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"It will both touch your heart, and blow your mind"

Trina! is the name of the one-woman show put on by Trina Vega as seen in the episode, Jade Dumps Beck. The play stars Trina Vega as a young, strong woman trying to make it in Chicago. The moral of the play was to show how strong woman could be and conquer challenges.


The story of the play seems to be about a young, bright, strong woman who moves into Chicago intending to take the city by storm. However, this proves to be harder than she thought as she encounters the trial of being injured and paralyzed in the legs. The doctors say she will never be able to walk again, not even on crutches. Yet in the end the character proves to be triumphant and beats the injury with her new plastic legs. She shouts "Take that Chicago! You're no match for a woman like me! From now on, I'm calling this town, 'She-cago!'" It's thought of as a happy ending.


Chicago! performed by Trina Vega. Lyrics:

Chicago! Chicago!

It's a city that's exciting! It's a city that's inviting!
It's a city for a woman just like me!

There's a lake they call Lake Michigan!
I think I'm really fitting in!
This city is my perfect cup of tea!

Chicago! Chicago!
Chicago! Chicago!

Dan revealed that he wrote the song, calling himself a very bad composer.


Trina! is a one-woman show, therefore the show is performed by one person - a female. This one woman role was originated by Trina Vega. Trina Vega performed the role in the performance at Hollywood Arts, but the show might go on to be performed by other women.


The play was critically acclaimed, by Robbie Shapiro of TheSlap. Robbie wasn't sure what he should say, because he was sure that no matter what he said, Trina would hurt him. He eventually reviewed it (per André's advise) as a comedy saying it was the funniest thing he'd ever seen in his life (which made Trina very angry). Though the play was not intended as a comedy, but as a drama-musical, it was still a hit.


Jerry Trainor, who plays Spencer on a TV sitcom also created by Dan Schneider (iCarly), was seen in the audience. Robbie was Trina's first audience member; he attended one of her dress rehearsals.