aka Shanie, CCB, CuteCat, Shanette(rl name)

  • I live in Somewhere Only I Know
  • I was born on October 29
  • My occupation is Future Architect <3
  • I am im a girl! look how cute i look!

All about Me! Myself and CupCakes!!!!!

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red velvet cup cakes just 4 u


Hiii, <insert name here> My name is CuteCat'sBack or Cat Valentine if you want! Hi my name is Cat and I have a mustache. I
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call it a Cat-stache ! sooo much milk!I had a dream last night that a ballerina and a dolphin were throwing peanuts at me . Dreams are so fun . ♥

I just realized that Ping rhymes with Ding . I'm the next Dr.Seuss ( watch out world!!)I wanna be a mermaid one day . I wanna say hi to all the fish and save them from the mean sharks . Sharks are such bullies !You know what I just realized ? You can't tickle yourself . Bummer . I like being tickled and I'm all alone ! Where is Everyone?!Here is some Facts about Me!

1.My Middle name is Hannah!

2. Guess What?? My fav colour is Pink pink pink!

3.I dyed my hair red velvet because it's the colour of red velvet cupcakes and I LOVE red velvet cupcakes! And my brother smashed a vase over my head and the colour of blood looked pretty :)

4.My FAV foods are noodles and potatoes. Don't forget Red velvet cupcakes and candies!!

5. I love Sky store!

6. I once cradled two tomatoes in a hammock bra..

Cat Valentine's Video Profile

Cat Valentine's Video Profile

Extended Profile!


7.I love to perform and sing!


8. My friends are:

9. Tori, Robbie, André, Beck, Jade( although she's scary, there is Love!), Trina But I don't think Rex likes me very much!

10. I am 17! but I'm one of the youngest in the class. Go youngness!

11. I love Exitement :D

12. I am a cube fist man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

13. You've read my profile! Awesomes!

Featured Friend!

<insert name here>, HA! I LIED! *does Victory dance*

Anyways, here is Featured friend at hollywood arts!( for the month!)(but i'm friends 4ever with JADE!)


Jade west!

Jade West

Jade is one of my long term friends and even though she's mean, she really, REALLY cares about all of us!( Especially Beck)

Jade doesn't like a LOT of Yellow and biting your lip whilst dancing... but i do know she likes coffee... no... she LOVES it!

I think Jade is Misunderstood...Like me sometimes :D ==


Well,<insert name here>, as you know, I do go off RPing.. If i Had an OOC account, i would be called ShANi-lOves-yOu, cuz my real name is Shanette... I will probz do it



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Liz & Ari



Ariana Grande Nickelodeon 25th Annual Kids cY8c3OV1RqHl

Araina Grande

Ariana Grande

She is a singer. She performed on broadway. She is an actress on the Hit Show Victorious

Ariana Grande - Put Your Hearts Up

Ariana Grande - Put Your Hearts Up

Ariana Grande - Put Your Heart Up Music Video

Cat Valentine is known to look up for her friends. She acts like a 5 year old. She Loves red Velvet CUpcake ♥ ♥ ♥. Her brother always ends up in the hospital for some reason and there are a lot of stories about him tolb buy CuteCat a.k.a Cat Valentine

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Alter egossss== Why,<insert name here>, you want to know my alter egos? Okay.... stalker :D

Cannibal Cat!

Cannibal Cat is an ego which i pull off often, when i get hungry....which is almost everyday D:, She usually eats humans and eats them with orange juice... If the meal is resistant {COUGH.COUGH-Sonic,Vilo-COUGH COUGH} then she throws up :D

MY Prome dress outfit:



CuteCat&#039;sBack Prome outfit

here is a better photo of me in my prome dress <333

I am a Cupcake fanatic, But,I love you More! . 02:09, February 13, 2012 (UTC)

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