aka CJ

  • I live in Tennessee
  • I was born on January 30
  • My occupation is Bader/ Elavaner
  • I am Female

I have 24 notecards of userboxes I like. I need time to put them on here. I love Broadway.

I like Wicked, Rent, 13, and Next to Normal a lot.

I'm starting to not like Victorious as much as i did, now that it's ending. I think the comedy is getting really bad. I found a new obsession! OUAT OUAT OUAT (Once Upon A Time)


  • Jade Gets Crushed
  • Car, Rain, Fire
  • The Blonde Squad
  • Tori Saves Beck and Jade

Userboxes That I Like

Tumblr m1fw3dhfnV1r7cyulo5 250 Well then I guess this users gonna have to get tickled.
Tumblr lvn2h1v4li1qf7phso1 250 This user thinks proms are stupid.
Emo But the most surprising part of the play happened at the end when the monster gauged out Priscilla's eyes which for whatever reason this user found really funny.
Tumblr m6o9zkkomw1qk00pto6 250 This user was in your room, you have a lot of "things" in there.
Screen shot 2011-03-17 at 9.14.18 PM This User's staying here cuz they WANNA stay here.
Dogjade This User LOVES Jade no matter what she does!!!
GorgeousGillies This user thinks that Liz Gillies is drop dead gorgeous!
GillianNod This user is a true Gillian!
Tumblr lilkovedeQ1qh7xut This User loves Avan Jogia's hair!!!

Tumblr ls5lsfITZB1qkoed4o2 250 This user is laughing at the comments.
PPhone This user needs a pearphone!
Tumblr lm8t6p8yTs1qapk9no1 500 Sweating is gross, so this user doesn't do it.
Crawl and die gif This user has never been this sad. Victorious is over!
Screen shot 2011-03-17 at 8.41.22 PM This User understands that Robbie can't help what he is....
Tumblr ls129oqNQQ1qhpc3b This user swears Dasher and Prancer are gonna have little reindeer heart attacks trying to pull your flab all over the world.
Catitude Cat has Attitude!
Tumblr m631mp4zxC1rrhker This user is a Cube Fist Man!!!

Template:Bade Kisss

BBB01 ♥This user says that anyone who thinks she doesn't love him is just plain CRAZY!!!♥
FTFO010 ♥This user LOVES how he loves her flaws and all!!!♥
DB ♥This user thinks that although it may be abnormal it's still love and cute!!!♥
BadeLove This User's heart goes out to Bade <3
Tumblr m4c9s3wjcp1rq18dco2 250 This user thinks Cat should have sang the opening number at the Platinum Music Awards.
Tumblr le7wdtFbKt1qbh6euo1 500 <insert name here>, don't mind if I do.
Tumblr lznmakohQc1qc4e28o2 250 This user wanted to hug Cat when they saw this.♥
4thwall This user loves to break the fourth wall!!
Tumblr m7yjt4RjdC1qgng81o8 r1 250 This user is scared. And frightened. And afraid. Oh my goodness, those are all synonyms!
The Nugies This user:
  • Supports Bade no matter what
  • Supports Bade 100%
  • And most essentially, will support Bade continually



Mr. Sikowitz Coconut milk gives this user visions.
Tumblr lt64fo4Atf1qa165wo4 250 This user wants you to sit on the steps.

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