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This template is used to place icons at the top-right of a page for visual identification and categorisation, as well as provide navigation to associated pages.
#icons {position:absolute;right:10px;top:0em}
.WikiaPageHeader {padding-bottom:0;margin-bottom:1em}
Type {{Icons|<...>}} somewhere, with parameters as explained further below.
Sample output
Indicate that a page is temporarily fully protected:
{{Icons|p-full}} gives... 512px-Padlock.svg
Indicate that a page is permanently fully protected:
{{Icons|p-fullp}} gives... 128px-Padlock-red.svg
Indicate that a page is semi-protected:
{{Icons|p-semi}} gives... 128px-Padlock-silver.svg
Indicate that a page is fully protected for a short amount of time:
{{Icons|p-full2}} gives... 128px-Padlock-skyblue.svg
Indicate that a page is move protected:
{{Icons|p-move}} gives... 128px-Padlock-olive.svg
Indicate that an article is about the real world:
{{Icons|real}} gives... 20px-Real-world
Indicate that an article is related to Category:Hollywood Arts:
{{Icons|HA}} gives... Hollywood arts logo
512px-Padlock.svg 128px-Padlock-red.svg 128px-Padlock-silver.svg 128px-Padlock-skyblue.svg 128px-Padlock-olive.svg 20px-Real-world Hollywood arts logo
You can copy the example with all parameters together, and remove sections of the call code on the desired pages to make your own specific icon setting for the page.

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