Never trust in strangers on a bus...

Strangers on a Bus is a song performed by Robbie Shapiro. This was his first song performed on TheSlap. Robbie is backed up by Jade West and Cat Valentine.

The opening of the song is somewhat reminiscent of "Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts," by Bob Dylan, and the song itself starts out as a warning on "Stranger Danger." By the second verse, Cat and Jade walk into view as backup singers. Jade spends much of the song stroking Robbie with her hand, then later a pickle jar, presumably containing the lump of fat from Rex Dies, and generally fakes enthusiasm, while Cat is genuinely enthusiastic as she sings and dances along to the rhythm of Robbie's guitar. The whiteboard behind them reads, "@DanWarp" and "I dropped the screw in the tuna," which is a refrence to Kenan and Kel, an old Nickelodeon show.


Robbie Sings Strangers on a Bus

Robbie Sings Strangers on a Bus

Don't trust strangers on a bus,
They're not the same, they're not like us.
If they follow you home from school
Call 9-1-1,
'Cause that's not cool.
Call 9-1-1, 'cause that's not cool.

Your mom and dad were strangers once
Do you think that they met on a bus?
It was wrong of them to trust each other,
'Cause now they're stuck,
as your father and your mother
As your father and your mother.

Don't trust strangers you already know.
Even if you met 'em a long time ago.
Don't trust strangers eating on the street.
Don't trust strangers,
Eating deli meat.
Don't trust strangers eating deli meat.

Don't you trust the strangers.
Don't trust strangers, no n-no no.
Don't trust people in general.
Don't you trust people...
Don't trust people in general.
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!

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