• Hi, 

    I have a few questions 

    1) What sort of contributions should I make to the wiki? 

    2) Who can I speak to about Victorous related stuff and where? In the live chat? Is there a discord server for this? 

    3) Are there petitions to renew the show on the wiki? 

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    • Hi there.

      1) You can make any contributions in terms of:

      • Editing the articles to improve the content, accuracy, writing flow
      • Making blogs/comments to start discussions

      2) The live chat is largely inactive but you can feel free to discuss the show with anyone on this wiki by leaving a message on their wall or making comments on pages. Many of us are still happy to discuss the show. I'm not aware of a discord server but there may be, and there are fans on sites like twitter/tumblr as well.

      3) No petitions on the wiki but you can search them, like on It's a long shot though given that the show ended a long time ago, the cast has moved on, and Dan is not working with Nick anymore.

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    • I suppose so. Though Ariana Grande did plead for Dan to revive the show and Dan retweeted it. Hopefully it’ll happen some day soon or perhaps not. But then again, it’s a long shot and it was worth watching it. Thanks for the advice though.

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