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"You might be crazy, but have I told you lately that I love you?"
Tori singing to Trina.



General Information
Shipped Characters Tori Vega and Trina Vega
Length of Relationship N/A
Status Sisters/Friends
Rivals Tribbie

Torina is the sisterly friendship pairing of Tori Vega and Trina Vega (To/ri and T/rina). This pairing is also known as Trinori (Trin/a and T/ori).The two of them do not always get along, but it is obvious that they love each other as sisters and would do anything for the other.

Trina is 17 and 18 years old and Tori is 16 and 17, so they are a year apart. Their personalities are very different; Trina is shown to be selfish and always wanting the spotlight and to be the center of attention. Tori, however, is nothing like her, being seen acting very kind and selfless towards others. They look very similar to one another with a medium complexion and wavy brown hair. Trina really does care for Tori and sometimes expresses it, as does Tori. This is shown in Pilot when Trina tells Tori she did a great job in the Big Showcase, showing that she does realize that she has talent. Tori also cares for Trina, exemplified in that she wrote her a song in The Birthweek Song. Trina did love the song and Tori's performance, but she didn't consider it a 'real present'. They evidently sometimes prank each other as seen when Tori tried to scare Trina in Tori the Zombie.

See Viniella for the real-life pairing of their actresses Victoria Justice and Daniella Monet.


  • Tori and Trina are sisters.
  • The boy who was kicking Trina's seat told Tori that both of them are hot (but Tori is hotter).
  • Tori and Trina have a tendency to pretend to be other people (Tori as Crystal Waters and Louise Nordoff and Trina as Jackie Bonet).
  • Both are performers (acting, singing, and dancing), although their amount of natural talent may differ. According to Tori's Slap posts however, Trina can sing, suggesting her problem is arrogance. This is supported by Trina singing beautifully in iParty with Victorious.
  • They play on Wii Tennis as a team and both seem to be very skilled at it.
  • Tori has mentioned on TheSlap that Trina likes to borrow her clothes, implying that they have similar styles and likes to borrow each others clothes.
  • They have both kissed Robbie (more than once) and Beck. Neither enjoyed kissing Robbie but both seemed to like kissing Beck.
  • They both have brunette and wavy hair in the first two seasons.
  • Both can speak Spanish.
  • Both attend Hollywood Arts High School. They seem to have had a much easier time getting in than everyone else, Trina thanks to auditioning during Sikowitz's hallucination and Tori due to her raw talent being leagues above everyone else's ability.
  • They both have a crush on Mark McCallan and wants to date him.
  • They both had a pimple and seemed to be embarassed by it.
  • Both have allergies, Trina to an unidentified ingredient in her Chinese Herb Gargle and Tori to Bush Daisies. Given that siblings can sometimes share allergies, it is possible both are allergic to Bush Daisies.
  • The two seem to be the physically strongest characters on the show. Trina's extreme strength is frequently demonstrated yet she is shown several times to fear Tori attacking her with Tori, alone, managing to restrain her sister in Freak the Freak Out. Other episodes, such as Stage FightingWho Did It to Trina?, and André's Horrible Girl, also suggest that the Vega sisters are much stronger and more durable than they look. The stronger of the two however is unclear as Trina seems more willing to indulge her strength while Tori shows her off in short, but powerful, occurrences.

Notable Torina Moments

Season 1


Tri & Tna
  • Tori doesn't get that annoyed when Trina sends Ian out rudely, as she only shows some emotions.
  • Tori says Trina was "loud" to Trina's satisfaction, suggesting she knows how to please her sister.
  • Tori helps Trina and André rehearse Make It Shine, even though she does not have to.
  • Tori learns the entire song and dance, showing that she paid great attention to Trina's rehearsals.
  • Tori is annoyed after Trina taps her nose a few times.
  • Tori has stocked up on aspirin to deal with Trina rehearsing.
  • Tori is the first to know that Trina's tongue is swollen because of the Herbal Tea.
  • Tori performs in the Big Showcase in Trina's place because Trina's tongue is swollen.
  • Trina is shown to be amazed when Tori is on stage performing.
  • Trina sways to the rhythm of Make It Shine when Tori is onstage singing.
  • Though Trina is very excited to perform in the showcase, she supports Tori and seems to enjoy her performance as much as the others.
  • Trina encourages Tori to attend Hollywood Arts after Principal Eikner asks her.
  • Trina is with Tori on the first day she attends Hollywood Arts and tells her, "I got your back."
  • Trina comforts Tori saying there's nothing wrong with being average.
  • Tori seems to be upset when Trina leaves her.
  • Trina thinks Tori should come back to Hollywood Arts, saying that she was "really good in the big showcase." Tori then thanks her. But then, Trina says that she would have been amazing. Tori doesn't get annoyed or comment instead she just smiled and shook her head. This is notably the only time Trina actually praises someone else's talent.
  • If it wasn't for Trina getting an allergic reaction, Tori would not have performed (revealing her true talent) and begun attending Hollywood Arts.

The Bird Scene

  • At the beginning of the episode, Tori and Trina are seen to have come to school together.
  • When Tori asks if Trina saw her fall down in the parking lot, Trina said, "It was very funny."
  • When Trina notices the new play roster is up, she gives Tori her coffee to hold.
  • When Tori shows off the final design of her locker, Trina is there.

The Birthweek Song

  • Tori tells her friends that she needs to find an amazing present for Trina, showing that she cares about her and wants her to have a great Birthweek.
  • Tori also says that if she doesn't get her a good gift, Trina would hate her for the next 6 months.
  • Tori is upset about not being able to think of a good present.
  • Tori is very picky when deciding what to buy her showing she doesn't want to disappoint Trina.
  • Tori buys Fazzini boots for Trina even though they were probably extremely expensive. The fact that Trina got the same pair suggests that Tori is familiar with what Trina likes, winding up buying the same thing Trina got.
  • Tori, with the help of André, composes a song for Trina's birthday.
  • When coming up with song lyrics, Tori describes Trina as crazy, but she loves her anyway.
  • Trina loves the song. However, she does not consider the song a gift.
  • Tori is upset that Trina does not appreciate the song that came from her heart.
  • Tori gives Trina her "garbage coffee."
  • Tori is upset when Trina doesn't tell the recording company about Tori's vocals instead of her own.
  • Trina fixes the situation reluctantly and calls Tori to come sing.

Jade Dumps Beck

  • Tori and Trina are seen playing virtual tennis together.
  • Trina whacks Tori with her racket, then complains that she messed up her shot.
  • When the doorbell rings, Trina says "You get it," to Tori.

Tori the Zombie

  • Trina tells Tori she wants some apple juice implying that she figures Tori would get it for her.
  • Trina is concerned when she sees the glue and wonders if Cat put it on Tori's face.
  • Trina yells at Cat because she didn't bother looking at the label on the glue.
  • Tori wants to scare Trina with her zombie makeup.
  • Tori looks upset when her plan to scare Trina fails.
  • Trina stops Cat and Tori from fighting with each other.
  • Trina is concerned whether the makeup will come off.
  • Tori gets upset when Trina asks about plastic surgery to the doctor.
  • Trina and Cat go on a road trip to buy the glue remover.
  • Trina is confused when Tori mentions their grandmother's quilt.
  • Trina is dancing happily during Tori's performance.
  • Trina and Cat help Tori get the makeup off of her face.

Survival of the Hottest

  • Tori can hear Trina swallow, which might suggest that she is paying close attention to her sister.
  • The two have a girl fight over a water bottle.
  • Tori lets Trina accompany them to the beach, even though she isn't invited.
  • Trina invites herself along, possibly because she wants to spend time with Tori.
  • Tori is obviously upset that Trina doesn't share her water with her.
  • Tori tells Trina she doesn't get the rest of her water.
  • Trina happily grabs Tori's arm when the gang is released from the RV.
  • When Robbie is drinking out of the fish tank, Trina is leaning against Tori's legs.
  • Trina looks at Tori and says "What?" with a confused expression when Tori thinks Katharine is the name of the quote when it's actually "Captain Obvious."
  • When Tori hugs Cat, Trina joins in.
  • Both wear a top that pushes up their breasts.

Wi-Fi in the Sky

Trina and tori
  • Tori and Trina sit together on an airplane for 3 1/2 hours.
  • Trina leaves her garbage on Tori's tray table knowing she'll know what to do with it.
  • It is said in this episode that they borrow each others' outfits, in spite of their wildly differing figures.
  • Trina asks Tori to pop her zit, but Tori bluntly refuses. This might be a jab at Robarazzi where Tori's pimple was a major part of the plot.
  • Trina says that if Tori had a pit pimple, she would pop it for her.
  • Tori makes fun of Trina's pit pimple by calling it hairy, and Trina seems offended. 
  • When Trina goes to the bathroom, Tori agrees with the little kid who was kicking Trina's seat that Trina is a freak.
  • Tori helps Trina calm down her anger toward the little boy kicking her seat.
  • Tori tells Trina that she not allowed to sneak into first class, likely because she doesn't want her to get in trouble.
  • When Trina climbs over Tori to get to the bathroom and the boys freak out at what they're seeing onscreen, Tori tells them in an amused tone that it is Trina's butt.
  • Tori chases after Trina when she runs after Perez Hilton.
  • Tori sighs when Trina says she stole Perez Hilton's camera.
  • The little boy thinks that Tori and Trina are both hot. (But Tori's hotter.)
  • Trina tells Tori that it's a good idea to work on the script online and gives her advice to help improve it.
  • Trina asks how Tori's feeling after she made Cat cry and sign off.
  • Trina asks Tori if she could have her pudding.
  • Tori tells Trina to stop dancing in her seat like a weirdo, and Trina seems very offended.

Cat's New Boyfriend

  • Trina offers Tori a foot smoothing, but Tori declines.
  • Tori asks Trina if she has rice and soy sauce.
  • Tori doesn't trust the fish and is upset that Trina sends the rest of her friends to the hospital because of them.
  • Tori uses a scolding tone when telling Trina to tell the doctors about the fish.
  • Trina looks upset that she disappointed Tori.
  • Tori is impressed on how smooth Trina's foot is.

Freak the Freak Out

F T F O T T 0 2
  • Trina answers Tori's phone and gets a date with Mark rather than Tori getting the date with Mark. When Tori finds out, she then gets mad at Trina and chases her around with her father's camera stand.
  • Their dad tells Trina that she has to get her wisdom teeth out, so she can't be on the date with Mark. Tori is happy and starts teasing Trina then, she starts dancing around.
  • Then their dad tells them that Tori will be taking care of Trina, so Trina starts dancing and cheering.
  • Tori tries to take out Trina's wisdom teeth herself and chases her again.
  • Tori helps Trina into the house and to the couch. She drags her up the stairs by her legs when Trina says she wants her bed. 
  • Tori looks concerned for Trina when she is seen tumbling down the staircase constantly moaning in pain and landing in a split. 
  • Tori stuffs a pillow onto Trina's face when she can't hear the phone because she is moaning way too much. 
  • Tori and Trina get in a fight over frozen peas when Tori wants to ice Trina's face to help her swollen gums.
  • Tori makes Trina a bowl of ice cream (though Trina was moaning for it).
  • Trina uses the bowl of ice cream and puts on her jaw and Tori looks in a confused manner. 
  • Trina refuses to take an antibiotic pill that Tori offered and flings the bottle across the room, causing Tori to retrieve the pills and the bottle.  
  • Trina tries to swing her arm towards Tori, possibly not wanting her to force the pill "the hard way". 
  • Once Trina refuses to take the antibiotic again, Tori forces the pill into Trina's mouth by wrapping her arms around Trina's hair and neck while Trina tries to get Tori's hands out of her mouth.  
  • Tori forces Trina to take a pill. After she forces it into Trina's mouth, Tori takes a water bottle and pours water all over Trina's hair and PJs, making her groan in disgust.
  • Tori bound and gagged Trina so that she couldn't hurt herself. While she managed to do this alone, Beck, André, Robbie, Hayley, and Tara could not even with help from others, showing that Tori and Trina are much stronger than they appear to be.
  • Tori tells the boys that Trina kept her up all night.
  • Tori thinks and hopes that Trina is still alive while she is sleeping on the kitchen island.
  • Tori has Trina's mouth blood on her arm.
  • When Jade and Cat ask why she is in such a mess, Tori simply points to Trina.
  • Tori is resistant about helping Cat and Jade saying she needs to take care of Trina.
  • Trina does not seem happy that the guys are taking care of her, possibly signifying that she only trusts her sister to help her through her pain.
  • Trina abuses Tori far less than does the guys, suggesting she would never abuse her sister that much, or that Tori was strong enough to take it with no damage whatsoever.
  • Tori gets Trina babysitters to take care of her (first the boys, then Tara and Hayley) instead of just leaving her all alone.
  • Tori takes care of Trina by carrying her up to her bedroom.
  • When Tori tells Hayley and Tara that they'll be "babysitting" Trina, Trina repeats the word back in an insulted and confused tone.

Rex Dies

Torina RexDies
  • Tori watches Trina as she shows off her jeans in front of her.
  • Trina asks Tori to put their mother's credit card back in her purse (to which Tori complains).
  • Trina tells Tori about her the jeans she bought.
  • Trina and Tori exchange a glance when André says it's difficult to make real tears come out before both showing that they (along with Cat) can cry on cue.
  • Tori sets Trina up on a date with Lendle.
  • During her date with Lendle, Trina argues with Tori over the phone.
  • Tori lies to Trina and tells her Lendle was a "super hot guitar player."
  • Trina tells Tori that she's going to get revenge on her.

The Diddly-Bops

  • Tori warns Trina about joining The Diddly Bops with Cat, saying she risks typecasting herself and ruining her reputation, which implies that Tori cares about Trina.
  • Tori tells Trina to calm down once she sees a music producer talking to André. Therefore, Tori doesn't want Trina to embarrass herself in front of him.
  • Trina is very hurt and upset that Tori didn't include her in the musical group, implying that she would ask Tori to be in a band if she formed one.
  • Trina cheers for Tori (and André's) performance.

Wok Star

  • Tori has Trina impersonate a fake celebrity.
  • Trina agrees to Tori's plan and participates to stall Mrs. Lee.
  • Though Trina is, at best, dismissive of Jade and barely even acknowledges her, she is willing to help put on the play for Tori's sake.
  • Tori has faith in Trina pulling off her plan.

The Wood

  • Trina asks if Tori wants a soda, then asks for money to buy them, which Tori agrees to.
  • After they get their sodas, Trina and Tori carry a conversation between each other.
  • Robbie tries to scare Tori and Trina with his Astro-Craft.
  • When Trina says, "And stupid!" Tori looks at her and laughs.
  • Tori doesn't stop Trina when she keeps on getting in front of the camera when the TV crew came to their school. (Probably because Tori is not surprised that Trina wants to be the center attention and be cast for the show.)
  • Tori and her friends all want Trina to watch the first episode of The Wood.
  • Tori happily greets Trina at the beginning of the episode, and calls her 'Trina-Rina'.
  • Tori laughs and looks at Trina when she calls Robbie's Astro-Craft stupid.
  • Tori looks at Trina when Trina pulls Festus out of his truck.
  • Tori says to Beck, "I have to live with her."

A Film by Dale Squires

  • Tori knows a humiliating story about Trina.
  • When Trina won't leave she spills the story to everyone and yells at her to leave.
  • Tori says "Don't embarrass me or I'll embarrass you." Trina then replies with an upset tone "Don't threaten me."
  • Tori glances at Trina from her chair when she doesn't leave after she shoo's everyone to get out.
  • Tori yells at Trina to leave after she returns to the class.
  • Tori locks Trina in the bathroom and their mom is okay with it.

Season 2

Beggin' on Your Knees

  • Tori wanted Trina to read her the sushi instructions, but Trina was preoccupied with stretching out her jeans.
  • Trina asks Tori why she is making sushi.
  • Tori informs Trina that she shouldn't rub her butt on the table because they eat on it with Trina retorting that her "butt's gotta breathe."
  • Trina tells Tori to be careful when dating Ryder Daniels. This is notably the only time that Tori actually responds to anyone warning her about Ryder.
  • Tori knows that Trina's friend Lyndsey doesn't like her.
  • Trina gets Tori into trouble by making her snoop through Ryder's phone.
  • Trina eavesdrops on Tori's date with Ryder.
  • Trina said that she is protecting Tori from having her heart broken.
  • Trina cheers for Tori getting revenge on Ryder.

Ice Cream for Ke$ha


Tori and Trina

  • Tori wrote a note when she was six years old that, when she was sixteen, that if she isn't married to a prince and living in a sugar castle, she has to be Trina's assistant for a month. This was probably Trina's idea, which shows that Tori would not resist Trina's demands.
  • Tori reluctantly takes Trina's phone call from Lendle.
  • Trina tells Tori to tell Lendle she died, and Tori obeys.
  • Tori gives Trina a bath. Tori thinks that she will stop being Trina's assistant if she and her friends win the private Ke$ha concert. Trina says that Tori would stop if she wins, but doesn't believe she will win.
  • When Tori and her friends win the private Ke$ha concert, Tori stops being Trina's assistant. Trina is not annoyed by this, instead, she enjoys the concert and tries to talk to Ke$ha and tries to get her to see her room.
  • Tori changes the song on Trina's iPod for her.
  • Tori is automatically upset and frustrated with Trina when she lets the little boy that her, Jade, and Cat had locked outside back into the house.

Tori Gets Stuck


Jade in Suzy costume. NOT to Trina's approval

  • Trina warns Tori that the flowers are bush daisies, protecting her from having an allergic reaction.
  • Trina knows that Tori is allergic to bush daisies.
  • After the nurse tells Trina where the patients with TB are, Tori hollers after her to not bother the sick people.
  • Both Tori and Trina are feeling sick during the play, Tori is feeling dizzy, because she had three pints of blood taken out of her, while Trina has tuberculosis (though this could be an act).
  • Trina seems annoyed and questions Jade when she sees her wearing Tori's dress for the play.
  • Though Trina is not happy by Tori's delirious state at the episode's end, she is very pleased that Jade was punished for trying to hurt Tori.

Prom Wrecker

  • Trina's obsession with being named Prome Queen unintentionally gives Tori the perfect way to get rid of Jade and save the night.
  • Despite her anger at not being named Prome Queen, Trina still enjoys Tori's performance.
  • Interestingly, Trina does not even think to blame Tori for her not being crowned Prome Queen, instantly thinking that Sinjin must be the guilty party.

Locked Up!


Tori and Trina doing a dance with Cat

  • Tori doesn't want Trina to go with them at first but eventually accepts it and lets her come.
  • Trina agrees to be Tori's backup dancer, something she would likely never do for anyone else.
  • Trina grabs Tori's hands and tries to pull her away from the soldiers trying to drag her to prison.
  • While they are dragging Tori to prison, Trina is yelling, "That's my sister!"
  • Trina is the most concerned and angry about Tori being arrested.
  • Trina says to Sgrodis, "I wanna see my sister!" and she sounds very worried and a little angry.
  • When Tori is brought into the chancellor's office, Trina puts her hands to her mouth in shock and worry.
  • Trina yells that sending Tori to prison isn't fair.
  • Trina puts her hands through the bars so she can touch Tori's arm.
  • Trina asks if anyone has tried to beat her up yet.
  • Trina hides behind Tori.
  • Trina tells the chancellor that Tori is a good sister.
  • When Sgrodis unexpectedly sniffs Tori's hand, Trina's face looks disgusted and a little weirded out.
  • Trina says that everyone, including her, is worried about Tori.
  • Trina says that everyone is doing as much as they can to help her.
  • Trina hides behind Tori before she decides to defend Jade against one of their fellow prisoners.
  • Trina assists Tori in her plan to escape Yerba.

Helen Back Again

  • Tori warns Trina that Helen's very strict.
  • Tori's mistaken for Trina, not by looks, but because they share the same last name.
  • Tori convinces her to attend an early breakfast buffet.
  • When Tori is about to say that Trina is actually getting kicked out, Trina says that she would "suck some talent out of her and sprinkle it all over Tori" if she could.
  • Tori still wants Trina to attend Hollywood Arts, when she finds out that Trina got kicked out, possibly knowing that her sister does have some talent or knowing how much the school means to Trina.
  • Tori is impressed by Trina's karate skills.
  • Tori sets up a stunt where it shows Trina's karate skills proving to Helen that she can stay at Hollywood Arts.
  • Tori lies to Trina saying she likes cream of wheat to make her happy.

Who Did It to Trina?

  • Tori tries to save Trina from falling during the play.

    Jade's flashback on Tori and Trina's "fight"

  • Trina has Tori's Cuddle Me Cathy doll and Tori wants it back.
  • The way Tori remembers how Trina's accident might've happened has Tori being nicer to Trina than how Jade remembers it. Given Tori and Jade's reputations, it is likely Tori's retelling was closest to the truth, indicating that she's very patient with her sister.
  • Tori states she had no intention of wanting to hurt/injure Trina.
  • When Trina's gimbal snaps Tori automatically yells to get her down.
  • Tori is upset with Trina when she messes up on her lines before the actual play.
  • Even though Tori called Trina annoying, she made a statement that no one in that room had the intention of physically hurting her.

Terror on Cupcake Street

  • Tori asks the others to vote if they want Trina to be in the parade. Therefore she's considerate of Trina's feelings and acknowledges her.
  • When everyone says they don't want Trina in the parade Tori gives Trina a smug shrug.
  • Trina sneaks on to the cupcake despite their wishes.
  • Tori kicks the sack on the cupcake that Trina was in.
  • Tori is furious when she finds out Trina was in the cupcake float with them.
  • Trina asks Tori if being the pretty girl on live TV is an option.

A Christmas Tori

  • Trina asks Tori to help her bring in the tree, to which Tori agrees.
  • Tori asks Trina why she was asking Robbie for help.
  • Tori asks Trina for her opinion on her Secret Santa gift for André, showing that she values her opinion.
  • Trina walks away, being embarrassed about Tori singing and playing with the tiny guitar, where Tori is offended, singing, "That was mean."
  • Trina explains to Tori what a flocking machine is when she asks about covering the tree with fake snow.
  • Trina gets upset with Tori when she plays with her mechanical Santa.
  • Trina asks Tori to help her set up the tree.
  • Trina complains to Tori and tells her to stop whining.
  • Trina tells Tori about being sick from Cat's brothers Christmas beef.

Season 3

The Breakfast Bunch

  • Tori thinks of Trina to supply them with food while they're in detention.
  • Tori asks Trina to sneak into the school and bring them tacos.
  • Trina is willing to take time and risk getting in trouble to get Tori and her friends' tacos.
  • Trina knows Tori's locker combination.
  • Tori liked the tacos that Trina gave her.

The Gorilla Club

  • Tori seems to feel bad for Trina when she comes back from jogging in her high heels.
  • Tori uses Trina's line about butts, and Trina replies "Hey! That's my thing."
  • Tori tells Trina that her package has arrived after it's thrown at her.
  • Trina is in the audience when Tori has to face the gorilla.
  • Trina cheers for Tori when she is fighting the gorilla.
  • Trina looks worried when the gorilla attacks Tori after she wins the challenge.

The Worst Couple

  • Tori seems surprised that Trina agreed to be Sinjin's showgirl.
  • The two sit next to each other when playing cards.
  • Tori is annoyed by Trina's easy victory during the game.
  • Trina seems the most concerned when Tori is being electrocuted by her phone.
  • Tori is annoyed when Trina dismissively tells her to get the door even after she offered to do it freely.
  • Tori looks elsewhere when Trina asks for someone to challenge Jade's statement that no one likes her.
  • Tori is shocked that Trina would actually tackle Beck down.
  • Tori doesn't appear to be trying very hard to pull Trina off of Beck, possibly because André and Robbie have it handled or possibly because she actually does thinks that Trina and Beck would make a good couple. Alternatively, she may just want to make sure that André and Robbie don't hurt Trina.
  • Both are stunned that Beck actually stood up to Jade and didn't open the door.
  • Tori is standing next to Trina when Beck joins the card game.
  • Both are wearing pink/purple when the episode ends.
  • Tori is annoyed that Trina has a new XT.

André's Horrible Girl

  • Trina overhears Tori and André talking about Hope's birthday party and Shawn Quincy.
  • When Trina asks if she could go to Hope Quincy's birthday party, Tori tells her she's not invited.
  • Trina responds "Fine I'll just follow him" and Tori calls her name to stop but Trina ignores her.
  • Trina told Tori that she was going to put on Tori's purple dress Tori didn't seem to mind.
  • Trina wears Tori's dress to Hope's party.
  • Trina follows Tori (and André) to Hope's party.
  • When Tori saw Trina appear at Hope's party, Tori was annoyed but doesn't push the matter much further.
  • Trina was singing and dancing to Tori (and André's) song Countdown.
  • When Trina is dragged away, she tells Tori to tell the security guard that she knows her. When Tori then feigns ignorance, Trina is offended.

Car, Rain & Fire

  • Though the two don't interact, Beck asks Tori if she's seen Trina, indicating that the gang views the sisters as keeping track of one another.

April Fools Blank

  • Tori trusted Trina to get the answer right.
  • Tori cheers by saying "Come on Trina!"
  • Trina tells Tori that she wants an Oompa-Loompa now.
  • Tori introduces Mr. Drysdale to her "friends," suggesting that she and Trina are very close.

How Trina Got In

  • When Cat says to Tori that Trina is untalented, Tori replies that what Cat said is mean, but true.
  • Tori was never told how Trina got into Hollywood Arts.

Tori Goes Platinum

  • Tori questions Trina's audition for the Platinum Music Awards.
  • Tori asks Trina if she'll help her shoot her audition.
  • Tori asks Trina why she is using mayonnaise and mustard.
  • Tori takes some mustard off Trina's face using her hot dog and then bites into the hot dog.
  • Trina doesn't try to ruin Tori's chances with the Platinum Music Awards, something rather out of character for her, showing that she really does care for her sister's future career, seeming proud of her sister and enjoying her performance.

Crazy Ponnie

  • Trina is lying on Tori's shoulder in the car.
  • When Trina blows her nose near Tori, she says sorry, and Tori replies saying she doesn't mind.
  • Tori then pats Trina's cheek, then puts her head on her's.
  • Trina says "Aww" when Tori says she doesn't mind.
  • Tori asks Gary to take Trina home because she is sick, showing that Tori cares about her health.

Season 4

Wanko's Warehouse

  • Trina tells Tori about the huge sale.
  • Trina trusts Tori to not tell anyone.
  • Tori promises Trina to keep her secret.
  • Trina hits Tori after she almost tells everyone about her secret.
  • Tori is surprised that Trina blamed her for having to wait in the Wanko's line.
  • Trina goes along with Tori's plan in putting bins over their heads to cover their faces.
  • Trina complains to Tori and the gang that she has to wazz.
  • Tori reminds Trina of the time she wazzed in a popcorn bucket at the movies.
  • Trina looks uncomfortable when Tori talks about the story.
  • Tori awkwardly stares at Trina when she tells the group she doesn't need to wazz anymore.

The Hambone King

  • Trina knows what happened between Tori and Jarold Ardbeg and doesn't want to hear "this story" again, suggesting that Tori confides in Trina.

Three Girls and a Moose

  • Tori is reluctant to tell Trina about Moose, saying he's just visiting and being upset when Trina tags along.

Cell Block

  • Though Trina is absent from this episode, Tori's plan to trick Robbie into using his phone is based on a fabricated story that Trina posted a picture of Tori's (possibly fictitious) "butt-mole" on TheSlap. Giving that Robbie (and possibly André and Beck) goes to check, the gang seems to believe that Trina would do such a thing to her own sister.

The Bad Roommate

  • Tori asks Trina how she got an award.
  • Tori yells at Trina when she starts to lick the leftover from the family pot pie.
  • Tori makes a comment on TheSlap about Trina's tongue.
  • They both value their tradition of family pot pie.

Brain Squeezers

  • Trina wanted Tori to pick her to be on her Brain Squeezers team.
  • Trina is upset when Tori doesn't pick her.
  • Trina bites Tori's ear.
  • They both end up on the same team.
  • Tori chooses Trina to answer a question about sports believing that she has the most knowledge on it out of the whole team.
  • Tori is surprised when Trina gets doinked and nuts and bolts fall on her head.
  • Tori is concerned about the intentions of the game show after Trina says her head is bleeding.
  • Trina isn't that angry when Tori isn't doinked, showing that she does love and care for her little sister's safety.

The Slap Fight

  • Tori wants to gain more followers than Trina.
  • Trina rubs her followers in Tori's face.
  • Tori is disgusted in how many followers Trina has on TheSlap.
  • Trina tells Tori that she has a page on The Slap dedicated to funny pics of her which makes Tori rather upset.

Star Spangled Tori

  • Trina seems annoyed at Tori's friends being over without her, suggesting that she only tolerates them for Tori's sake, or that she doesn't enjoy them constantly being over.
  • Trina is shocked when the dog drags Tori across the field.


  • Trina is mad at Tori for a surprise visit at her studio when filming her hit TV show Divertisimo.
  • Trina won't give Tori a copy of her show.
  • Tori is interested in Trina's show.
  • Tori is surprised when she finds Trina acting on Divertisimo.
  • Trina trusts Tori to pop her pimple.
  • Tori does a scene with Trina for the show. Unlike Jade, both commit to the role.
  • Tori is sick of Trina bragging about her hit TV show.


iParty with Victorious

  • In Tori and Trina's first scene, both Tori and Steven find Trina odd.
  • Trina asks Tori if she can tell André to change the date of the party.
  • In the extended version, Trina trades pizza with Tori after finding out that Tori has mushrooms on her pizza.
  • Trina says "I hate everything" just like Tori did in Ice Cream for Ke$ha.
  • Though Tori is hanging out with Beck, Jade, and Steven, Trina only greets her sister.
  • Tori seems concerned for the kids that Trina is looking after.
  • Before the mash-up starts Trina says, "Hey" to Tori and Tori looks at her.
    TorinaSinging Moments

  • Trina welcomed Tori to Trina also called André, Andrew, and Tori apologized for Trina.
  • Trina once posted that everyone should welcome Tori to Hollywood Arts. She said that though Tori isn't as pretty or talented as her, she is a wonderful person. Tori commented saying, 'Thanks, Trina. Your support means everything to me.'
  • Tori told Trina that she had to wash dishes. Trina said that she couldn't because she had a manicure. Tori then mentioned that they got manicures together.
  • Trina posted a picture of her and Tori (who was sitting on her lap).
  • Trina posted that she gets so many fan letters, she doesn't open them anymore. Tori then told her that she opened them and it was a letter from the dentist telling her about her appointment.
  • Trina posted saying that when she was rich and famous one day, she was going to buy a summer home in Antarctica. Tori commented saying she couldn't wait for that day.
    IMG 0080
  • Trina said that she was going to have a car wash to pay for the Miss Hollywood Arts Pageant. Tori then told her that there wasn't a Miss Hollywood Arts. Trina then told her that she knows that, and that's why she's starting one.
  • Trina once asked why she was up so early. Tori told her it was 3 in the afternoon. Trina then said that she knows that.
  • Trina once said that she was going to take a 3-hour lunch break. Tori then said that it's Wednesday and a school day and she was telling mom. Trina then begged her not to tell and that she'd even giv
    Torina TheBirthweekSong
    e back the sweater she borrowed a year ago. Tori then said it was a deal.
  • Trina posted a picture of her and Tori on the plane. She said that after 7 hours of being cramped together, they were still cute, at least she was.
  • In Tori's TheSlap profile video, Trina commands Tori to fix her shirt. While doing her video, Trina turned the camera around and told everyone when she was born and how old she was. Tori then turned the camera back to her. Trina does this once again and Tori turns the camera back. She then says 'Maybe this would be a good time for my sister to quit butting into my video profile.' Trina then says that Tori is rude and Tori says 'One of us is!' They also continue switching the camera back and forth continuously. Trina then supposedly messes up on singing 'Make It Shine' and Tori tells her. Tori then promises she won't post
    Torina Pilot
    the video on TheSlap, however, Tori lied to Trina and does post it.
  • In one of Tori's request videos, she feeds cilantro to Trina and dances to weird music. Trina seems to enjoy this and starts to dance a little herself.
  • When Trina said that she was a celebrity, Tori said that she was a fake celebrity.
  • On another Tori Takes Requests video, Tori was requested to scare Trina 7 times, Trina got angry each time Tori scared her.
  • Tori once said she would post a picture of Trina with braces and headgear and she mentioned she might post it. Trina commented saying she better not do that.
  • When Trina said she had to stretch out her new pair of jeans, Tori suggested that she buy a pair that is already her size.
  • When Trina posted that she wanted to have a master bedroom and have Tori's room knocked down, Tori asked where is she going to sleep, and Trina replied that there is a couch in the living room.
  • When Trina posted that she has to clean up all of the confetti that Ke$ha sprayed out, Tori said that she (Tori) did all the work while Trina sat in the hot tub, Trina said that the thought of work stresses her out.
  • Tori says "Who has 2 thumbs and just threw an outrageously awesome prome? This gal!", which is similar to what Trina said back in The Birthweek Song.
  • Trina posts saying she's watching iCarly while plucking her toe hairs. Tori comments asking why she's telling people on TheSlap that she's plucking her toe hairs.
  • Tori mentioned that she had to pay a guy throwing a party $40 to let Trina come with her when she was the one originally invited, showing she sometimes cares for Trina enough to go to extremes to give her what she wants.
  • Trina posted on TheSlap: "Making dinner for my boyfriend." Tori then replies with, "You don't have a boyfriend... and you're sitting by me on the couch watching a movie." Trina then says, "I never said my status updates were 100% factual. By the way, since we're outing each other... Nice zit."
  • Trina posts asking if someone could come and change her tire in Orange County. Tori, along with Robbie and Jade, replied "no."

Episodes with a Torina Main Plot or Subplot

  • Pilot: Tori replaces Trina in the Big Showcase.
  • The Birthweek Song: Tori, with André's help, makes a song for Trina as her birthday present.
  • Freak the Freak Out: Tori has to take care of Trina after she gets her wisdom teeth taken out.
  • Ice Cream for Ke$ha: Tori has to be Trina's assistant unless she can win concert tickets to see Kesha.


  • They're the only two main characters whose siblings are seen.
  • Despite their house being one of the main settings of the show, they're the only two whose bedrooms weren't shown, either on the show or on TheSlap. Interestingly, they're also the only two to have a normal family dynamic, living with both their parents in their house together.
  • They interact in every episode (not counting Trina’s absences) except Car, Rain & Fire and Tori & Jade's Play Date.
  • Though Tori is the younger of the two, she is taller than Trina (a common occurrence in siblings). While the height difference was negligible in the first two seasons, Victoria Justice had a late growth spurt in Season 3, making her four inches taller than Daniella Monet. The show got around this by having Trina wear heels or shooting from angles that made Daniella appear taller or at least didn't make Victoria seem that much taller.
  • Trina is the only girl who Tori has never sung a duet with.
  • If it wasn't for Trina, Tori would never have begun attending Hollywood Arts. Were it not for their relationship, Bade would have broken up forever in Jade Dumps Beck, the gang would have been arrested in The Great Ping Pong Scam, the gang would have been banned from Karaoke Dokie in Freak the Freak Out, André career would have ended in The Diddly-Bops, Jade's play in Wok Star would never have been produced, Ryder Daniels would never have been exposed, and Robbie would be dead following Tori Gets Stuck.
  • As seen in several episodes they both have shown that they think they are the only ones allowed to mess with each other, getting mad at the person who threatens one of them.
  • As seen in several episodes Tori is shown to have a better relationship and gets along better with their parents then Trina does.




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