The Bird Scene is a scene/play-piece that is used in Hollywood Arts to teach the students to believe in their own choices as actors and actresses. The scene is a monologue, and it is featured in the episode of the same name.


It was 1934 when my husband left me, alone.

Living on the prairie was a dreary existence; no telephone, no radio.

Only a large, majestic bird with whom I shared my feelings.

One day when I was feeling alone I said to him,

"Oh, bird. You can fly. You can soar miles from this lonely place, yet you stay... Why?"

And apparently, my question rang true, for that bird left.

And so went my spirit.

Classroom Tool

In the improvisation class taught by Sikowitz, each student is required to pass this scene in order to be allowed to audition for any school play or club. The object of the scene is to get through the scene without questioning oneself and asking for the approval of others. The other students are not allowed to tell the new student the "secret" of the Bird Scene or help them in any way. After the student performs the scene, the teacher will tell you that the student has done the scene wrong, no matter how well it is performed, and continue to do so until the student stands up for themselves. By asking the teacher if the scene was done properly, the student fails. The student must perform the scene over and over again until getting it right (i.e.: proclaiming they have approving opinion of your performance against the teacher's saying it was wrong, or telling the teacher their performance was good despite what he says).

Students' Performances

Tumblr lqxhutPu0J1qmq0sn

Tori's performance (click to see gif)

While it is unknown as of now how many times it took the other students (besides Tori) to pass the Bird Scene, all the other characters have passed at some point preceding the series.

  • It took Tori three tries to pass the bird scene.

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