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"Trust me, the games here are not for nice, sweet girls."
Beck to Tori.

The Gorilla Club
Season 3, Episode 2
First Aired February 4th, 2012
Production Code 307
Writer(s) Dan Schneider
Warren Bell
Director(s) Steve Hoefer
Viewed By: 3.64 million
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"The Breakfast Bunch"
"The Worst Couple"

The Gorilla Club is an episode of Victorious. It aired on February 4, 2012. It is the 2nd episode in Season 3, making it the 36th episode overall.


Tori is working to try out for a film role; however, due to her "good girl" nature, others laugh at her acting, saying that it is hard to believe that she could portray the aggressive, trouble-making character. Sikowitz tells her that she needs to take risks as an actor in order to not play the scene too safely. As a result of pressure from her friends, Tori tries to test herself at an underground club called the Gorilla Club with rigorous and daunting physical challenges, like dodging 40-pound swinging metal balls, fighting a guy in a gorilla costume, and riding a bunny. Her friends accompany her to keep her safe and offer their support, but it is obvious that none of them believe that she can truly be a "risk-taker". Tori fails at The Balls of Pain at first, with Cat easily winning. The next day, she does a great job in it. She also progressively improves in her acting role as a result. Jade still mocks Tori for not being a risk-taker because she hasn't done the "Big Gorilla Challenge". Later, Tori attacks and beats the big gorilla, upsetting Jade, but when the gorilla strikes back, both of Tori's arms get broken, much to Jade’s amusement. She attends her film audition where she impresses the producers, but unfortunately due to her injuries, they could not grant her the role.

Subplot 1

After losing a bet to Jade in a card game, André and Robbie are forced to dance like M.C. Hammer on command. She purposely bothers them during inappropriate times, such as in class or when André is trying to ask a girl out. At the end of the episode, the boys' dancing inspires Tori to beat the gorilla and win the challenge.

Subplot 2

Trina buys a pair of 10-inch Fazzini platform heels and has trouble walking in them. She later decides to go jogging in them, causing her to get severely injured.


Tumblr lyqm62dRk81qd8z57o2 400.jpg

Cat: Is it eating tuna fish on a Ferris wheel? ...'Cause I did that once, and I threw up on a bird.

Manager: (hands Tori, Beck, André, and Cat clipboards) Here. Sign 'em!
Tori: Why do we have to sign these?
Beck: It just says that if you try any of the challenges here, you won't sue the place if you get... dead.

Tori: But I wanna take a risk!
Beck: Just being here is a risk.
Tori: But...
Beck: Trust me, the games here are not for nice, sweet girls.
Cat: (on the bunny, excited and laughing happily) I'm riding a giant bunny!

Cat on a bunny.

Manager: (talking about Cat) She's not supposed to be laughing on the bunny!
André: Well, what do you want me to do?

Beck: Who's a rock star?
Tori: Me!
(High-five each other)

Tori: Tori Vega beat the big bad-
Gorilla: (tackles Tori)

Jade: (imitating Beck) Oh, I'm Beck, I know about acting, I say words.

Trina: Why don't you call my butt!

Jade: Turn off your speaker phone.
Trina: Why don't you turn off your butt?
André: What's with her and butts?

Robbie: Canasta!
Beck: ... We're not playing canasta.
Robbie: Oh, well then, I lost bad!

Trina: I don't see the (gets hit with her package)
Tori: Your package is here.

Jade: Don't tell me, tell the gorilla.
Tori: Why don't you tell my butt?
Trina: That's my thing!!!

André: (to Elise) Listen, a few of my friends might be going to the gorilla club later, and I was thinking maybe you and me-
Jade: (walks up to them smugly) Hammer time!
André: Not now, I'm trying to-
Jade: STOP! Hammer time. (She plays MC-Hammer-style music on her PearPhone. He starts dancing and Elise runs off, weirded out of their dancing)
André: Hey, wait, Elise! Don't run away from a man while he hammer dancing! Elis- aw!

Jade: Hey! Move.
Robbie: Why should we move?
André: We were here first.

Jade: Okay. HAMMER TIME (to DJ)!
DJ: Yeah! (plays the song. Reluctantly, the boys begin to dance in the middle of the floor. Jade watches them happily for a moment before taking their spot)
André: Can we stop hammer dancin' now?

Robbie: Please!
Jade: No!

Tori: *fake-gasps and points in a direction*
Beck: *looks in that direction*
Tori: [Runs back into the gorilla cage]


  • This episode was first confirmed through a DanWarp video.[1] TVGuide later confirmed the episode's name and airdate.[2]
  • This episode is ironic because Tori went to the Gorilla Club to get the film role, but she doesn't get it due to events at the club.
  • This is the second time a severe injury occurs. The first was to Beck's dad in Jade Dumps Beck.
  • This is the first time that a main character is in two casts.
  • The Gorilla Club does not appear in future episodes so it is likely that the club was shut down due to the events of this episode.
  • They are seen playing an altered version of poker again, just as in Wok Star.
    Reck gorilla club.png
  • This episode is most likely the last Season 3 episode that was filmed in 2011.
  • As of this episode, when Ariana Grande is shown in the opening credits, instead of the shots of Ariana in A Christmas Tori and Blooptorious on the set of Freak the Freak Out, it shows Cat riding the giant bunny from this episode and her in the limo from Driving Tori Crazy.
  • This is the first time Jade imitates Beck's voice.
    • This is the second time Jade mimics a main character. First being Tori in Wok Star and most of Season 2.
  • Although this comes before The Worst Couple, Jade and Beck already broke up, since this was filmed after, and Jade and Beck don't get along in this episode.
  • When Tori is practicing her lines with Sikowitz after they go to the Gorilla Club, there's a quote from Lady Gaga on the whiteboard: "I live half way between reality and theater at all times. And I was Born This Way."

    Lady Gaga "Born This Way" quote seen in Tori's back

  • Cat has a new stuffed giraffe that is purple and smaller than Mr. Longneck, which appeared in a TheSlap video with André and in Prom Wrecker.
  • "Hammer time!" is a reference to the song "U Can't Touch This" by MC Hammer and to Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Joel Hanrahan whose nickname is the Hammer. However, the song Jade plays when making André and Robbie do the hammer dance is not "U Can't Touch This" in tune or lyrics.
    • It is likely the lyrics were changed to avoid being sued for copyright infringement.
  • Tori successfully completed only two out of the three challenges: The Balls of Pain and The Gorilla (although in the end the Gorilla still knocked her down). Cat also completed two out of the three: The Bunny and The Balls of Pain.
  • Ending tagline: None.
    • This is the only episode with no ending tagline.
  • This is the second time Tori auditions for a film role, the first being in Beck Falls for Tori. In both episodes, she had to take a major risk to get the film role.
  • The movie Tori auditioned for may be a reference to Girl Interrupted.
  • Canada is mentioned once again.


  • During the card game at Tori's house, everyone is sitting on the same side of the table, which was obviously done for camera purposes. In reality, the sitting position would be awkward since one side of the table was crowded and yet, on the other, there was a big gap.
  • When everyone is playing the card game, Cat's candies are heart-shaped. She puts a few in the middle and makes the heart incomplete. A few seconds later, when you see the heart again, the heart's complete again. The last time you see the heart about 3 or 4 candies are missing again.
  • The contracts they signed would have been invalid considering that they are minors; however, they could've used fake IDs to get in.
  • In the beginning, after Tori threw Cat's purple giraffe, pulled down Sikowitz's pants, and left the classroom, Cat ran outside to get her purple giraffe from the bushes outside. However, in the next shot when André walks in, Cat isn't seen anymore. It is possible that she fell in the bushes as you hear screaming, and the bushes are still moving.
  • In the Gorilla Club when Tori was hit by the Balls of Pain, she fell to her right, but when she was hit, the Balls of Pain swung to her left and fell to her right.
  • In the Gorilla Club when Cat went up for the Balls of Pain, her head just hit the Balls of Pain but didn't fall. If she was hit in the head, she would've been hospitalized in a serious condition.
  • When Cat plays the Balls of Pain, she runs across and only grabs 2 rings, and then she runs back and wins even though she didn't grab all 3 of the rings.
  • In the scene where they were playing a card game, Jade had a bunch of blue candies in a corner. In one scene they go missing, but they came back in the next.
  • Tori would've got sick for eating yogurt past its expiration date.
  • Despite signing their contracts, the gang could have easily sued the Gorilla Club since Tori broke both her arms.
  • It is highly unlikely that a club would be permitted to let humans be in the same area as a live gorilla as they would have been at risk of being seriously injured or even killed.
  • Sikowitz was criticizing and deciding whether or not Tori was good for the movie role. However, in the episode The Bird Scene, he taught Tori that she shouldn't care about other's approval when making her own decisions.
  • Tori technically cheated when she won at the Balls of Pain because she ducked underneath the balls. Obviously, that should be against the rules because then it would be too easy to win.
  • Tori is supposed to complete the run in 30 seconds in order to win. She took 39 seconds but won.

Running Gags

  • André and Robbie doing the Hammer dance.
  • Trina saying sentences involving "butt".
  • Cat completing the dangerous challenges easily at the Gorilla Club while laughing and giggling.
  • Characters mentioning Robbie's lob-sided toosh.


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