aka Janderson

  • I live in Brazil
  • I was born on April 12
  • My occupation is -
  • I am Male

General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 13 (14 in April 12)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black too
Birthday: April 12
Height: 175 cm
Weight: Over 80kg
Occupation(s): Student
Aliases: None
Family & Friends
Family: Parents
Other Information
Interests: Watching TV, Play Video-Game
Education: School
Talent: Sing (i think)
Weaknesses: Shy
Series Information
First appearance: October 18, 2012
Last appearance: February 3, 2013
Portrayed By: Janderson Brendo (Me)


I lefting this wiki, cuz everybody is left after victorious end. :'( i don't wanna left, cuz i maked variously friends here, but i just living my life :'(. Maybe i'll back, maybe i won't. So...., bye special friends, wanna come back one day (sorry my wrongs)

My Favourite Characters

  • Jade West
  • Cat Valentine
  • André Harris
  • Tori Vega
  • Erwin Sikowitz
  • Beck Oliver
  • Cat Valentine

My Favorite Pairings

  • Bade
  • Tandré
  • Catorade

My Favorite Songs

  • 365 Days
  • Here's 2 Us
  • Big Night
  • You Don't Know Me
  • Take Care (Leon Thomas and Ariana Grande version)
  • Ready or Not (Bridgit)
  • The City of Ruin (instrumental song)

About Me

  • My favorite wiki is "Victorious wiki".
  • My favorite CD is "Victorious 3.0".
  • My favorite user on this wiki is "Jeminali".
  • My favorite male character is "Beck Oliver".
  • My favorite female character is "Jade West".
  • My favorite ship is "Bade".
  • My favorite episode is "Tori Fixes Beck and Jade".
  • My favorite actress is "Victoria Justice".
  • My favorite actor is "Avan Jogia".
  • I don't like bored people.
  • I'm Brazilian.
  • Wanna need more? Meet me.

What I like

  • Nice people
  • Jade West
  • Victorious 
  • Resident Evil
  • Black clothes
  • Jeminali
  • Emilu Rose
  • Jade123Rocks/Emily
  • Cat's laugh
  • Cat Valentine
  • Funny

What I Hate

  • Bored people
  • Sinjin Van Cleef (sometimes)
  • Barney (the kids series)
  • Kid series
  • Kid songs

My Best Friends

  • Jeminali-My first friend on this wiki, she's very nice!! And i never forget her.I love u sooooooooooo much (as friend).
  • Redarjun-My "crazy" friend (lol), i never forget u too.
  • Gerukatze-My cat friend (:D), i never forget u too.
  • Emilu Rose-My brazilian (YAY) friend (:D), i never forget u too.
  • JmacAri-My best best friend (best 2 times), i never forget u too.
  • Jade123Rocks-My best friend (:D), i never forget u too.
  • Seggum-My anime friend (:D), i never forget u too.
  • Hawkins&RyderFan13-My Kiki (haha) friend (:D), i never forget u too.
  • Taylorzss/BeCkOlIvEr-My best friend friend (friend 2 times) (:D), i never forget u too.
  • Borade4eva-My Norri (lol) friend (:D), i never forget u too.
  • PinkAndLemonade-My JULESJULESJULES best friend (:D), i never forget u too.

My Friends

  • MustachesAndLlamas-I never forget u too.
  • Born2Cabbie-I never forget u too.
  • BatPride-I never forget u too.
  • Cutecoolgirl2000-I never forget u too.
  • GrandeGilliesGomez-I never forget u too.
  • Z!-I never forget u too.
  • PinkStrawberryTwilight-I never forget u too.
  • Minithepeanut-I never forget u too.
  • Cc71-I never forget u too.
  • Caterina Shapiro-I never forget u too.
  • Cabbiefan101-I never forget u too.
  • AVIANNA-I never forget u too.

Userboxes That I Like

  • It's from Jeminali:
Tumblr me47chYfid1ru0676o6 250 This user wants to take a photo of <insert name here> and post it online

Tumblr me47chYfid1ru0676o5 250 This user is finally free! Bet <insert name here> will never catch me

Trudtory <insert name here>, this is a true story

Tumblr men1od1VrJ1qcmptjo3 250
<insert name here>, always smile on your face even though your heart is frowning.

Tumblr mg53yal4421s2yvlxo1 500
Why is <insert name here> talking some crazy chizz??

Tumblr m785ecN9zX1rp4z62o1 500
Phooey! <insert name here> can't be a unicorn.

Tumblr mg53qhWP8h1s2yvlxo1 500
Aww! <insert name here> is on an emotional rollercoaster. I wonder if this gif makes anyone else dizzy.

Tumblr max29xBS6E1rwiv0vo1 500
<insert name here>, use your smile to change the world. Don't let the world change your smile. Be happy!! Always.

Tumblr m21hlsUqLd1qd9agqo1 500
<insert name here>, who cares if you're weird. Nobody is perfect. Even this cute little girl.

  • It's my userboxes:
This user loves Jeminali soooooooooooooooooo much (as friend)

My Favorite Pics

Chris Redfield's pics:

  • Chris in 1998, during the Raccoon City incident
  • Chris in 2005, during the "Queen Zenobia Mission"
  • Chris in 2006
  • Chris in 2009, during the "Kijuju Mission"
  • Chris in 2013

Jill Valentine's pics:

  • Jill in 1998, during the Raccoon City incident
  • Jill in 2005, during the "Queen Zenobia Mission"
  • Jill in 2006
  • Jill in 2009, at Albert Wesker control
  • Jill in 2009, after Albert Wesker control

Leon Scott Kennedy's pics:

  • Leon in 1998, during the Raccoon City incident
  • Leon in 2004
  • Leon in 2011
  • Leon in 2013, during the Tall Oaks events

Claire Redfield's pics:

  • Claire in 1998, during the Raccoon City incident
  • Claire in 1998 at Rockfort Island, 3 months after the Raccoon City incident
  • Claire in 2008

Albert Wesker's pics:

  • Wesker in 1998, during the Raccoon City incident
  • Wesker in 2006-2009, during the "Kijuju Mission"
  • Mutate Wesker in 2009
  • Wesker dies

Ada Wong's pics:

  • Ada in 1998, during the Raccoon City incident
  • Ada in 1998, after being shotted by Annette Birkin
  • Ada in 2004
  • Ada in 2011
  • Ada in 2013, during the Tall Oaks events

My Favorite Lines

  • Listen to those lines of Dante's Inferno: Know that your time is up it must be feared that whoever reads the manifesto under my eyes (from Resident Evil Revelations: Unveiled Edition)
  • No hope left (from Resident Evil 6)
  • Are you scare? Should be... (from Nintendo magazine)
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