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Jade, Cat, and Tori in the film with banana guns.

The Blonde Squad is a short film written and directed by Beck Oliver as a semester project in The Blonde Squad. Not much is known about the film, except that Cat, Jade, and Tori starred as three blonde detectives and Larry was in the film (until he escaped). André also was the boom operator and Robbie the "wig master". On TheSlap, it is said that Burf was going to be in the movie but he didn't know how to hold the banana right. Jade's character is named Tawni.


Since the only part of the film was shown during the episode little about the whole plot is known. The scene shows that a safe in an office has been broken into (pointed out by Tori's character). The three blonde detectives then proceed to search for the culprit/make sure the coast is clear. Tori's character looks under the desk, Cat's the closet, and Jade's the open part of the room. Tori's character notices that Jade's is holding her banana backwards and warns her but as "Jade" is considering the possibility she accidentally shoots and kills herself. Although both "Cat" and "Tori" acknowledge "Jade's" death, they do not grieve for her but instead look disappointed and "Cat" goes so far to call her an idiot and also refers to their team as "The Blonde Squad." Tori and Cat then realize the Parrot is a witness to the robbery. They go over to the parrot's cage and point their banana guns at it and interrogate him. Based on the reactions to Cat's mistaken dialogue the parrot does respond.


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