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"Yeah. It's so fun to put on humiliating costumes and dance around like idiots for sticky little three year olds!"
Jade to the gang.

This page is about the episode. You may be looking for the musical group of the same name.
The Diddly-Bops
Season 1, Episode 16
First Aired January 17th, 2011
Production Code 111
Writer(s) Matt Fleckenstein[1]
Director(s) Steve Hoefer
Viewed By: 3.5 million
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"Rex Dies"
"Wok Star"

The Diddly-Bops is the 16th episode of Victorious. It aired on January 17, 2011 along with Wok Star to 3.5 million viewers.


Jade cuts up Tori's mom's flowers.


The Diddly Bops Lane's Nephew Asks Tori And Jade For An Autograph

Jade and Tori find out someone recorded them

This is the same video the kid uploaded. It was uploaded to VideosForKideos, and then possibly SplashFace.

Due to the crashing of a private jet owned by a kiddie-band called "The Waggafuffles," the gang is offered $1,000 to perform at a little kid's birthday party by Sikowitz's roommate. Everyone goes to Tori's house to brainstorm ideas for a song. After an attempt by André to write a song about noses and attempts by Robbie to sing about broken glass, Tori looks online and discovers that the top 7 songs for kids were about food. André, having just got off the phone with a record label agent, tells Tori that he might get signed to the company, but in the meantime writes "Favorite Food," the new song for the group.

One of the kids, during the party, was recording the Diddly-Bops and "put" them on the Internet, causing André's dreams to dash by.

Robbie sings Broken Glass.

The day of the performance, Sikowitz struggles to come up with a name for the group, but eventually comes up with "The Diddly-Bops". As the group performs their food song, a four-year-old boy records it with a cell phone and uploads to VideosForKideos, which is later shown on SplashFace. Lane brings his nephew, Devin, to Hollywood Arts to get autographs from Tori and Jade because he saw their video online, which upsets them and the others, especially Jade. The agent comes to see André and tells him that the record label can't sign him because his performance of the "The Diddly-Bops" dressed as spaghetti could wreck their image. After his conversation, Trina is chasing after the agent's Escalade singing her Birthweek song, "You're The Reason" in hopes to get a record deal, but is turned down due to her terrible singing. The gang tries to cheer André up. Cat goes to the group saying she got another gig for "The Diddly-Bops," but the others turn it down. Trina comes back to the group after chasing the guy 7 blocks and joins Cat in "The Diddly-Bops".

André drinks "chocolate beverage," as said by Tori.

Tori later looks for André after he skips two classes and gives him a pep talk, while he drinks a chocolate beverage (though more obviously a gallon of chocolate milk). Tori tells André to change the song if he doesn't like it, leaving him confused. After she leaves, he mocks the song about favorite foods by playing it in a bad tone. He thinks about how he could change the song and remembering the tune from "Favorite Foods", he begins writing a love song called "Song 2 You", which he then plays for Tori at the Vega's house. Tori convinces André to perform it for the producers, insisting she will beg them to come watch. André asks her to sing back up, and she agrees.

the new diddly bops!

Tori and André impress the audience and the record label at the Asphalt Cafe by singing "Song2You."

The New Diddly-Bops, which includes Trina, Sinjin and Sikowitz, among others, are about to perform the next day at a shopping mall, but get beaten up by the kids for being impostors (despite Cat being in the original group). Tori and André perform "Song 2 You" at Hollywood Arts and impress everyone in the Asphalt Café including the New Diddly-Bops who survived the revolt, and the producers approve the idea of putting André on the record label.


The revolted "new" Diddly-Bops.

Cat's bunny.jpg
  • The scenes where girls talk about being unable to fit their boobs in the hamburger was cut from the versions shown in the UK, Central & Eastern Europe, and the Middle East. Some dubs changed "boobs" to "butts".[citation needed]
  • When the "Fake Diddly Bops" come all beaten up out of their van, it's the same 1973 Ford Econoline "Guitar Dude", from Big Time Rush, used in the BTR episode "Big Time Fans". Sikowitz also drove this van in The Great Ping Pong Scam.
  • André is wearing the same shirt he is seen wearing in Cat's New Boyfriend.
  • The Birthweek Song is referenced when Trina tries to sing "You're The Reason" to a music producer.
  • The lyrics "I don't have the world, can't give it to you, girl. But all that I can do is give this song to you" is somewhat similar to the lines "I wish I could give the world to you, but love is all I have to give" in the Backstreet Boys song "All I Have to Give."
  • Leon Thomas and Victoria Justice sing a duet in this episode. This is the second time they have done this since The Great Ping Pong Scam. The song they sing is called "Song 2 You."
  • This episode marked the first time a majority of the cast (everyone, with the exception of Trina and Rex) all sing a song together. The song they sing is called "Favorite Foods."
  • It’s mentioned Erwin Sikowitz is 34 years old after a kid said that he looks like he's 100.
  • When Jade was singing "Favorite Foods", she was wearing her blue highlights, instead of her pink ones.
  • Leon Thomas co-wrote "Song 2 You" when he was 14 years old.
  • Sikowitz's mother, who’s often mentioned online on TheSlap, finally makes an appearance, though he later states that the woman is not his mother.
  • Ending tagline: "Y'all can stare at me, but it's still bad." - Rex.
  • The Diddly-Bops' name in this episode is a parody of the real life children's band "The Doodlebops."
  • The Waggafuffles name is a parody of the real life children's band, "The Wiggles."
  • The stuffed rabbit Cat is holding during the scene where they're at Tori's house trying to come up with a song, is the same stuffed rabbit that Stacy Dillsen (from Zoey 101) is holding during her Intern Interview on the iCarly episode "iHire an Idiot."
  • Prior to 2018, redirected to in real life, just as any website mentioned on iCarly redirected to Now, the link redirects to the show's page on, as has been taken down.
  • This is the first episode where Jade appears without her highlights.
  • This is the sixth episode where the title is said (The Bird Scene, Stage Fighting, Robarazzi, Freak the Freak Out, and Rex Dies).
  • If you listen very closely at Cat when the kids at the mall call them fakes, Cat says I'm an original!
  • Robbie sent an audio of Broken Glass to Sikowitz via voicemail. This implies that they know each other's cell phone numbers. This again occurred in A Christmas Tori when Sikowitz texted all of them their Secret Santa assignments.
  • In early production, this episode was going to be where a band comes to school and Tori falls in love with the lead singer, only to learn they only sing songs for little kids.[citation needed]
  • This is the first Victorious episode to have more than one writer.
  • This is the sixth episode where the title is said. (For this example, Sikowitz failing to come up with a name for the gang's kiddie band and saying "I give you... the warbling... the... uh... Diddy-Bops!")
  • This is the first episode to premiere on a Monday in the United States.
  • According to Ariana Grande on Twitter, her falling off the van at the end of the episode wasn't planned.[2]

Running gags

  • Sikowitz laughing when The Waggafuffles' plane crash is brought up.
  • Robbie repeatedly tries to convince people to hear him sing song about broken glass.
  • Girls not being able to fit their boobs in the hamburger costume.
  • Andre being depressed about the performance.
  • People asking the Diddly-Bops to do something such as sing about dinosaurs or sing another song to which Beck cheerfully replies "No."


  • In reality, Jade would get arrested for bribing a teacher.
  • During the performance, the mall security should've stopped the kids from attacking the new Diddly-Bops at the mall.


Sikowitz: How would you teenagers like to do something for money?
Tori: ...Can we have some details first?

Jade: I'll give you this dollar if you get to the point.
Sikowitz: I couldn't possibly take your money. [Takes the dollar from Jade]

André: [Singing and playing the piano] My grandma has a nose and my grandpa has a nose. Everyone you know has a nose, nose, nose.

Jade: My grandfather's nose was blown off in the war, so that song is a filthy lie!

Beck: Why did we say we'd do this?

Cat: It'll be fun!

Jade: Yeah. It's so fun to put on humiliating costumes and dance around like idiots for sticky little three year olds!

Tori: Four year olds. And my mom grew those flowers in her garden!

Jade: They're lovely. [Rapidly cuts up the flowers]

Robbie: [Singing and playing guitar] It's fun to run, it's fun to play, it's fun to make things out of clay, it's fun to fill your car with gas, it's fun to break...things made of glass! Broken glass can cut your hand and then you'll bleed across the land. Ask any--

Tori: We're not doing that!

Cat: Well, we have to write a song about something.

Beck: Okay, let's think. What do four year old little kids like?

Cat: Um, cartoons?

André: Animals?

Jade: Being annoying.

Robbie: [Singing and strumming the guitar] Broken glass!

André: [His phone vibrates] Oh, I gotta take this. Back in a sec. [Leaves]

Tori: Oh, right here. On SplashFace, the top seven most popular kiddie songs are all about food.

Cat: So let's write a kiddie song about food!

Robbie: [Singing and playing guitar] Oh, broken glass is not a food, so don't you listen to some dude who says put cheese on broken glass and make a sand-a-wich out of broken glass!

Tori: What is wrong with you?!

Sikowitz: This is a very nice thing you guys are doing here.
Tori: Yeah, yeah. Thousand bucks, right?

Cat: Hey, you better help Jade.
Tori: With what?
Cat: She can't get her boobs in the hamburger.
Sikowitz: Pardon?
Tori: Just...We'll be ready in ten minutes, come on. [Tori and Cat walk away]
Sikowitz: In the hamburger?

Henry: Sing about dinosaurs!
Beck: [Cheerfully] No!

Jade: Hatin' this!
Tori: Thousand bucks!
Jade: Not enough!

Sinjin: Do another song!
Beck: [Cheerfully] No!
Tori: Happy birthday, Henry!
Jade: We did this for money. [Leaves]

Tori: Where have you been?

Trina: I chased that record producer for 7 blocks. (drinks water) I finally caught up with him at a red light and he tried to back over me. Can you believe that?

André: I can.

Jade: Yeah.

Robbie: I can too.

Cat: Hey you guys. Guess what? I got us another gig!

Tori: What kind of gig?

Cat: The Diddly-Bops. I got us booked at the green meadow mall Friday after school.

Tori: Why?

Cat: Cause little kids love us. I thought we all like being the Diddly-Bops.

Jade: We hate it!

André: It ruined my life.

Cat: But they're going to pay us and I promised we would be there.

Jade: We are never performing as the Diddly-Bops ever again.

Cat: Oh Phooey!

Rex: Why don't you rip her arm off? (Jade suddenly glares at Rex)

Trina:? I'll be a Diddly-Bop.

Cat: You will?

Jade: Why?

Trina: Cause I'll be onstage performing and getting paid to sing a song in front of people who adore me.

Beck: You'll be dressed as a hamburger.

Robbie: Singing for 4 year olds!

Tori: Don't you have any respect for yourself?

(Trina takes a pause to think)

Trina: Take me to the hamburger.

Cat: Come on!

Jade: Hey, Vega!
Tori: [Smiles] Oh, hey!
Jade: Here's your Theatre History book. [Hands Tori the book]
Tori: Thanks. [Stares at the book] Why is it all black now?
Jade: I had black paint.

Devin:[pointing at Jade] She wrote a bad word!
Jade: I write what I feel.
Lane: Let's go, Devin. [the two start to walk away]
Devin: What does the word mean?
Lane: Just keep walking.

Tori: [About the song André wrote] It's catchy!
André: Catchy like a rash!

Tori: That song is so awesome! How'd you turn "Favorite Foods" into that?
André: I just stopped drinking my chocolate beverage and got busy.

Trina: (As she carries the hamburger costume downstairs) How did Jade fit her boobs in this hamburger?

Little Kid: That guy's, like, a hundred years old!
Sikowitz: I'M THIRTY-FOUR!

Cat: I love the Waggafuffles! Wagga wagga wagga wagga fuffle left and right a wagga wagga wagga wagga fuffle day and night!
Rex: Shut up!
Cat: Rex told me to shut up!
Sikowitz: Yes, thank you, Rex.

Older Lady: There you are!
Sikowitz: Awh my bagels! Sorry about the mix up there.
Older Lady: Pull your head out of your pants.
Sikowitz: Bye mom!
Tori: That was your mom?
Sikowitz: Nooo...



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