This is the script for the Victorious episode Pilot. Bolded phrases are only shown in the extended version.


[In Tori's house]

Tori: Alright, let's see. The bread mold...

Ian: Bread mold.

Tori: Furry.

Ian: Furry.

Tori: Mushy.

Ian: Mushy.

Tori: Next, the fish mold.

Ian: Fish mold.

Tori: Spongy.

Ian: Spongy.

Tori: Stinky.

Trina: I am so upset! You won't believe who I got partnered with for the big showcase.

Tori: Who?

Trina: Andrew Harris! A tenth grader!

Ian: What's the big showcase?

Tori: It's a performance they put on at her school every year -

Trina: They invite agents and directors and producers and other super powerful people in show business and is extremely important which is why I am so upset! And Good Bye!

Tori: Hey! He and I have a science project due to do tomorrow! I'll have to bring in my mold bush.

Trina: No! Andrew's coming over and I you got to help us figure out what to do for the big showcase! I definitely wanna sing! [plays piano] [sings off-key] How was that?

Tori: Loud?

Trina: Awesome!

[door bell rings]

Trina: Ugh, he's here. [walks to the door] STAY! [opens door] Come in.

Andre: Thanks.

Trina: Tori, that's Andrew.

Andre: Andre. You go to Hollywood Arts too?

Tori: Oh, no. I'm not a performer. Just my sister.

Trina: Yup, I've got the talent and she got the strong teeth. [holds Tori's mouth] Ya know, she's never had one cavity?

Tori: I try not to brag about it.

Andre: [walks to piano] Oh, nice piano! [plays piano]

Tori: Oh my God, you're fantastic!

Trina: He's okay.

Andre: [sniffs Tori's hand]

Tori: Fish mold.

Andre: [let goes]

(Tori's Update)
5 DAYS helping Trina and Andre rehearse. Trina's driving me INSANE!

[in Tori's backyard]

Andre: No, Grandma listen. There's no way you can drown at my school! You're not gonna fall in a toilet! What- Look, I gotta- I- I'LL CALL YOU LATER! [hangs up]

Tori: Your grandmother's gonna go to the Big Showcase?

Andre: Yeah, it's gonna be the first time she left her house in six years.

Tori: Why?

Andre: 'Cuz the woman's afraid of everything! People, umbrellas, Rabbis, bikinis, breakfast foods.

Tori: So if she saw a Rabbi in a bikini eating pancakes...

Andre: The woman would burst into flames.

Trina (offscreen): You guys, come on!

Tori: Back to rehearsal.

Andre: Let's go.

[in Tori's house]

Trina: (in a light blue dress) So? What do you think? [turns around] Fabulous, right?

Tori: You really need to wear that just to rehearse?

Trina: A performer needs to feel the part to be the part!

Tori: I thought we talked about not tapping my nose anymore.

Trina: [laughs] Okay, we got the comedy stuff down, so let's start with my song.

Andre: And by your song, I'm guessing you mean the song that I wrote.

Trina: No one cares who wrote the song! [laughs] Now, go.

[Andre plays first notes]

Trina: SLOWER!

[Andre gets startled]

Trina: (off-key) You don't have to be afraid to put your dreams in action! You'll never gonna fade, (Tori: Trina?) you'll be the - WHAT?!

Tori: I-I think Andre was right! You should let him play the song in a faster tempo!

Trina: No, it has to be a power ballad! So, all the important people can hear my range! And vocal clarity!

Tori: But, I just think -

Trina: No, just take it from "When I make it shine."

[Andre plays notes]

Trina: (off-key) When I make it shine! (holds note) Well?

Andre: Do you have any aspirin?

[Tori gives a handful of aspirin]

(Tori's Update)
ditching school - going to Trina's BIG SHOWCASE

[In the Big Showcase]

[dancers dance]

[a scared Charlotte Harris sits down]

Tori: Oh, hi! You're Andre's grandmother?

Charlotte: I don't know you! [hides]

Lane: [walks down the aisle] Excuse me, you're Trina's parents?

David: Yes.

Mrs. Vega: Why?

Lane: Please come with me.

[Vegas' get out of seats]

[Charlotte peaks from the seats]

[In the backstage]

[Trina screams while her tongue swells]

Nurse Kotter: Just - just keep your mouth open!

Trina: (muffled) That is so not helping!

Lane: Here she is.

Mrs. Vega: Trina!

David: What happened?!