Tom Vineman
General Information
Gender: Male
Aliases: Flour Bomber
Series Information
First appearance: Robbie Sells Rex
Last appearance: Robbie Sells Rex
Portrayed By: David Michael Paul
Dan Schneider (Flour Bomber vocal effects)

Tom Vineman, better known as the Flour Bomber, is a crazy person who only appears in Robbie Sells Rex. he wore a mask and goggles and kept throwing flour at people all over Hollywood Arts High School.

He became the obsession of Jade West catching him after he flour bombed Trina Vega at the time when Mason Thornesmith was visiting Hollywood Arts. Her first plan to draw him out didn't work because he flour bombed Erwin Sikowitz, Tori Vega, and Beck Oliver.

By the end of the episode, he was cornered by Jade West, André Harris, and Beck Oliver and body-slammed by Cat Valentine. Upon Cat unmasking him, Jade didn't know who Tom was. Tom did this because his school East Hills High was during semester break and was bored. His mother bakes a lot and they had extra flour and wanted to give it a use.

Flour Bomber victims

The following were victims of his Flour Bomber alias:

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