Tara Ganz
Tara Ganz
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Other Information
Interests: Winning at the Karaoke Dokie with Hayley
Weaknesses: Singing
Series Information
First appearance: Stage Fighting
Last appearance: Tori Goes Platinum
Portrayed By: Jamie Snow

Tara Ganz is one of Hayley Ferguson's friends. She is the secondary antagonist in Freak the Freak Out. She, like Hayley, has very little singing talent, although mistakenly thinks she is very good. At first she seemed to like André, as she was flirting with him, but when Hayley started fighting with Jade she turned against him and started insulting Hollywood Arts. She seems to be a fan of Ginger Fox, because at Karaoke Dokie, she and Hayley sing two songs by her. They were easily defeated by the team Jade and Cat in the first singing competition, but Hayley's dad owns the place so he let them win. They officially lose when Tori, disguised as Louise Nordoff, sings Freak the Freak Out, and they are forced to "babysit" Trina.

In Tori Goes Platinum, Tara makes a third appearance auditioning for the Platinum Music Awards by singing Give It Up.


  • Tara got beat by Tori in two different singing competitions.
  • Tara seems to be the "follower" of the friendship, as Hayley seems to be the leader of the two.
  • Tara is one of the many characters that got into a fight with Trina, the others being Hayley, Beck, Robbie, André, and Tori.
  • The actress who plays Tara is seen in Stage Fighting as "the hot blonde" who Rex sits down next to, although the character is not actually Tara, because she thinks the school is for wannabes.
  • Ironically, in her audition for the Platinum Music Awards in Tori Goes Platinum, she sings Give It Up, the song Cat and Jade performed against her and Hayley in the episode Freak the Freak Out.
  • The actress, Jamie Snow, has been in Dan's past show, The Amanda Show, and also an extra on iCarly.
  • She can be seen sitting in the hallway of Hollywood Arts High School in the episode Stage Fighting. Rex is set down next to her and she moves his hand off her lap.


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