• I'm posting this message because I have noticed that a known global Wikia troll has recently been posting disruptive changes to this wiki. He likes to disguise his behavior by claiming that he simply "disagrees" with others, but a perusal of his history will show that he routinely replaces correct grammar with incorrect grammar, performs mass-edits of wikis when his changes are either non-canonical or unwarranted, and regularly engages in edit wars. Furthermore, he steadfastly refuses to compromise with site administrators, and has been blocked from several other wikis for his behavior, for harassing other users, and for hostility.

    In the interest of saving you time and preventing you from having to do extensive research on your own, I've compiled evidence of his behavior from other wikis. You can see for yourself the problems he's caused here simply by checking his talk page as well as his contribution history.

    User: Jdogno7

    Blocked From Jdogno7 is currently blocked from the following wikis for variations of the exact same behavior. For your convenience, these links lead directly to the contribution pages of the associated wikis, so you can verify my claims at your leisure.

    His disruptive behavior exhibits the following themes:

    Mass Edits

    He commonly carries out mass edits of dozens of articles at a time, usually to perform search-and-replace style terminology changes. His favorite changes are:

    • Replacing any instance of the word "god" to "deity" when the former is considered canonically appropriate.
    • Replacing "and" with "as well as" despite the latter lending specific focal weight during a sentence.
    • Replacing last name references, typically considered more in-line with the formal tone of Wikia, with first names.

    Belligerent Disruption

    • Displays little respect for wiki admins, typically choosing to outright ignore their requests to cease his edits.
    • Uses edit summaries and talk pages to argue incessantly with other users.
    • Demands that any admin request be thoroughly explained to him, but then refuses to accept any given explanation.
    • Push him long enough, and he begins to go on tirades about how people shouldn't bow down to authority figures, further demonstrating his lack of respect for wiki administrators.


    • He will engage in continued and repeated harassment of other wiki users even when asked to stop.
    • He will also engage in cross-wiki harassment, going to the user talk pages of users on different wikis to demand explanations from them.

    Obviously, what you do with your wiki is your own business, however after having the misfortune of dealing with this user before, I felt that the full light of his antics should be expressed completely to an admin for your wiki. I'm sure you'll determine the best way of dealing with him.

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    • Looks like Wikia staff blocked him from all of Wikia. 

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    • Yes. I've posted messages similar to the one here on other wikis. I like to think that my efforts played a part in getting him removed, since he seems completely unwilling to work with anyone, but even if I didn't play any considerable role, I'm glad he's not harassing people any longer.

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    • I'd like to add that he did the same to us at the Deltora Quest Wiki from 2016 to 2017, then we lifted the block, and he did it again in 2017, leaving us to permanently ban him with no intention of bringing him back.

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    • A FANDOM user
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