The Panda
Series Information
First appearance: IParty with Victorious
Last appearance: April Fools' Blank
Portrayed By: Erik Betts

The Panda appears in iParty with Victorious, as well as other Victorious episodes.

He is described as "a dude who's wearing a panda suit running around swatting people on the butt with a tennis racket" by Sinjin. André spends most of the party at Kenan Thompson's house trying to catch the panda. It is later revealed that the Panda has been stalking Kenan for years; he was even around during Kenan's trip to Acapulco. It was also revealed that the Panda was the cause of Kenan moving and purchasing a new house. The two (André and Kenan) chase the panda with a baseball bat trying to get him out, but fail when the Panda steals the baseball bat.

He was very popular among the fans of both shows. Kenan Thompson and André Harris both hate the Panda very much.

The Panda made a cameo guest appearance in The Breakfast Bunch where he waits for the gang at the end of detention and gives Tori a balloon.

He makes another cameo appearance in the April Fools' Blank opening titles.

Performer info

The Panda was performed by Erik Betts (who also performed the Gorilla in The Gorilla Club). The behind the scenes of iParty with Victorious also revealed that T-Bo's actor BooG!e from iCarly played the Panda.


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