5 This User LOVED the scene where Cat played BONK with her cube fists!!!!!!
Tumblr ls443gDIDY1qkoed4o9 250 This user wants everyone to SHUT UP!
Screen shot 2011-03-17 at 9.38.10 PM This User is afraid of flying balls coming at them!!! AHH!!!
Robbie This user loves Robbie Shapiro!!!
Tumblr lleqd0JNt61qkoed4o1 500 Well looky there! This users hand is starting to blister!
Reck AFilmbyDaleSquires This user ships Reck!!!
Jandre2 This user loves the Jandré FRIENDSHIP!!!

Tumblr lpbw24v3RU1qkoed4o1 500 This user wanted to remind you guys that this user's going away to Cacun with Beck's family for semester break and you guys have nothing fun to do.
Screen shot 2011-03-17 at 8.41.22 PM This User understands that Robbie can't help what he is....
Tumblr lz0dm9LLRf1qkoed4o2 250 This user's Beck, I know about acting, I say words.
Beat This user ALWAYS feels bad for Robbie!
Haircat! This user LOVED Cat from the moment she came on SCREEN!!!
Flytrina This user is Not afraid to fly!!!
Tandre3 This user ships Tandré!!!
ImagesCAZGQCZI This user is TEAM JADE!!!!
JadeSingsBeatifully This user has to Give It Up and say Jade's Beautiful!!!
Whatihatethingy This User LOVES theSlap segment: What I Hate by Jade West!!!
Character beck This User LOVES Beck Oliver!!!
Bade 2 This user ships Bade!!!
SOTH This user HATES being in between fights between couples!
Basfghf ♥How can you NOT ship Bade? It's so ADORABLE!!!♥
Badejkr ♥This user said AWW out loud when Beck said he never stopped loving Jade!!!!♥
&#039;13 This user agrees that those jeans fit him perfectly!!
Bade 2 This User is TEAM BADE!!!!
Screen shot 2011-03-17 at 8.41.22 PM This User cant help what they are...
Tumblr lpxoschlm01ql249qo1 500 Whenever this user gets a message, they will always respond :)
BBB01 ♥This user says that anyone who thinks she doesn't love him is just plain CRAZY!!!♥
DB ♥This user thinks that although it may be abnormal it's still love and cute!!!♥
Pimple This user feels like everyone is staring at their pimple...
Normal cap 00047 This user awwed when Robbie asked Cat to "prome"!
TrinaVegaTheSlap This user would've LOVED to see Trina's play if they could!!!
Funny jade face This user is cross eyed
FTFO010 ♥This user LOVES how he loves her flaws and all!!!♥
BadeLove This User's heart goes out to Bade <3
Birthday! ✳✳✳This user knows It's always someone's birthday SOMEWHERE!!!!!!✳✳✳
Screen shot 2011-03-17 at 9.14.18 PM This User's staying here cuz they WANNA stay here.
Smile ♥This user LOVES to smile!!!♥
Screen shot 2011-03-17 at 8.41.22 PM This User cant help what they are...
Ow! This user thinks getting hit in the face with a ball REALLY hurts!!!


Phonecall This user is on Speaker, Trina is Also in the Car.
Cabbie2 ♥This user ships Cabbie!!!♥
Bori241241242141412 This User LOVES the Bori Friendship!
Rytdrsfas This user was so wazzed off when Jade ruined this hug!

Song Of The Week

Glee-Raise Your Glass

Other Shows And Pairings I Like

Apart From Liking Victorious,I Also Like:

  • Glee
  • House Of Anubis
  • BTR
  • Zoey 101
  • Other Shows I'm too Lazy To Mention

My Favorite Ships From Other Shows Are:

  • Chola,Quogan (Zoey 101)
  • St.Berry,Fabson,Klaine,Seblaine,Fabery,Samcedes,Wemma (Glee)
  • Patrome,Fabina,Peddie,Amfie,Mickra (House Of Anubis)
  • Other Pairings From Other Shows I'm Too Lazy To Mention


"I'd Rather Slam My Tongue On A Car Door"

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