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March 27, 2010



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Social network site for Hollywood Arts students is the Hollywood Arts social networking website where the students post statuses, photos, videos, and news at the school. Other students comment on what they do and follow them. It is similar to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube, and other social networking sites. The site now redirects to



In real life, TheSlap is a website that the students at Hollywood Arts run. The main characters post updates, photos, videos and blogs.

These include:

Much like in the show, you can comment on the stars' posts, watch videos, and look at pictures put up by the characters. The site has extras from the show, games, and music. It was rumored that Helen may get an account, though it never happened. It is somewhat like in real life. TheSlap is also a bookmark in the iCarly theme, like DanWarp, Zaplook, or SplashFace.

Perfil de estudiantes de HA

The fake

The website completely shut down in April 4, 2018 due to Dan Schneider leaving Nickelodeon. The website now redirects to this show's page on The same thing happened to and


Once you have an account, you can add favorite videos pictures or games and comment on people's statuses. You most importantly can create an avatar, as there is a spot on the home page spot that is called Avatar of the Week.


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By Beck and Jade

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By Trina

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By Tori and Cat

By Everyone



Depending on the holiday or season coming up, the background on TheSlap changes. After the holiday is over, it reverts back to the original background.


  • At the end of an episode, TheSlap's advert is seen.


  • As a series wide goof, the show was very inconsistent on whether TheSlap used "followers" or "friends" to determine status. In the "The Breakfast Bunch", Tori threatened to unfriend Jade on TheSlap, as the two were shown to be Slap friends in "Wi-Fi in the Sky", but several other episodes, most notably "The Slap Fight" judge popularity by followers.


  • Despite the site being run by, and for, Hollywood Arts students and personnel, it can easily be accessed by anyone as shown in "iParty with Victorious" when Carly was quickly linked to Tori's Slap page.
  • After Victorious premiered, the link to became an easter egg in iCarly's opening sequence.
  • All of the main characters but Trina and Jade had their Slap posts used as scene transitions.


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