Blue Lobster!! =D

Tweet Time With Cat is a segment in which Cat makes a video of herself talking about things that people asked her in a tweet for only about 10 seconds.

Tweet Time With Cat

Tweet Time with Cat - TheSlap

Tweet Time with Cat -

She got a blue plush lobster from Sky Store that is also a neck massager. These are the things she talked about:

What do you think of vegetables?

  • She then talks about how one time her mother said, "You gotta eat your vegetables before you eat your dessert", and how 'dessert' with 2 's' could mean desert with 1 's'.

Why is it bad to walk under a ladder?

  • She says she has no idea but then says that it is also bad to break a mirror.
  • Then she says to think about if you broke a mirror while walking under a ladder, would that mean you have really really bad luck or does both of them cancel out each other and get really good luck and get a pony.
  • She gets cut off just when she said that Friday the 13th is also bad luck.

What's wrong with her? (Cat)

  • She wishes she knew; her parents took her to see doctors however they don't even know.
  • She continues, saying that there is a theory: Her mom used to be a competitive breath-holder (she can hold her breath for about 4 minutes). Cat then says her mom could be a dolphin, except that she's not grey or a great swimmer. She (Cat's mom) apparently used to hold her breath a lot when she was pregnant with Cat.
  • Cat gets cut off then.

Tweet Time With Cat 2

Victorious The slap-Tweet Time with Cat 2

Victorious The slap-Tweet Time with Cat 2

Cat has a large bottle of ranch dressing in this clip.

How did she choose her hair color?

  • She says that she came home late at night one time, and her brother thought she was an intruder so he smashed a glass vase over her head and she thought her bloody hair looked really cool.

If she could meet any famous person, dead or alive, who would it be?

  • First she explains that she would not want to meet a dead person because that would be really gross.
  • Then she says she would love to meet an astronaut because she's always wanted to ask them a question that starts with "When you're in outer space" - It is unknown how her question ends as she starts giggling at the fact that 'You're In' sounds like 'Urine'.

What does she think is a really important quality when picking a boyfriend?

  • She says that this is really cute and then starts giggling saying "I can't say that."
  • Then she says that he should be really nice and smart and that's all that matters.


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