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My favorite episodes

Season One

  • Pilot
  • The Bird Scene
  • Stage Fighting
  • Jade Dumps Beck
  • Tori the Zombie
  • Survival of the Hottest
  • Wi-Fi in the Sky
  • Beck's Big Break
  • The Great Ping Pong Scam
  • Cat's New Boyfriend
  • Freak the Freak Out
  • The Didly-Bops
  • Sleepover at Sikowitz

Season Two

  • Ice Cream for Ke$ha
  • Tori Gets Stuck
  • Prom Wrecker
  • Locked Up
  • Helen's Back
  • Terror on Cupcake Street

Season Three

  • A Christmas Tori
  • The Gorilla Club
  • The Worst Couple
  • Car, Rain, and Fire
  • Tori and Jade's Playdate
  • April Fools Blank
  • Driving Tori Crazy
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