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"You may pay me in cash, pizza, or hugs."
Sinjin to Jade.

The Bad Roommate
Season 4, Episode 9
First Aired January 5, 2013
Production Code 322[1]
Writer(s) Dan Schneider
Warren Bell
Director(s) Steve Hoefer
Viewed By: 3.382 [2]
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"Robbie Sells Rex"
"Brain Squeezers"

The Bad Roommate is the 9th episode of Season 4 of Victorious and the 56th overall.


When Kojeezy, a famous songwriter, offers to buy a song from any student of Hollywood Arts, Tori and André try to write one. Since André is fed up with living with his grandmother, he calls Tori for help. When a frustrated André moves into the Vega house so he can concentrate on his music, he annoys Tori. The next day, she is sleeping on the stairs, and Jade wakes her up by blowing a whistle in her ear. The best friends quickly realize that they don't make the best roommates. Tori makes André leave, which leads them to constantly argue at school. After Kojeezy shows his dislike for Tori's first song, she claims to have a new one needing lyrics. This song, however, steals the original music to André's song. Eventually, the two best friends stop their argument and work together to finish the song. However, they fail due to Kojeezy declining when the song fails the baby test.



Jade discovers that a satellite picture of Hollywood Arts shows her seemingly picking her nose on PearMaps, so she makes Beck, Cat, and Robbie not tell anyone about it, but due to Cat tweeting everyone to "not look", everyone at Hollywood Arts sees the picture. Sinjin removes the picture, and PearMaps plans on taking another. Jade dresses well for the picture, hoping no one would remember the previous one. Unfortunately, a few seconds before the picture is taken, Robbie, trying to escape from a bee, accidentally trips on his bag and falls on Jade, causing the picture to look like Robbie is kissing Jade, much to her dismay.


  • The song featured in this episode, "Faster Than Boyz", is co-written by Victoria Justice.
  • This is the last episode of the series to feature a duet.
  • This is the second time Tori has impersonated someone to help André with his problems. The first was in Jade Gets Crushed.
  • This is also the last episode of the series to feature a character singing an actual song in the show overall.
  • This is the first time André's grandmother's home is in full view.
  • This episode marks the seventh appearance of André's grandmother.
  • PearMaps is a parody of Google Maps.
  • Mrs. Vega appears in this episode.[3]
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  • Kool Kojak guest stars.[4]
  • While the episode was being filmed, Avan Jogia tweeted a photo with a caption that says "Everyday is Canada day..." [5]
  • Victoria Justice also tweeted a photo of her with Kool Kojak.
  • This episode was also confirmed in the Victorious 3.0 Walmart Zinepak Edition which featured a 48-page magazine.[6]
  • This is the only time André and Tori got into a fight.
  • When Tori and André were singing Faster Than Boyz, they were singing straight from the chorus. This also happened on Survival of the Hottest with Make It Shine.
  • It is revealed that André concentrates with his grandmother to compose songs.
  • Jade and Tori interact in this episode, but only in one scene where the main plot and sub plot are combined.
  • It is also revealed that the Vega have family pot pie.
  • This episode marks the second time a different character's TheSlap update is shown besides Tori's. First was Robbie Sells Rex.
  • When Trina goes upstairs to put her trophy in her room, she is heard singing The Joke Is On You badly.
  • The book Tori is seen reading in this episode is the same book she was seen reading in the first scene of Wi-Fi in the Sky.
    Tumblr mg7bae6y0P1rqy6q8o2 250.gif
  • Ending tagline: "I WAS SCRATCHING IT!" - Jade.
  • Rex was absent in this episode.
  • Justin Bieber was mentioned by Tori as André's Grandmother.
  • This is the second time Tori dressed and acted like someone else to help André, the first time was in Jade Gets Crushed. In this episode, Tori dressed up like André's grandmother, while in Jade Gets Crushed, she dressed up like Jade.
  • It's never shown if Robbie and Jade actually kiss; as their position in the picture looks like they are much too far away from one another, and that it's only a matter of perception. However, Robbie's TheSlap update says their lips touched, making the most likely scenario that he brushed lips with her and is exaggerating. But if you zoom in on Robbie and Jade, you can see that both of their lips don't touch.
  • Based on the plots of this episode:


Click here for the transcript of the episode.


  • Beck said the picture was taken a few months ago from space. However, a few months ago Jade's highlights were green and/or blue, not purple.
    • However, he could have meant either a month ago or a couple of months ago.
  • In Wi-Fi in the Sky, André explains to Tori that he was just visiting his grandma's house, implying that he does not live with her. But in this episode, André is clearly shown to live with his grandma.
    • A reason for this could be that his grandma needed more support and therefore had to live with André.
  • André said that the Vega family's pot pie was gone, but if you look closely, you can see one piece of it left. However, when Trina was licking the pie pan, the remaining piece disappears.
  • Jade could have easily sued PearMaps for invasion of privacy.
  • Cat tweeted, "It's not fun to be full of bush peas :(" but it can't be seen on her TheSlap page.
  • On the PearPad, Favorites is spelled "Favoites."
  • Near the end of the episodes there were some goofs:
    • When the picture was and before it was taken, the weather seemed to look cloudy but when the picture was taken, it seemed to look fine.
    • When Robbie fell on Jade she seemed that his hands were on Jade but when the picture was taken, he seemed to hold onto something without having time.


Charlotte Harris: (shouting) André! It's raining in my bathroom!
André: Grandma, you were just taking a shower.
Charlotte Harris: I'm gonna go get some orange juice!
(André starts playing his keyboard)
Charlotte Harris: (shouting) André! There's a helicopter in the kitchen!
André: Grandma, that's just the ceiling fan.
Charlotte Harris: It's just the ceiling fan!

Holly Vega: Someone's about to be a very happy girl.
Tori: Is it me? What's happening?!

Tori: (as André's grandma) André! Justin Bieber invited me to Jupiter!

André: Oh, and uh, about your mother's pot pie, I've had better.
(Tori throws a pillow at him while he closes the door)

Cat: Why does me eating bush peas help?
Jade: Cause it makes you miserable which makes me slightly less miserable.
Cat: Your logic is flawless.

Teacher: (announcing that it's Tori's turn to sing) Next up is...
Tori: Yes!
Teacher: Tori... Vega.
André: Well, I'm going to head on out to the bathroom cause I got a better chance of hearing something good in there. [Tori's jaw drops in offense] Yeah. Pow.

Tori: (crying) I hate that baby!
André: Babies are stupid!

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