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Steamboat Suzy is the play that Tori and Jade both wanted to play the lead in in Tori Gets Stuck. The title of the play is a parody of Steamboat Willie, the first Mickey Mouse cartoon.


The play takes place on a steamboat and is about a woman named Suzy who pilots a boat to New Orleans, even when people doubt her because she is a woman. The original Captain was struck by lightning, and could no longer navigate, so Suzy took over, and saved a young girl with tuberculosis.



Tori Gets Stuck Steamboat Suzy Song

The Song Performed By Tori in Steamboat Suzy

  • Tori as Steamboat Suzy (but she was too weak to finish the play).
  • Jade as Steamboat Suzy's understudy.
  • Sikowitz as Steamboat Suzy (understudy instead of Jade).
  • André as the original captain.
  • Trina as a little girl with tuberculosis.


  • Sikowitz fills in for Tori because she was feeling faint after giving three pints of blood in one day.
  • Jade was supposed to take Tori's role, but because she acted like a gank all week, Sikowitz took it instead.
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