Trina's Open Letters is a webshow on created by Trina Vega.


1. "Trina's Open Letter #1"

Victorious The slap- Trina's Open Letters Rude Comments

Victorious The slap- Trina's Open Letters Rude Comments

Trina talks about her date with a guy named Kevin Richards, and she writes a letter to warn him about what he did. He met her at a restraunt called Olive Grove and did the "I got to go to the bathroom" excuse. Trina, impatiently, waited for 30 minutes. She asked a waiter to take her into the men's bathroom, and he wasn't there, but the window was left open. She later leaves him 9 voice mails on his cellphone. The next morning, she drives to his house, and his little brother uses an excuse that he moved to Australia. That afternoon, she sees him at the Green Meadow Mall. She shouts "Kevin!" and he shouts back "Kevin's dead!" and runs away.

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