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Hey there! I'm Borade4eva(torri). 


I am Torri! Thi is my tumblr:

I lurv Angel. She's da best. 

I lurv BTR and I need to hate Logan cuz Angel said so.I lurve James.She would kill me.

About me:

I love Pretty Little Liars,Victorious,Big Time Rush the most :D

I'm weird,crazy,mad. =P


General Information
180px-1000px-Xegnet 014b



Hair Color: Brunette
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: April 7
Family & Friends
Pet(s): Kitten
Enemies: Why will i have any
Other Inform


Interests: Basketball
Talent: Being a student
Series Information
First appearance: When I was born
Last appearance: When I die
Portrayed By: Meh
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Emo But the most surprising part of the play happened at the end when the monster gauged out Priscilla's eyes which for whatever reason this user found really funny.
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Caterina Valentine

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